Society of Constitutional Information

Bromley, Robert Anthony

Rev Robert Anthony Bromley of Upper Charlotte St behind Fitzroy Chapel original member of Socy for Const Info. First attended 8.12.1780 after unquorate general meeting, secondly on 9.3.1781
GODWIN DIARY  20.11.1795 Bromley at Carr's

Yorke, Henry Redhead

29.11.1795 at Bankes's, talk of Yorke's sentence
Henry Redhead Yorke DNB 1772-1813
Henry Redhead of Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn proposed Society for Constitutional Information 21.6.1793 by Thomas Symmons 2nded William Harwood
5.11.1793 joined Div 29 of LCS recently

Savage, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Savage of Maiden Lane, Wood St proposed member 11.4.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded Samuel Miller
GODWIN DIARY: 27.11.1795 Savage at Crown & Anchor / 8.12.1810 write to Savage / 29.5.1831 miss Savage at Cooke's

Knight, Robert

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION; Robert Knight of Welbeck Strret, Cavendish Square proposed member 24.1.1794 by Count Alvise Zenobio 2nded John Horne Tooke
GODWIN DIARY: Knights 27.6.1795 at Lord Dormer's & 28.6.1795 Knight calls


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Richard Beaumont of 26 Old Burlington St proposed member 9.11.1792 by William Bosville 2nded John Horne Tooke
GODWIN DIARY: 29.3.1795 mrs Beaumont at Bosville's / Beaumont 18.6.1795 at Parkinson's / 27.6.1796 at Telegraph / 28.6.1796 adv at Holcroft's / 4.10.1796 meet /13.3.1801 at Rickman's / 16.4.1801 at Lamb's (with Rickman) / 16.7.1804 Holcroft calls, on Beaumont / 29.9.1804 read Beaumont, accurante H(olcrof)t / 15.3.1805 sir G Beaumont at Northcote's / 26.12.1824 Beaumont, painter calls

Staley, Benjamin

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Staley, 10 Upper Thames St, proposed member 5.5.1786 by Henry Amory 2nded John Satchell
GODWIN DIARY: Staley 2.1.1796 at Dyer's /  5.6.1796 at Amelia Alderson's

Wardle, Thomas

4.1.1796 at Tooke's / 27.11.1796 at Crown & Anchor / 20.3.1796 at Tooke's / 3.9.1796 at theatre / 12.2.1797 / 2.9.1798 / 16.2.1800 / 18.5.1800 all at Tooke's
Thomas Wardle of 9 Trump St, Cheapside proposed Society for Constitutional Information 23.11.1792 by George Williams 2nded John Horne Tooke

Kinnaird, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Rt Hon Lord George Kinnaird proposed member 17.5.1782 by Edward Hall 2nded John Jebb
GODWIN DIARY lord Kinnaird 17.3.1795 at Bosville's, 6.11.1807 Kinnaird at Johnson's, 16.5.1828 Kinnaird at Reynolds'. In 1796 list.

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor an

Buller, William

GODWIN DIARY; Buller 1.1.1795 at Sutton's / 10.4.1795 Buller contr at King's / 6.5.1795 again.
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Buller of Wilton proposed member 7.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen.