Society of Constitutional Information

Miles, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Miles Esq of Pinner proposed member 22.7.1791 by John Frost 2nded John Lodge Batley
GODWIN DIARY: Bosville, Frost & col Miles 15.11.1794 at Newgate.
Bosville, Frost and Miles also appeared together in John Augustus Bonney's prison diary for 15.11.1794, though Bonney and Godwin did not record each other and each noted several others at Newgate on the same day.

Sutton, Daniel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Daniel Sutton of Portsmouth St, Lincolns Inn Fields proposed member 8.6.1792 by William Sturch 2nded William Maxwell

Street, Thomas George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas George Street of 4, Cowley St, Westminster proposed member 4.11.1792 by Joseph Gerrald 2nded Joseph Jennings
GODWIN DIARY: 25.11.1794 at Parr's / 26.11.1794 at Mackintosh's / 5.3.1796 at Parr's / 19.4.1800 again / 31.10.1801 at D Stuart's (wrongly transcribed as Sheet in GD website).

Sinclair, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Sinclair proposed member 18.5.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Frost. His first recorded attendance at a London Corresponding Society meeting was on 21.6.1792
GODWIN DIARY: 12.9.1794 S, sup with, This was most likely Charles Sinclair as his was the only name beginning with S appearing earlier in that day's entry

Adams, Joseph

3.8.1794 calls (&Ritson), / 12.8.1794 sup at Adams's / 27.8.1794 again (adv Zenobio) / 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 28.3.1795 sup at Adams' / 9.6.1795 call on (after miss G) / 28.8.1795 call on (then sup at miss G's) / 30.12.1795 Adams jr at Newton's / 19.3.1796 sup at Adams' (after call on miss G) / 2.8.1801 Adams at Hill's


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fletcher of 7 New Sq, Lincolns Inn proposed 28.3.1794 by John Augustus Bonney 2nded John Horne Tooke


GODWIN DIARY: Starke 1.4.1794 adv at Jennings' / 6.6.1800 baron Starke at King's


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Mr Thomas Campbell of Princes St, Leicester Sq proposed  27.4.1792 by Walsh 2nded Tooke & Mr Hector Campbell at the Neckinger, Bermondsey proposed SCI 9.11.1792 by Watts 2nded Rae. Both these Campbells in SCI were chemists (as were Walsh & Watts who proposed them). Thomas' will PCC 1810 surgeon & apothecary, Hector's will PCC 1831, Doctor of Medicine.

Williams, John & George

15.12.1793 Williams adv at Holcroft's / 9.3.1794 at Tooke's / 17.9.1794 at Hazlitt's / 1.11.1794 at Hardy's trial (coded to John Henry Williams in GD website) / 5.12.1794 Williams L.F. at Foulkes / 15.12.1794 at his / 4.1.1795 J & G Williams at Tooke's / 18.1.1795 G Williams at Hts / 5.2.1795 Williams at King's / 12.2.1795 at Gerald's / 3.5.1795 J Williams at Tooke's / 27.11.1795 at Crown & Anchor / 17.4.1796 Jn Williams at Tooke's, then sup at his / 25.4.1796 at theatre / 19.6.1796 at Tooke's / 26.5.1797 J Williams at theatre.

Bryant, William

9.2.1794 at Tooke's.
Likely William Bryant of 20 Gt George St Westminster who was proposed Socy for Const Info 19.10.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Frost.