A-Z of Entries

Cameron, John Campbell

HCR diary 24.4.1823 after Montagu Kelly, Mrs Aders' first husband, came "in a drunken fit and demanded his daughter" to the Aders' house, Charles Aders "had spoken to a Mr Cameron, an attorney his friend, but he wished me to attend also". "Mr A:'s servant has since told me that Mr Cameron whispered to" (the sitting magistrate) "that it was a family matter". Kelly was fined five shillings for getting drunk, and dismissed. "Mr Cameron injudiciously desired" (Kelly) "to speak to an attorney, when he proposed speaking to C: himself"

Probably John Campbell Cameron (1787-1855) who married…

Campbell, Thomas

HCR diary 12.3.1832 "went to Aders - I found several persons there and aqmongst others Thomas Campbell the poet - I was not prepossessed in his favour and he did not gain upon me during the time we chatted, not that he was discourteous - on the contrary he was very civil - or assuming. But I did not like his face or the style or the tone of his conversation"

Thomas Campbell (DNB 1777-1844)


HCR diary 24.11.1821 at Aders' "a Mr Campe an Elberfelder - an intimate of A's in particular pleased me by his great kindness of manner & amiable countenance without the too frequent accompaniment of want of understanding - he has had a commercial education by residence in England and has now a flourishing establishment at home"

Possibly H W Campe wool merchant at 22 (Little) Bush Lane, Cannon St from 1820 to 1825 (Land Tax, SunFire 1822, Pigot's Directory 1822) but I found no more about him

Cardon, Anthony

HCR diary 7.2.1821 "went to tea at Aders's - there were there 4 young ladies Miss   daughters of an engraver dressed as smart as dolls and their limbs as stiff. They spoiled the evening for they gave me the company feeling & brought with them none of the company advantages"

                 30.4.1822 "went to Aders - it being Ellen's birthday. The Cardons were there" "I had a little ennuie, not usual in that house"

Anthony Cardon engraver (DNB 1772-1813) "married Bethania Graves on 10 February 1798; the couple had five daughters, baptised between 1799 and 1811". It was…

Carlyle, Thomas

HCR diary 10.12.1820 Mrs Basil Montagu on Mrs Aders' indiscretions "She knows too that Mrs Aders has visited at Mr Meux's when a woman of infamous character was there, she has been known to cut a stranger in the presence of Carlisle!!"

Crabb Robinson's exclamation marks were probably aimed at Mrs Montagu's thinking it such a sin. Thomas Carlyle (DNB 1795-1881) was a friend of Mrs Montagu's, he referred to her as "the noble lady"

Chalmers, Alexander

HCR diary 13.12.1820 after Flaxman's "left this party to join a far less interesting one at the Baldwin's Queen Square - a genteel set" Chalmers, biographer there, no other literary persons

Alexander Chalmers (DNB 1759-1834)

Chance, Robert Lucas

HCR diary 10.6.1824 (at James Gillman's in Highgate where Coleridge lived) "There was also a Mr Chance who broke out at last by an opposition to Mr Ir: which made the good man so angry that he exclaimed 'Sir I reject the whole bundle of your opinions'"

Mr Ir: was Edward Irving (DNB 1792-1834). Mr and Mrs Chance were neighbours of the Gillmans in Highgate, and appeared in Coleridge's letters from 1824 to 1827. Because in a letter of 1829 Coleridge mentioned a Mr E Chance, the editors of Coleridge's Letters and of his Notebooks assumed that this was the same person, but in fact…

Chantrey, Francis Leggatt

HCR diary 18.12.1820 Mrs Aders talking about her father John Raphael Smith "Chantry she says owed evrything to Mr S: It was Smith who discovered him at Sheffield where he was an apprentice to a carver and gilder. S: persuaded his master to allow him time and opportunity to draw. Chantry came to town in extreme poverty - S: gave him money - to make him known S: caused him to make a bust of himself - then introduced him to Horne Tooke and so amde him known. Afterwards when Raffles S: went to him as a pupil and the old gentleman died, the lad was sent into the kitchen to the servants - the…

Clarke, Matilda Hill

HCR diary 6.1.1822 Mrs Basil Montagu "related to me a romantic incident in the life of Mrs Ponsford - She was a painter by profession and painted many years ago a picture of her Mrs A" (Robinson clearly means Mrs M) "and a child - it was entitled "A Widow and her Child". This picture caught the eye of a rich woman - a Mrs Clarke - who was possessed independently of her husband of £15,000 - which she was resolved he should not have. Mrs C: instantly determined to give this £15,000 to the widow - and for that purpose called on the artist Miss Smith. She told Miss S: only that she wished to…

Cobbett, William

HCR diary 11.12.1820 at Kings Bench "I procured a place for Mrs Aders among the barristers and she staid several hours" Wright v Cobbett libel case (Morning Chronicle 12.12.1820)

                       8..2.1826 "would have gone to hear Cobbett but deterred by crowd"

William Cobbett (DNB 1763-1835). On 8.2.1826 at Freemason's Tavern and then Lincolns Inn Fields there was a meeting "to bring Mr Cobbett into parliament" (Morning Chronicle 9.2.1826)

Collier, John Payne

  HCR diary 21.2.1821 "dining with the Colliers"

                      25.5.1825 Collier at Robinson's party at his chambers along with Masqueriers, Miss Lanes, Miss Nash and Miss Fordham "no one entirely unconnected with the others"

9.8.1825 to 8.10.1825 Robinson's holiday in Switzerland, partly with the Colliers and Esther Nash

                        7.2.1826 saw Mrs Aders on return from John Collier's

                        8.4.1826 Robinson heard at John Collier's a less favourable opinion of Hatton Stansfeld than Aders had given


Collins, William John Thomas

HCR diary 10.6.1824 Collins RA at Coleridge's party

11.5.1825 at Green's, Lincolns Inn Fields "Collins RA - a very pleasing man as well as an excellent artist"

William John Thomas Collins (DNB 1788-1847)

Cook, Richard

HCR diary 24.5.1828 at the Flaxman's "Mr Cooke who had travelled in Rome"

                    13.6.1828 at W Benecke's Deptford "a sensible gentlemanly man formerly an artist whom I saw lately at the Flaxmans - a Mr Cook"

                    4.12.1828 more on Cook RA

                    28.2.1829 "I called on Cooke, and with him in Euston Sq: but Mrs A: was too ill to be herself the exhibitor of the pictures"

Richard Cook (DNB 1784-1857). Morning Post 10.8.1822 Richard Cook Esq RA = St Marylebone 8.8.1822 Sarah Elizabeth eldest dau of late John Waddilove Esq "…


HCR diary 25.12.1827 Christmas dinner at Aders "There was also a Mr Corbould a rattling fellow - who amused us much by a narrative of adventures - I was concerned against him in a case of assault and battery once in Norwich. He kept us alive the whole of the evening and of course we staid out late"

                      8.10.1831  "an agreeable dinner at Aders, but Laurent the painter and a Mr Corbould were there so we had not much conversation"

Probably Charles Corbould (1799-1892) see The Corbould Genealogy by George C B Poulter (1935). 3rd son of the Rev John Corbould (…