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Aders family

Johann Kaspar Aders 1719-1798 had linen and cotton factory at Elberfeld ("Vicarie" in Berliner Straße) his second wife was Anna Luise Phillipine Hofius, daughter of a pastor from Iserlohn. His sons were
1) Johann Jakob 1768-1825 (QV*) who married 20.5.1793 Anna Helena Brinck (died 1844) daughter of Johann Heinrich Brinck (1743-1817) banker by his wife Maria Elizabeth (nee Houberg)
                   their children 1)  Auguste born 1794 married 16.4.1819 Karl Friedrich Harkort (1788-1862) son of Johann Caspar Harkort and his wife Henrietta (nee Elbers). His younger brothers…

Aders, Ewald

HCR diary 24.11.1821
"Ewald Aders - a nephew of A: with a face somewhat Guelphish & therefore not intellectual has the manners of a gentleman and the air of a man of honour."
A son of Johann Jacob Aders (QV*) merchant in Leipzig married Karolina Tönnies (Sophia). See Aders family (QV*)

Aders, Johann Jakob

HCR diary 12.6.1824
"called on Aders who had proposed my being shares in the Rhenish West India Co - a compant managed by C C Becher but as a servant only - Aders' brother is one of the founders - The society is the more deserving credit, from its not being pretentious - They offer only 4% interest with a bonus occasionally"
The Rhenisch West-Indische Gesellschaft founded in 1821 by Johann Jakob Aders crashed in 1828, was liquidated in 1832 and shareholders received only 10% back in 1843.  For Carl Christian Becher (QV*).
See Aders family (QV*)

Akers, Isabella

HCR diary 28.9.1827
with Voigt (QV*) "we went and took coffee with Mrs Aders. Mrs Akers there and her brother a clergyman"
Aretas Akers (will PCC 1855) son of Aretas Akers (will PCC 1816) married 1821 Isabella Larking (bapitised 28.8.1799 at East Malling, died 17.7.1891). Her brother was the Rev. Lambert Blackwell Larking (DNB 1797-1868). This is a very probable identification but no clinching evidence

Aldebert Isaac junior

HCR diary 5.6.1842  Aldebert "his father-in-law Mr Mann" 25.10.1842 Aldebert not knowing he was illegitimate
Isaac Aldebert was born 5.2.1812 and baptised 31.12.1814 at Shoreditch along with his older sister Frances who was born 14.11.1810. Their parents' names were given as Isaac Aldebert of Brett's Buildings, Hoxton, and Dorothea Maria Catharina Kruckenberg. See Isaac Aldebert senior (QV*). Isaac Aldebert bachelor, coachmaker of St Martin in the Fields son of Isaac Aldebert de ceased, married at St Pancras 17.10.1840 Sarah Elizabeth Mann spinster of Kentish Town, daughter of J W H…

Aldebert, Isaac senior

HCR diary 5.11.1816 "called early on Aders" (discussion re: Jameson & Aldebert)
Marquardt vol 1 p24 n14. Isaak Aldebert born 3.4.1762 Erlangen died 3.10.1817 London. Apprenticed to Jonas Darfeld, merchant of Frankfurt, at the same time as Carl Cornelius Souchay and Franz Perret. In 1776 Darfeld married Katherina Elisabeth Mylius (1753-1832) thirty years his junior, with whose brothers Peter Friedrich Mylius and Johann Jakob Mylius (1756-1835) he started a firm in 1784. In 1786 the couple divorced and Darfeld left the firm, then Aldebert became partner to the Mylius brothers and…

Alderson, Thomas John

HCR diary 26.4.1836  "I called on Mrs Aders - they are going to remove and board with Alderson near the Jaffrays - This is a measure of economy"
                    28.4.1836  "I had made enquiries about Alderson the attorney with whom Mr & Mrs Aders are going to board and I learned he failed six years ago but that there is no imputation on his moral character"
                      6.5.1836  "called on Mrs Aders at Lower Eaton Str. The A:s are gone to live with Mr Alderson (cousin of Mrs Opie). Mr A: recognised me as having known me formerly"
The Jaffrays (QV*) lived…

Alliston, John

HCR diary 10.12.1825 "I had a message from Alliston's clerk that an undefended action would come on that day in which I was engaged with Justice - Drove down in alarm but found the case far enough off"
John Alliston & George Hundleby (QV*) attorneys 2 Freeman's Court, Cornhill (Law List 1825). John Alliston was articled to Thomas Ashfield (Common Pleas 1797) and did much conveyancing work. His will PCC 1855 of Warnford Ct, Throgmorton St. He was buried at Kensal Green cemetery on 26.5.1855 from 21 Suffolk St, Pall Mall age 74

Alsager, Thomas Massa

HCR diary 29.6.1816 Mozart's Nozze di Figaro, Robinson unable to enjoy the musick, Alsager had recommended it
Thomas Massa Alsager (DNB 1779-1846)

Amyot, Thomas

HCR diary 19.9.1819 "I walked afterwards to Mrs Smith - Amyot with me - she was not at home"
                    23.4.1820 "to Amyots with whom I dined" "Amyot's increasing toryism renders his conversation sometimes unpleasant" "R.A. has undertaken to ascertain at the Navy Office whether Lieut Kelly Mrs     Smith's first husband be alive or not"
                    26.4.1820 "called on Amyot expecting an answer from Richard A to questions he was to put at the Admiralty about the life or death of Lieut Kelly the first husband of Mrs Smith and he afterwards informed me that K was…

Arnold, Thomas James

HCR diary 26.11.1826 at Lamb's - Arnold nephew of Ayrton and Moxon
                   24.12.1836 "to the Aders wher I found young Arnold and his wife - I had seen him at Ayrton's and Lamb's but was not aware how impertinent and rude a young man he is. I know not when I have seen so offensive a man. He is a nephew of the late Mrs Ayrton".
Thomas James Arnold (DNB 1803-1877) son of Samuel James Arnold (DNB 1774-1852) who was son of Samuel Arnold (DNB 1740-1802). William Ayrton (DNB 1777-1858) married Marianne, daughter of Samuel Arnold. Marianne Ayrton was buried 1.2.1836 from…

Austin, Sarah

HCR diary 16.2.1826 "after dinner to Austin's"
                    25.11.1828 at Mrs Aders' "she gave me an account of Mrs Austin which surprised me but which Sutton Sharpe has confirmed viz: that her intimacies with several men had even injured her reputation and that Mrs Aders gave no credit to the reports yet Sharpe from Goff does"
                    16.11.1833  "N.B. called on Hayward he talked freely about Mrs A: It seems Pr: was her lover and that Hellar is a cast off lover. But I doubt all this".
These entries probably referred to Sarah Austin nee Taylor (DNB 1793…

Ayrton, William

see Arnold, Thomas James (QV*)


HCR diary 13.2.1823  Babingtons at a musical party at Aders
                    15.1.1829 at Aders "the Babington family including Mr Peel - a clergyman"
                      3.5.1829 "at Aders - Mrs A: is suffering from Erisipalus very severe pain; but Dr Babington says with no danger to life - Green was of the opinion that the brain was affected"
                     11.7.1836 the Babbingtons at Mrs Aders' "blue stocking party"
                      7.1.1840 (Tuesday) "promised to call on Dr Babbington" 8.1.1840 "called on Dr Babbington. He seemed to know me and…


HCR diary 23.2.1825 at Aders "a Frankfurter Mr Baff"
A Charles Baff of 48 Bell St, Paddington was insured SunFire 1815, and a Charles Baff was buried at Lambeth 27.10.1825 age 43, an Ann Baff of 9 Frances St, Kennington widow was insured SunFire 1826. No clear identification


HCR DIARY 25.1.1832 the Aders gave a The Dansant at Willis Rooms "Many of the company were in fancy dresses - The two Miss Baldwins as ladies of the time of Geo II one being supposed to be Lady Grandison - the other in the actual dress of the great grandmother of Mrs Baldwin" "I chatted with .... Baldwin"
                     2.12.1839 "Camberwell friends,,,, I lunched with the Baldwins"
                     24.5.1844 "wrote notes on that account to ..... and Mrs Baldwin" (meaning the Aders financial troubles in Italy)
Charles Baldwin (DNB 1774-1869) newspaper proprietor…


HCR diary 1.5.1819 Mr and Mrs Banks at Charles Aders
                    9.5.1819 at Mrs Smith's (the future Eliza Aders) Mr & Mrs Banks there "Mr B: otherwise a formal and tiresome man talked about precious stones a subject he understands being by profession a worker of precious stones - he was a very rich man but ran through his fortune and then took to this occupation in which he has talent - as a means of subsistence - his wife is a quiet good kind of woman much praised by Mrs Smith & Aders &c. I walked with them to give them the protection of my umbrella"

Banks, Thomas

GODWIN DIARY 10.1.1796 adv mrs & miss Banks at Holcroft's / 7.5.1797 adv mes Banks at Hts
Elizabeth Hooton 1748-1834 married 1766 Thomas Banks DNB 1735-1805 sculptor. Their daughter Lavinia born in Rome 1774 married 3.8.1799 at St Geo Han Sq, the Rev Edward Forster
Thomas Banks of Newman St (DNB 1735-1805 sculptor) was proposed SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION 28.9.1792 by William Sharpe 2nded John Horne Tooke. See his person record in Godwin Diary website and my Background Article Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses
See Newman Street 1 to 9 in LONDON…

Barry, James

HCR diary 27.6.1820 I just made a note - Flaxman against Barry (husband of mistress, Nollekens and lace hat). I don't recall the story but it was certainly John Flaxman (DNB 1755-1826) telling an anecdote of James Barry (DNB 1741-1806)

Bate, William Henry

HCR diary 23.12.1836 "I made calls on Bates a picture dealer who has some of Aders pictures to sell for us - he pleases me - he is the brother-in-law of Mrs Jameson - he asked me to take tea with him - but he does not expect to dispose of the pictures till the spring"
                     16.3.1837 "called on Mr Bates and left him a letter authorising him to consider Mr Lovenhagen as the proprietor"
                     13.4.1839 "Bates who does not deliver up our pictures"
                     18.4.1839 "called on Lovenhagen who had received an angry letter from Mr Bates…