A-Z of Entries

Charman, Peter

HO 42/30/75 f193-4 anonymous letter to prime minister William Pitt. Peter Charman friend of John Richter had 60 pikes in his father's house, George St, York Buildings

Peter Charman jeweller York Buildings voted 1774 Cotes, SunFire 1777 Duke St, York Bldgs, 1780 & 1784 Villiers St voted Fox, 1788 George St voted Townshend, 1790 & 1796 George St voted Fox. Will PCC 7.11.1812 of George St, York Bldgs mentioned wife Elizabeth.

Children of Peter Charman & Elizabeth his wife bapt St Martin i t Fields: Martha 1773, Martha 1775, Mary 1777, Henry 1778, Elizabeth 1780, Mary…


Thale, Selections 13.1.1795 Cherton 38 Bethnal Green Road, signatures & subscriptions. No other trace of this person found


Thale Selections page 291,  27.8.1795 N Clayton in list of names wishing to establish a Division at the Fountain, Virginia Row, Shoreditch

William Satcher of Spitalfields cordwainer took appr Nathaniel Clayton 7 yrs from 25.6.1777 premium £6
Nathaniel Clayton otp bach = Shoreditch 23.6.1794 SarahXFowkes otp sp banns wits Richard & Sarah Hughes
Sarah Mary dau of Nathaniel & Sarah Clayton of Saunders Gardens born 21.5.1795 bapt Shoreditch 21.7.1795

page 299, 3.9.1795 Clayton admitted to sitting of LCS General Committee

page 325n   13.11.1795 …

Cornfoot, James

Nat Arch HO 42/30/100 f255  letter from James Hartley to Dundas with list of visitors to Newgate prison state side who were notorious Jacobins (Thale page 161note says it was list of people keeping LCS papers). James Cornfoot, coal merchant, Tottenham Court Road

There seem to have been several people called James Cornfoot in London at the time. One was a baker in Marylebone, and one a coal dealer, with also a son called James, in St Pancras.

the coal dealer James Cornfoot
James Cornfoot otp bach = St Pancras 1.4.1771 SusannahXDavis otp sp banns wits William Clark, John…

Cruden, James

James Cruden in printed list of 77 date, on committee of conference 1789 and 1790, baptised 12.4.1789 New Jerusalem

With father John & brother John merchants in North Carolina, took loyalist side, sent memorials to British government claiming compensation, May 1789 at 7 Southampton Pl, New Rd, British Museum / James Cruden bach otp = 7.3.1792 St Geo the Martyr Southwark by lic Mary Glazard sp otp / Mrs Mary Cruden of St Mary Newington bur 19.5.1797 Locks Fields dissenters' burying ground / Cruden Land Tax 1793-1798 Sun St Newington / JC = 3.6.1798 St Botolph Aldgate…

Cuthbert, David

see Autobiography of Francis Olace, ed. Mary Thale p. 53-4 (in Greyhound Court where Place learned to turn and file) Place made a simple error calling him Cuthbertson. There was indeed a John Cuthbertson, mathematical, philosophical and optical instrument maker c.1743-1821 who worked in Amsterdam in the 1770s and 1780s and then returned to London, trading in Shoe Lane Holborn and then Poland Street. However the mathematical instrument maker in Greyhound Court was David Cuthbert

A David Cuthbert was apprenticed to James Mackay coppersmith of Edinburgh for 6 yrs on 13.8.1768, premium…