A-Z of Entries

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor…

Ashpinshaw, John

John Ashpinshaw at conference 17.4.1789 / John Ashpinshaw otp bach = 8.12.1757 by lic St Botolph Aldgate Sarah Locke sp of St Helen London minor / John A of John & Sarah, Castle St, St Mary Whitechapel bapt 14.6.1761 /  Lydia A of John & Sarah, Kirby St, St Andrew Holborn bapt 10.2.1771 /  will PCC 13.10.1798 John A whitesmith of Leather Lane Holborn dated 1..7.1795 wife Sarah sons Joseph, Thomas / Rev John Aspinshaw of Notts d.1851 his son? /  SunFire 1834 John A 3 New Russel St, Bedford St, Commercial Rd, gent / In Thale p302, 410n, 429 there was an Aspinshaw in the London…

Ballard, Theophilus Green

John Ballard = Chelmsford, Essex 27.5.1765 Sukey Lobb botp
Sukey Lobb born 1745 was the daughter of Richard Lobb and his wife (and first cousin) Frances née Greene. Richard was the son of Stephen Lobb 1676-1720 chaplain of Penzance Castle and his wife Gratiana née Pendar. Frances was the daughter of John Greene of Chelmsford and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Lobb (DNB d.1699) and sister of Stephen Lobb of Penzance Castle and of Theophilus Lobb (DNB 1678-1763). Sukey's mother Frances had a sister Elizabeth Greene who married James Buckland (1712-1790) in 1734, and a brother…

Banks, Henry

4.9.1794 Henry Banks tailor gave evidence to LCS for John Groves (accused of being a spy and acquitted but later revealed to have been a spy)
Henry Banks tailor Crown Court, Bow Street    SunFire 1787
         do.                Martletts Court                     voted 1788 Hood
         do.                      do.                                  SunFire 1790, 1791
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1790 Hood & Tooke
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1796 Fox…

Baxter, John

15.12.1794 Richter & Baxter discharged / 26.8.1804 Baxter at Tooke's / 12.10.1806 again
The above entries have been coded in GD website to Baxter family (Baxter of Dundee). The first should belong certainly, and the other two probably, to John Baxter (fl 1794-1816 in DNB London Corresponding Society act. 1792-1799)

Bayley, printer

Nat Arch TS 11/963 examination of Thomas Hardy, who mentioned Bayley a printer with 5 or 6 journeymen. Hardy answered questions freely but perhaps not honestly, to protect comrades. This could have been Thomas Bayley printer of Petticoat Lane, but no evidence he was sympathetic to LCS, and he was dead 3 years before Hardy's exam.

Thoms Bayley printer of Petticoat Lane will proved PCC 17.5.1791 mentioned dau Mary, son Thomas, wife Susannah; John, Sarah & Jane chn of John & Sarah Jones late of Whitechapel; Elizabeth & Charles chn of Elizabeth 1st wife of James Hicks now or…


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Anthony Beck saddler of Oxford Street proposed member 31.1.1794 by John Williams 2nded Francis Weldon
GODWIN DIARY: 30.1.1796 Beck adv at Inchbald's
Not the context we would most expect to find him in but this Beck at Inchbald's could have been the SCI member above / 5.7.1773 St Marylebone bapt Anthony son of Richard Beck & Mary / SunFire 1777, 1779 Richard Beck sadler Oxford St  (Rd B coal merchant Grosvenor St St Geo Han Sq voted Fox 1780, 1784) / 1791 (St Thos Hospital admissions Anthony Beck 229 Oxford St / (Thale) London…

Bedder, Thomas

Bedder 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's / 8.4.1796 at Thomas Fawcett's / Godwin calls on 2.2.1813.
Mr Thomas Bedder of 6, St Thomas Apostle and Thomas Bedder jr both contributed to the London Corresp Socy Nov 1794 collection for state prisoners' families. Thomas Bedder of St Martin Ongar married Ursula Stanley of St Mary Aldermary at St Clement Eastcheap 4.1.1763, took an apprentice as member of Butchers Company in 1773 and was buried 4.7.1802 at St Mary Aldermary age 64. Thomas Bedder of Long Acre was buried at St Martins in the Fields 14.11.1831 age 66



31.1.1795 at Powel's / 16.10.1801 calls / 11.8.1802 call with M(ary) J(ane)on E Bone / Godwin calls on 27.9.1809 / adv at Place's 14.7.1813.
John Bone, bookseller and muslin cleaner, member of London Corresp Socy, went bankrupt with William Hone in 1810. Bone & Hone booksellers &c 331 Strand. At 180 Fleet St (Holden's 1802) which was the address of J S Jordan, who published 1808 Bone's weekly journal The Reasoner. The Making of the Modern World database has no.13 online, the Bodleian have a copy, not seen by me, See work notes below
Elizabeth d c1830 wife of Henry Bone…

Booth, Aaron

The four paragraphs below don't have to be the same person, but the name was rare so they may be, and same trade between first and last para

Aaron Booth bapt 20.4.1766 Selston Notts son of Joshua & Mary (née Leiven), older brother Caleb Booth 1764-1846 in 1841 census at Selston, (son?) a framework knitter, Thos Saxton joiner of Alfreton, Derbys took appr Aaron Booth 17.5.1780 for 7 years. (Alfreton just 3 miles from Selston)
Aaron Booth = St Geo Han Sq 1.2.1789 MargaretXBrookshaw botp banns wit Thos Rice

TS 11/965/3510A  30.4.1794 Wickham (secretary of state's)…

Charman, Peter

HO 42/30/75 f193-4 anonymous letter to prime minister William Pitt. Peter Charman friend of John Richter had 60 pikes in his father's house, George St, York Buildings
Peter Charman jeweller York Buildings voted 1774 Cotes, SunFire 1777 Duke St, York Bldgs, 1780 & 1784 Villiers St voted Fox, 1788 George St voted Townshend, 1790 & 1796 George St voted Fox. Will PCC 7.11.1812 of George St, York Bldgs mentioned wife Elizabeth.
Children of Peter Charman & Elizabeth his wife bapt St Martin i t Fields: Martha 1773, Martha 1775, Mary 1777, Henry 1778, Elizabeth 1780, Mary…


Thale, Selections 13.1.1795 Cherton 38 Bethnal Green Road, signatures & subscriptions. No other trace of this person found


Thale Selections page 291,  27.8.1795 N Clayton in list of names wishing to establish a Division at the Fountain, Virginia Row, Shoreditch
William Satcher of Spitalfields cordwainer took appr Nathaniel Clayton 7 yrs from 25.6.1777 premium £6
Nathaniel Clayton otp bach = Shoreditch 23.6.1794 SarahXFowkes otp sp banns wits Richard & Sarah Hughes
Sarah Mary dau of Nathaniel & Sarah Clayton of Saunders Gardens born 21.5.1795 bapt Shoreditch 21.7.1795
page 299, 3.9.1795 Clayton admitted to sitting of LCS General Committee
page 325n   13.11.1795  Clayton,…

Cornfoot, James

Nat Arch HO 42/30/100 f255  letter from James Hartley to Dundas with list of visitors to Newgate prison state side who were notorious Jacobins (Thale page 161note says it was list of people keeping LCS papers). James Cornfoot, coal merchant, Tottenham Court Road
There seem to have been several people called James Cornfoot in London at the time. One was a baker in Marylebone, and one a coal dealer, with also a son called James, in St Pancras.
the coal dealer James Cornfoot
James Cornfoot otp bach = St Pancras 1.4.1771 SusannahXDavis otp sp banns wits William Clark, John…

Cruden, James

James Cruden in printed list of 77 date, on committee of conference 1789 and 1790, baptised 12.4.1789 New Jerusalem
With father John & brother John merchants in North Carolina, took loyalist side, sent memorials to British government claiming compensation, May 1789 at 7 Southampton Pl, New Rd, British Museum / James Cruden bach otp = 7.3.1792 St Geo the Martyr Southwark by lic Mary Glazard sp otp / Mrs Mary Cruden of St Mary Newington bur 19.5.1797 Locks Fields dissenters' burying ground / Cruden Land Tax 1793-1798 Sun St Newington / JC = 3.6.1798 St Botolph Aldgate…

Cuthbert, David

see Autobiography of Francis Olace, ed. Mary Thale p. 53-4 (in Greyhound Court where Place learned to turn and file) Place made a simple error calling him Cuthbertson. There was indeed a John Cuthbertson, mathematical, philosophical and optical instrument maker c.1743-1821 who worked in Amsterdam in the 1770s and 1780s and then returned to London, trading in Shoe Lane Holborn and then Poland Street. However the mathematical instrument maker in Greyhound Court was David Cuthbert
A David Cuthbert was apprenticed to James Mackay coppersmith of Edinburgh for 6 yrs on 13.8.1768, premium £…

Davenport, Edward & Joshua

E Davenport, printer, 6 George Court, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell on list of LCS contacts, 2nd edition of report of the LCS general meeting at St George's Fields 29.6.1795, At General Committee 2.6.1795 a Davenport was deputed to absent Div 22 and was nearly voted onto the Exec Cttee. On 6.8.1795 a Davenport elected to Exec Cttee. At General Cttee 13.8.1795 Bustle in place of Davenport became delegate of Div 3. Exec Cttee 27.8.1795 Davidson printer sent letter complaining at Davenport using position on Exec Cttee to underquote him. General Cttee 3.9.1795 Davenport ballotted off Exec Cttee…

Davis, shoemaker

From meeting of Div 23 on 11.12.1793 in Brown Bear, Moorfields the spy George Lynam reported that Davis went to a Serjt at the Tower and made a convert of him & several Soldiers. On 20.12.1793 Home Secretary Evan Nepean wrote to Major General Leake that a shoemaker named Davis of 15 Cannon Street had been spreading sedition to soldiers at the Tower. (Thale p.34). He may have been the same as Peter Davey or Davie who testified at the LCS trial of Lynam 13.6.1793 that he had enquired about Lynam's character from a Mr Crab and then proposed him as a member. Peter Davey was Div 23 delegate…

Douglas, (Earls of Selkirk and Lords Daer)

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Earl of Selkirk proposed 9.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen / Lord Daer proposed 4.5.1792 by John Cartwright 2nded Thomas Paine / Hon. John Douglas of Inner Temple proposed 6.7.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded Christopher Hull
Dunbar Douglas,1722-1799 4th Earl of Selkirk married Helen (d.1802) dau of John Hamilton of Blackadder, Berwickshire.(see Thomas Douglas DNB 1771-1820). Basil William Douglas, Lord Daer (DNB 1763-1794 under London Corresponding Society) was his heir but died before him. The next brother, Hon. John Douglas was born 24.5.…

Draper, William

TS 11/963 examination 22.5.1794 of Frederick Polydore Nodder, for whose spy reports on LCS in April & May 1794 see Thale. Mentioned William Draper who lived somewhere in Clerkenwell and was preacher at London Wall, Draper also mentioned in Hayward's examination 27.5.1794. No other evidence that Draper was sympathetic to reform or the LCS.

Lloyds Evening Post 21.3.1791. Rev W Draper, Sunday afternoon lecturer of All Hallows Londom Wall, of 5, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell. Wife and 9 children, £40 lectureship, classical and mathematical tuition. late curate of New Church…