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Dagley, Richard

CURRENT TEXT "Dagley, Richard (d.1841), genre painter and engraver, was an orphan and was educated at"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Dagley, Richard(1761-1841), genre painter and engraver, was born on 30 December 1761 and baptised on 29 January 1762 at St Margaret's, Westminster, son of Samuel Dagley, citizen of London in the Curriers' Company, and his wife Ann. His father was buried at St Andrew Holborn on 12 February 1762, and his mother married Roger Peck in 1765. On 8 March 1770 he was admitted to>
NOTES London Metropolitan Archives MS18218/10 and…

Dawe, Philip

PHILIP DAWE 1745?-1809?
CURRENT TEXT "on 25 August 1745"
SUGGESTED CHANGE < on 25 August 1745, or the son of Philip Dawe, brazier of Rowes Court, and his wife, Sarah, baptised at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey on 4 September 1748.>
CURRENT TEXT "said to have died in 1809."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <said to have died in 1809, or he may have been the Philip Dawe aged 71 from St Pancras who was buried at St Marylebone on 8 December 1819.>

Dayes, Edward

EDWARD DAYES 1763-1804
CURRENT TEXT "his widow, a miniaturist who had exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1797 to 1800, but of whom no further details are known."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his widow Sarah (nee Parker) whom he had married at St Mary Lambeth on 11 November 1786. She had exhibited miniatures at the Royal Academy from 1797 to 1800, and she married Joseph Garnett of Kirkland, Kendal on 18 December 1806.> NOTES Lambeth marriage specified Edward Dayes of St Paul Covent Garden, for his widow's marriage Lancaster Gazette 3.1.1807

De Wilde, Samuel

SUGGESTED ADDITION <For several years from 1807 under the name of 'Thomas Scrutiny' he produced prints for 'The Satirist' edited by *George Manners*.>
CURRENT TEXT "All that is known about his wife is that she was called Eleanor and that they had two children, Louisa Harriet (b.1801) and George James De Wilde (1804-1871)."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <He may have been the Samuel de Wilde who married Sophia Stevens at St James Clerkenwell on 26 April 1772, and had two daughters and a son Samuel c.1779-1845, who became a trumpeter and servant to…

Dibdin, Charles

CHARLES DIBDIN (1745-1814)
CURRENT TEXT "References to an earlier marriage have not been substantiated, and the relationship with Harriet Pitt was probably considered irregular, as she already had a child out of wedlock before she met Dibdin. At about this time Dibdin transferred his affection to Anne Maria Wylde (1757-1835), of Portsea, possibly a relative of the prompter James Wild, and quickly married her. They had at least one daughter, Anne (bap.1776)."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <At about this time Dibdin transferred his affection to Anne Maria Wylde (1757-1835), of Portsea,…

Dussek, Jan Ladislav

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

World 23.4.1792 tickets for Mr Dusseck's night from him at 30 Poland St / Jan Dussek DNB 1760-1812 pianist & composer. He had been in England since 1789 and married in August 1792 so probably moved from Poland St then. His landlady in Poland St was presumably Mary Wood (see my entry Wood, John & Mary)

Amendments to Oxford DNB (Sophia Justina Dussek 1775-1847)

Baptised St James 1.4.1803 Olivia Justinia born 20.9.1800 and Lucy Georgiana born 21.2.1803, both of John Louis and Sophia Justinia Dussek. In…