A-Z of Entries


HCR diary 8.6.1826 at Aders "Beuthe, a finance minister, who has the air of a superior man - Schenkel the architect to the King of Prussia - also apparently a very superior man and a Col. Dunkelman -insignificant"

In Schinkel's English Journey ed. Bindman and Riemann, Schinkel referred often to Count Dancklemann, who was travelling with him and Beuth. In Glasgow they also met a Herr Dancklemann. Strangely Bindman and Riemann seem to have omitted any identifying note on Dancklemann in their copious and useful notes. It was probably Heinrich Wilhelm August Alexander, Graf von…

Daniell, Edward Thomas

HCR diary 10.8.1839 lottery at Colnaghi's "I got for my sovereign an engraving of Linnell's Christ Going to Emmaus - much praised by Daniel, Mrs Aders etc"

Probably Edward Thomas Daniell (DNB 1804-1842) where his "continued encouragement of Linnell" is mentioned


HCR diary 19.6.1828 at Jameson's at Hackney "the daughters of Mrs Davy and the late Mrs Darvil interested me on account of their mothers"

                    20.1.1829 Feb or Mar 1800 Robinson got message from Mrs Davy "thro her brother Mr Saville that my visits in her house were not agreeable to Mr Davy" (Mr Davy now partner with McMurdo, Gould Sq)

                       3.2.1829 Mr Davy - husband of his eldest daughter Mr Wansey

Thomas Davy of St Botolph Aldersgate bach = Holy Trinity Minories 25.6.1792 by lic Sarah Savill otp sp wits Mary Kingsbury, Mary Davy. Emma…

De Morgan, Mrs

HCR diary 30.11.1841 called "on Mrs De Morgan about Mrs Aders. I found her impression unfavorable - and even Mrs Gilman it seems is less friendly - perhaps it may be she is tired out. She said she thought I had been too kind"

Probably Sophia Elizabeth (1809-1842) wife of Augustus De Morgan (DNB 1806-1871) and daughter of William Frend (DNB 1757-1841). They married on 3.8.1837 and had seven children

De Quincey, Thomas Penson

HCR diary 13.2.1823 musical part at Aders "De Quincey whom I met lately was to have accompanied me"

Presumably Thomas Penson De Quincet (DNB 1785-1859)


HCR diary 15.4.1818 at Flaxman's "Miss Denman had made a kaleidoscope"

I've noted over 50 references between 1818 and 1846 to Miss Denman or the Miss Denmans in HCR diary. Miss Denman is also mentioned in Mrs Aders' letters to Crabb Robinson of 10.1.1830 and 5.9.1842 and there is a letter from Mrs Aders to Miss Denman dated 17.12.1842 all at Dr Williams Library.. See also my entry for Mary Ann Flaxman

HCR diary 21.2.1820 "called at Flaxman's and left my card -I was not admitted - he has seen no-one since Mrs F:s death"

                    8.12.1826 Robinson read…


HCR diary 29.12.1821 "Evening at Aders - the Masqueriers, Jenkins and a Mr & Mrs Dubusson were there - musick and engravings produced"

I found two or three possible couples. Thomas Du Buisson of Lawrence Pountney Lane merchant died 1843 at Newcastle upon Tyne age 65, his will PCC 1843. His father Peter will PCC 1813 of Glynhir, Carmarthenshire) had married Margaret Birt on 2.6.1775 at Newland, Gloucestershire, and he married Elizabeth Birt on 23.10.1809 also at Newland. In the 1841 census they were both living at Wandsworth Common.

Jean Abraham Du Buisson baptised 11.7.…