A-Z of Entries

Fayle, Charlotte

HCR diary 9.1.1840 "yesterday I saw only Miss Fayle"

see Babington (QV*)


HCR diary 29.10.1814 Mr & Mrs Fazy returned from Salonica

                      20.6.1818 at Aders "The Schunks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"

                      22.7.1821 "Mrs Fazy has obtained a comfortable situation as superintendent of rich children by which provision is secured to her"

John Solomon Fazy married at Manchester Cathedral 15.7.1804 Eliza Becher (see Becher QV*) a sister of Carl Christian Becher (1770-1836) see Marquardt II p 442 where it says Crabb Robinson had met her In London in 1806 at Becher's, whose sister she was.…

Field, Barron

HCR diary 8.1.1828 walked with B Field to Mrs Blake, shortly after the death of William Blake (DNB 1757-1827) "We found that the Job is Linnell's property and the print of Chaucer's pilgrimage hers - Therefore Field bought a proof and I two prints at 2 and a half guineas each - I mean one for Lamb"

Barron Field (DNB 1786-1846)

Flaxman, Mary Ann

HCR diary 20.6.1818 "a call on Miss Flaxman"

                    24.2.1820 "at Flaxman's - I saw only Miss Fl: and Miss Denman"

                 13.12.1820 "went to Flaxman's with Aders"

                 20.12.1820 "at Aders. The Flaxmans there - by this introduction I have highly pleased the Aders. The more so as I fear after all MrsA: is not a visitable person and I fear too that she is aware of it. I am under some apprehension that if Flaxman should ever happen to know the history of Mrs A life that he may not chuse to keep up the acquaintance. He may possibly be…


HCR diary 25.1.1832 at the Aders thé dansant at Willis' Rooms "Flor the German appeared in several characters - he was very entertaining as Catalani and sung a mock song very laughably"

21.3.1832 at Aders "Flor came there" "Flor seemed shocked by hearing of the death of Westfal in Sicily mentioned by Mayer. The talk chiefly on painting"

Very likely the German artist Ferdinand Flor born Hamburg 1793 died 1881. He spent most of his working life in Rome, but was in England in 1830. performing tableaux vaivants after the old masters before the royal family at Brighton, and in…

Forbes, Miss

HCR 12.5.1826 HCR's guests to supper "Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe"

          26.5.1829 at Brighton Mrs Masqueriers youngest brother just returned from Italy "Some of the family of Sir Charles Forbes came in and a Miss Ashburnham"

As G E Bentley pointed out in Blake Records p 446 note, Robinson's small appointments diary lists all the names on 12.5.1826 above except Miss Forbes, so it is reasonable to assume the Masqueriers brought her. Mrs Masquerier was born Rachel Forbes-Mitchell, so it may have been one of her relations (her father had…


HCR diary   1.8.1813 HCR said Maria Fordham "delightful"

                      3.8.1813 HCR said Harriet Fordham "charming" &c

                   25.8.1823 "called on Mrs Fordham of Hodsea"

                   30.5.1823 at "Mrs Fordham's lodgings. Mrs J P Wedd was arrived"

                     2.6.1823 "called on Mrs J Fordham"

                   23.6.1823 "left with Sophia Fordham a letter for Mrs Thornton"

                   26.4.1824 Miss Fordham died of typhus at Bury St Edmunds

                   24.5.1824 "took tea at home - Francis…

Forster, Mrs

HCR diary 1.7.1842 at Samuel Rogers' breakfast table "Mrs Forster daughter of Banks the sculptor"...."and her daughter Mrs Poinder"

Edward Forster (DNB 1769-1828) writer married at St George Hanover Sq on 3.8.1799 Lavinia Banks. Emma bapt 20.5.1801 St George Hanover Sq dau of Edward & Lavinia Forster, married at British Embassy Paris 26.12.1832 Ambrose Poynter (DNB 1796-1886) architect. She died 1848, Lavinia nee Banks may have married again? (Lavinia Forster marriage index 1837 Kingsclere Hants).

Franklin, Mrs

HCR diary 23.2.1825 "at Flaxman's I heard of the death of Mrs Franklin"

Eleanor Anne Porden (DNB 1795-1825)

Frost, Charles

HCR diary 22.2.1821 Robinson sat for his portrait to Jacob Strutt, mentioned Mrs Strutt's brother Frost of Hull

Charles Frost (DNB 1782-1862)

Fry, Mrs

HCR diary 17.5.1841 "Ellen seems to be recovering herself - she is under the protection of Mrs Fry!"

This was very likely Elizabeth Fry (DNB 1780-1845). Mrs Aders' daughter Ellen Ley (1804-1867) had previously been arrested for theft (see HCR diary 7.1.1840)

Fuseli, Henry

HCR diary 13.1.1819 Mrs Opie / Fuseli / Sidney Smith / Samuel Rogers (I just made that note with no more context)

                      4.4.1823 after seeing Aders' pictures, Sir George Beaumont "proposed bringing Fuseli"

George Beaumont (DNB 1753-1827) and Henry Fuseli (DNB 1741-1825). I've no idea whether Fuseli did visit Aders' collection