A-Z of Entries


Fagan 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / 30.12.1805 again / 17.1.1806 again

Perhaps one of the Irish Catholic family of Fagan in Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland. Patrick Fagan who died 1770 had ten sons, the eldest Christopher Alexander 1733-1816 will PCC 1816 was said to be the father by Madame Roland of Hyacinthe Gabrielle (died 1816) who became the mistress about 1785 of Richard Wellesley DNB 1760-1842 and married him in 1794 by which time she had had five children by him. The second son was Stephen merchant of Cork died 1811 whose sons James died 1822 and Patrick died 1808. The third…


mrs Featherstone 19.7.1800 at Mcnally's

Leonard Macnally Dict Irish Biog 1752-1820 his uncle was a merchant called Featherstone. A Leonard Macnally married Anna Maria Featherstone in 1803 or 1804

Fingal, Lord

L Fingal 17.8.1800 at (Robert) Darwin's, Shrewsbury

Arthur James Plunkett Dict Irish Biog 1759-1836 8th Earl of Fingall (and see Burke's Peerage)


Forbes 7.11.1803 at Hamilton Rowan's / 24.1.1811 Forbes calls / 23.4.1820 Forbes at Hume's

Possibly George John Forbes, Viscount Forbes Hist of Parl 1785-1836, son of Earl Granard and nephew of Lord Moira, a Whig who went over to government around 1812 except on the Catholic question where he always supported Catholic relief. Possibly Charles Fergusson Forbes DNB 1779-1852 surgeon or his father William Forbes 1753-1818 surgeon will PCC 1818 his widow's will PCC 1825 Elizabeth Forbes formerly Buxton. The family were Independents from Coggeshall, Essex and Charles's sister Anna…


Frizel 25.7.1800 at Hamilton's (in Ireland) / 4.8.1800 meet Frizel (on Godwin's way to from Dublin to Carlow)