A-Z of Entries

Gawler, John Bellenden

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Capt John Gawler of Horse Guards proposed 16.11.1792 by William Bosville 2nded John Frost

See DNB Bellenden Ker 1764-1842 / Morning Post 3.2.1795 steward of dinner of Friends of Freedom to celebrate outcome of treason trials, J.B.Gawler, Staines / John Bellenden Gawler was prosecuted by Lord Valentia in 1796 for crim con with his wife, see the entry on George Annesley (Lord Valentia) in History of Parliament, and Godwin dined with Gawler at Lady Valentia's on 2/3/1803

CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 2.6.1829 at the Flaxman's Mr & Mrs Bellenden…

Gay, Nicholas

Gay of Duke St, St James proposed Society for Constitutional Information 15.3.1793 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Augustus Bonney

Nicholas Gay son of John Gay (perhaps of Trinity College Dublin 1725 age 18 born Leixlip, co Kildare son of Thomas Gay, gent). John Gay died about 1773 in debt. Nicholas Gay's uncle was John Garnett DNB 1707/8-1782 (will PCC 1783 John Garnet). A Nicholas Gay was Lt 10th foot (Ireland) 1757 and commander of the Fartullach Rangers 1779, subscribed to Swift's Works 1762 and to Fenelon's 1769, wrote Letter to W Tighe Esq on Absentees published Dublin 1781,…

Geddes, William

William Geddes of London St, Fenchurch St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 8.6.1792 by Charles Sinclair 2nded John Augustus Bonney

Will proved PCC 27.9.1817 of William Geddes of Old London Street, Fenchurch Street and of the Paragon, Blackheath merchant, dated 9.6.1809 mentioned wife Elizabeth, father-in-law James Grier anchorsmith of Rotherhithe, partner Alexander Campbell, share in business owned by Robert Milne, address in probate Dowlas Common, Camberwell / William Geddes buried 25.9.1817 St Mary Rotherhithe age 53 from Camberwell

Gibson, Henry

Henry Gibson surgeon of Newcastle upon Tyne proposed Society for Constitutional Information 6.4.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded Dr Snowden White

Henry Gibson surgeon Newcastle voted Phipps & Delaval 1774, Bowes 1777 / Newcastle directory 1778 Westgate St / took apprentices 1771, 1776, 1779, 1781 / perhaps the Henry Gibson buried 24.8.1782 Newcastle All Saints.

A Henry Gibson was buried Newcastle All Saints 30.5.1814 age 36 of Pilgrim St, perhaps his son, as perhaps also Henry Gibson assistant surgeon wounded on Kent East Indiaman captured by French privateer 7.10.1800. See…

Gillispy, Andrew

Andrew Gillispy of Charing Cross proposed Society for Constitutional Information 9.11.1792 by George Watts 2nded John Horne Tooke rejected (one of very few, Samuel Favell was rejected 1782 but accepted 1784, George Shelley 1783 and James Agar 1792)

Andrew Gillispy St Clement Danes ratebooks Carey St rental £37 p.a.1783 followed by Michael Robson Xmas 1789 / Andrew Gillispy surgeon of Newgate 1792 (lost source for this note) / Andrew Gillispy discharged from Kings Bench 15.12.1795 / Nat Arch PRIS 4/12,13,14 checked, Andrew Gillespy was "rendered" 26.5.2794 on a suit of George…

Gillum, William

William Gillam of Brunswick Row, Queen Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 15.9.1780 by Capel Lofft 2nded Edward Bridgen withdrew 6.4.1781

His father William Gillum otp bach = St Margaret Patten 10.5.1761 Mary Miller sp of St Margaret Westminster a minor by lic, their son William born 10.3.1762 bapt 4.4.1762 St Margaret Patten. William senior (and probably his father John before him) was a clerk in the Secretary's office at East India House, his will PCC 1769 mentioned his wife Mary and sons William, Thomas and Ralph. The will of his brother Thomas dated 10.1.1781…

Goodenough, Richard Jocelyn

Goodenough of Queen Ann St East proposed Society for Constitutional Information 22.12.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Capel Lofft

Eldest son of Rev William Goodenough of Broughton Poggs (will PCC 1768) and his wife Elizabeth nee Serle, his younger brother was Samuel Goodenough DNB 1743-1827, his three younger brothers went ito Oxford, William studied medicine and died (PCC 1770), Samuel & Edmund went inot the church, Richard was articled 1762 to Edward Bathurst attorney of Cirencester (also to Kedgwin Webley?). He inherited property from his uncle Richard Serle (will PCC 1767) and…

Goring, Charles

19.5.1793 at Tooke's.

Charles Goring of Queen Ann Street, Westminster proposed Society for Constitutional Information 15.1.1790 by Count Alvise Zenobio 2nded Richard Sharp / Boyle's Court Guide 1792 Charles Goring 10 Queen Ann St West, 1800 42 Norton St

Charles Goring (History of Parliament) born 1743, 2nd son of Sir Charles Matthew Goring, 5th Bart, Magdalen College Oxford 1762, MP for Shoreham 1774-80. Friends of the People 11.4.1792, withdrew with Bosville and Knight on issue of universal suffrage 7.4.1794. Died 3.12.1829 age 86

Green, Joseph

Joseph Green Esq of New Basinghall St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 8.6.1787 by Thomas Brand Holis 2nded Batley (Jeremiah or his son John Lodge?)

Joseph Green Esq of New Basinghall St, Royal Humane Society list of directors (reports for 1785 & 1786), subscribed to Meilan's translation of Fenelon's Telemachus 1794, Philanthropic Society of London life member 1796, Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, 1796, 1797, Boyle's City Guide 1797 Joseph Green 1, New Basinghall St & Hornsey

apparently to be distinguished from the…

Green, Thomas

Thomas Green of 60 West Smithfield proposed Society for Constitutional Information 1.11.1793 by Thomas Wardle 2nded George Williams

Michael Buxton & Co 60 West Smithfield mercers 1780-1790 directories / Williams & Green 60 West Smithfield mercers 1791 directory / SunFire 1795 Thomas Green 60 West Smithfield leatherseller, Green was partner to George Williams SCI and LCS member but I have no further details about him. Perhaps Nat Arch J 90/74-77 (not yet seen)

Greive, George

George Greive of Curzon St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 17..11.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

see George Greive DNB 1748-1809

Griffin, David

David Griffin of Hay Wharf proposed Society for Constitutional Information 8.11.1782 by Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield 2nded Joseph Brown

father David Griffin bach of St Olave Southwark licence 3.2.1752 to marry at Brumley, Middlesex Elizabeth Bundick sp of St Mary Mag Bermondsay age 15 with consent of mother Ann wife of William Worrell / David Griffin from burial record born about 1752 / Public Advertiser 7.1.1754 David Griffin cooper Battle Bridge, Southwark / Public Advertiser 20.11.1758 David Griffin sailmaker Battle Bridge, Southwark / David Griffin of St Olave Southwark wid =…

Griffith, Edward

Edward Griffith of Carnarvon proposed Society for Constitutional Information 23.5.1783 by Sir Watkin Lewes 2nded John Jebb. Was a vice-president 1786-7. Note on 9.12.1791 had allowed sub to lapse but requested to pay arrears and remain a member

His will PCC 10.4.1821 was full of family information but not the name of his father, who died 10.9.1778 and was buried at Llanbellick Caernarvonshire, where Edward Griffith was born, mostly educated and lived many years. His mother's maiden name was Grace Morris, she died 10.9.1792 and was buried at Llanbellick. If his will was followed…

Grigby, Joshua

Joshua Grigby Esq MP for Suffolk proposed Society for Constitutional Information 28.5.1784 by William Middleton 2nded Capel Lofft

see History of Parliament ?1731-1798, MP for Suffolk 1784-1790. His wife Jane nee Bird was probably aunt to Wilberforce Bird (see my entry in Godwin Diary dataset and see History of Parliament)