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Hewlett, John


In Godwin's 1796 list for 1788 (crossed out) and in 1794 version. GD website has a person record for him but the 1796 list entry is not coded to it.

John Hewlett DNB 1762-1844. The DNB states that he ran a school at Shackleford, Surrey. As he appeared in newspapers (e.g. Times 18.1.1800) as keeping a school in Shacklewell this looks like DNB's mistake rather than Godwin's. Shacklewell was near Hackney, Middlesex. The GD website event tag wrongly states reference unclear on 27.9.1788 T.C. goes to Shacklewell, when it is explained in John Hewlett's person record. The…

Hodgson, William

GODWIN DIARY: Hudson 28.9.1793 (This entry is currently coded in the Godwin Diary website to John Corrie Hudson - although the editorial notes say it isn't) / Hodgson 16.7.1794 at Newgate / 30.3.1796 Hodgson calls / 28.4.1796 meet Hodgson

William Hodgson DNB 1745-1851 who was in Newgate on the state side in 1794 and 1795. When first tried and imprisoned for uttering seditious and inflammatory words he was recorded in newspapers and official records as Hudson and the criminal register gave his age as 30 in 1794 which contradicts by 19 years the birth date in DNB (which seems based…

Holcroft, Thomas


2.8.1790 H proposes Gazr to M. This H is identified as Holcroft in GD website in the event tag but not coded to him. 8.10.1797 H calls. Several times Godwin used H rather than Ht to mean Holcroft, this one not coded in GD website

The entries from 1805 and 1806 below show Holcroft and Godwin falling out over what Holcroft considered a character based on him in Godwin's novel Fleetwood. Ht was Godwin's abbreviation for Thomas Holcroft. Note the use of brackets when Godwin accidentally saw Holcroft. Godwin also used brackets when he saw famous people at the theatre…

Hopwood, James

JAMES HOPWOOD 1745x1754-1819
CURRENT TEXT "Hopwood died in London on 29 August 1819 and was survived by his sons James Hopwood the younger (b.c.1795) and William Hopwood (1784-1853), both of whom were born in Beverley and followed"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Hopwood died in London on 29 August 1819, his age given at burial at St Pancras was 68. With his wife Elizabeth he had at least eleven children, all but the youngest one were baptised at Campsall near Doncaster before he came to London. His sons James Hopwood the younger (bapt. 1791) and William Hopwood (bapt. 1783-1853)…

Hughes, Edward


Sir Edward Hughes (c 1720-1794)

12th paragraph 6th sentence "His wife, Ruth Ball, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Gould Morgan, and widow of Captain Ball, naval officer, later married Samuel Humfrey of Pennydarren Place Glamorgan." This is a confusion of persons.

The eldest daughter of Sir Charles Gould Morgan was called Jane Gould (her father later added the name Morgan) when on 18.12.1782 at St Margaret's Westminster she married by licence, as a spinster, Henry Ball Esq bachelor of St Marylebone. The World newspaper of 9.8.1792…

Hume, Joseph

Joseph Hume DNB 1767-1844. Mentioned 540 times in Godwin's diary, only exceeded by Godwin's second wife, his two children, James Marshall, Thomas Holcroft, Charles Lamb, Thomas Turner, David Booth and John Fenwick. The DNB knows very little about him and most of their article concerns a practical joke he and Lamb played on William Hazlitt. He was born 9.4.1764 in Bishopsgate Street, London son of John Hume and Sarah Weatherly, who had been married on 14.3.1758 at St Augustine Watling St, London as bachelor and spinster. The births of their three children John, Ann and Joseph were…