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Jackson, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION George Jackson Esq of Bath proposed member 5.7.1782 by James Martin 2nded Edward Bridgen

I haven't satisfactorily identified this person but he may have been George Duckett (formerly Jackson) (DNB 1725-1822), though his politics both before (as a government official) and after (as a Member of Parliament) was to support the ministries of North and Pitt, he had been dismissed from his post as secretary to the Admiralty by Augustus Keppel on 12.6.1782 and this may have induced him to take a temporary interest in the SCI.

There were other…

Jarman, Nathaniel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Nathaniel Jarman of Distaff Lane proposed member 11.4.1783 by William Smith 2nded Vaughan (Bejamin, Samuel or William?)

Son of John Jarman of Bishops Hull and Mary nee Wyersdall, married at Nottingham St Peter 10.4.1774 Hannah Huthwaite / 1778 owner of Brenley & Boughton under Bean, Kent / Public Advertiser 6.1.1778 subscr 5gns for American prisoners / 1782 New Fire Office (with Barnard Turner QV*) / 1784 on agriculture committe of Soc for Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce / Gazette 24.3.1786 partnership dissolved between…

Jebb, John

GODWIN DIARY In Godwin's 1796 list for 1785 (crossed out). Also in 1794 version

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION John Jebb original member 1780, elected vice-president 8.12.1780, a very regular attender. In tract distribution took on Huntingdonshire (his wife's home county). See DNB 1736-1786

SunFire 1777 Craven St, Strand. Will PCC 1786, Doctor of Physick, Strand. Dr Williams Library has his notebooks and papers, North Yorks Record Office his letters to Christopher Wyvill 1781-1785

Jennings, Joseph Clayton

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Joseph Jennings of Hart St, Bloomsbury proposed member 19.6.1792 by Joseph Gerrard 2nded Robert Merry

GODWIN DIARY first entry 5.9.1793, for earlier Jennings entries coded to him in GD website see Jennings, Edmund

For details of his life see my BACKGROUND ARTICLE William Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses

Jennins, Stephen

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Stephen Jennins of Wellington, Salop, proposed member 9.5.1783 by Edward Hall 2nded James West

Baptised Wellington 1748 of John & Mary Jennins / married at Cannock, Staffs 1773 Susanna Stokes / father's will PCC 1780 mercer & grocer / brother Edward's will PCC 1804 / (sister?) Elizabeth will PCC 1812 / his will PCC 1816 banker of Wellington

Jervoise, Jervoise Clarke

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Jervoise Clarke Jervois of Hanover Square proposed member 29.3.1782 by Rev Charles Powlett 2nded William Hodgson

historyofparliamentonline Clarke (afterwards Clarke Jervoise), Jervoise (?1733-1808)

Johnson, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Joseph Johnson of St Paul's Church Yard proposed member by John Horne Tooke 18.5.1792 2nded Williams

Joseph Johnson (DNB 1738-1809)

GODWIN DIARY has a person record in GD website but many entries wrongly linked to it, see my entry for Johnson, Richard for full discussion

Johnson, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Joseph Johnson Esq, banker in Laurence Lane proposed member 10.11.1787 by Thomas Ridgway 2nded John Redman

Shropshire Archives 2868/66 marriage settlement 6.5.1779 Joseph Johnson of Lawrence Lane, London, laceman, Ann Watson of Camberwell, spinster, Sir Richard Temple of Hackney, bart and John Parker of the City of Worcester, Esq / Joseph Johnson Esq widower of Islington = Lambeth 8.6.1779 by lic Ann Watson sp otp wits Rd Temple, Nichs Nixon / Nat Arch B 3/1845-1848 bankruptcy 9.12.1788 of Thomas Gibson & Joseph Johnson of Lawrence Lane,…

Jones, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION William Jones elected honorary memeber 26.4.1782

William Jones (DNB 1746-1794)

Joyce, Jeremiah

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Rev Joyce proposed member 20.4.1792 by John Lodge Batley 2nded Benjamin Cooper

Jeremiah Joyce (DNB 1763-1816). DNB article gives very little detail about his wife and children. He was apprenticed 1777 to John Willis, glazier of St Clement Danes (will PCC 1801). He married at Chevening, Kent 4.1.1796 Elizabeth Fagg of Bathwick, Somerset, whose sister Mary had married his older bother Joshua in 1784. They were daughters of Robert Harding Fagg, tallow chandkler, his will PCC 1784 tallow chandler of Bermondsey. Their children were Emma born 6.12.…

Joyce, Joshua

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Joshua Joyce 48 Essex St, Strand proposed member 4.5.1792 by John Frost 2nded Robert Merry

Older brother of Jeremiah Joyce (DNB 1763-1816) and see my entry on this website for Joyce, Jeremiah. Joshua was bapt 10.12.1756 at Cheshunt, Herts of Jeremiah & Hannah Joyce. His father Jeremiah Joyce will PCC 1778 woolcomber of Cheshunt, Herts, and for earlier forbears Jeremiah Joyce PCC 1742 and Joshua Joyce PCC 1751 both woolcombers of Cheshunt. Joshua Joyce = St Clement Danes 25.12.1784 Mary Fagg (whose sister married his brother Jeremiah). His…