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J H, advertiser

19.5.1808 call on R Taylor; adv. J H, advertiser / 23.6.1808 Advertising calls
Unusual for Godwin to just use initials for someone he doesn't already know, as the description of his trade suggests, but advertiser may not have been a trade, but someone inserting a small ad in a newspaper, where people often used just initials.There was a James Hall at Johnson's on 4.8.1807 (see my entry for Hall). John Hunt DNB 1775-1848 (who has a person record on GD website) had just launched the Examiner. In Holdens 1805 Directory there were two "newsmen" with the initials J H ; J Harmer of John St…


J.H. 30.11.1790 at Timothy Hollis'
clearly John Hollis


Jacks 11.7.1797 at Joseph Johnson's /


Jackson 2.4.1797 at Mary Robinson's / 28.5.1797 mrs Jackson at (Thomas) Knight's / 27.6.1797 sup at mrs Jackson's / 6.3.1811 call on Jackson / 8.3.1811 again / 21.7.1811 call on Lamb adv (mrs Fenwick) mrs Jackson & mrs W(illiam Godwin?) / 22.9.1814 sup at L Kenney's with Jacksons / 1.7.1815 reads Jackson / 2.7.1815 again / 27.4.1816 (Lake District) call with Wordsworth on Jackson / 30.4.1816 (Lake District) call on Jackson, adv Kershaw, chaise with them / 1.5.1816 (Lake District) call on Jackson / 15.4.1818 Jackson (Am) calls (not in) / 28.4.1818 Jackson calls / 30.4.1818 Jackson sups…

Jackson, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION George Jackson Esq of Bath proposed member 5.7.1782 by James Martin 2nded Edward Bridgen
I haven't satisfactorily identified this person but he may have been George Duckett (formerly Jackson) (DNB 1725-1822), though his politics both before (as a government official) and after (as a Member of Parliament) was to support the ministries of North and Pitt, he had been dismissed from his post as secretary to the Admiralty by Augustus Keppel on 12.6.1782 and this may have induced him to take a temporary interest in the SCI.
There were other…

Jackson, Robert & Richard

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset
Robert Jackson ratebooks 10 Poland St 1795 / Richard Jackson ratebooks 10 Poland St 1797 / Sun Fire 1797 Jackson upholder 10 Poland St /  Robert Jackson cabinet maker Rupert St Haymarket 1774 voted Percy & Clinton, SunFire 1777, 1780 there (note cabinetmaker was same trade as upholder) / Robert Jackson Berwick St 1780 voted Fox  / Robert Jackson = St James 31.1.1772  Charlotte Green / Robert Henry bapt 24.1.1788, Robert bapt 25.8.1792 St James sons of Robert & Charlotte Jackson / Richard base born son of…

Jackson, William

9.2.1794 Jackson at Tooke's.
William Jackson DNB 1737-95, journalist and spy. The DNB says he saw Tooke in London early in 1794


Jackson, William

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
William Jackson 61 Poland St Doane's 1794 played violin & horn with New Musical Fund, Royal Circus & 2nd regt Guards. Highfill Burnim & Langhans dictionary fl 1784-1815

Jacob, Joseph

Jacob in Godwin's 1796 list for 1773, in the 1794 version Jacob is preceded by Jos (crossed out). In some of Godwin's autobiographical notes (these ones don't seem to be scanned online, I read them on microfilm Duke MF 75 in Bodleian Library) he wrote "Jacob's - admiration of Jos" shortly after his arrival in London 1773
John Jacob died 15.7.1804 in his 70th year. In his will (Nat Arch PROB11/1411) he made his brother Joseph of Fulham, coachmaker, an executor. In Ann Godwin's letter of 1805 (Abinger c.9 f2) she said of Mr Benford (who had just died) "he was a trustee for a 150 3 per…


Jacobs 4.1.1795 at Tooke's.
This could have been a singular surname or a plural of Jacob. It may have been William Godwin's friends the brothers John & Joseph Jacob. No particular reason to suppose they went to Tooke's dinners


Jacomb 9.5.1804 at Joseph Johnson's
Perhaps Robert Jacomb will PCC 1833 dissenting minister Wellingborough.Northants, ordained by A Kippis 1782, steward of London Dispensary 1783, Sermons published 1785 married 1st miss Danvers of Cirencester 1790 2nd Elizabeth Hilhouse of Bristol 1793 "Mrs Jacomb wife of Rev Robert Jacomb of Bath died" (Jacksons Oxford Journal 18.10.1806)


HCR diary 29.4.1826 "calls - On Mr Jaffray a new acquaintance who is a student of German - and he and his wife readers of poetry"
                    11.7.1834 "to the Opera House where in the Concert Room was the performance - There came into Mrs Jaffray's box Mrs Masquerier and Mrs Aders and Miss Riley - 2 friends of Mrs J: were there"
                    26.4.1836 "I called on Mrs Aders - they are going to remove and board with Alderson near the Jaffrays"
                      6.5.1836 Mrs Aders "is very desirous to be acquainted with the Jaffrays"…


10.2.1795 James at King's / 28.6.1801 James at Tooke's. In 1796 list for 1801 Capt James / 15.9.1802 Godwin calls on James at Newbury / 27.2.1803 at Tooke's / 17.2.1805 again / 12.10.1806 major James at Tooke's / 17.11.1806 meet / 26.4.1808 adv at Philips / 23.8.1809 again.
The first entry at Tooke's and all later entries at Tooke's and at Philips' were probably Charles James DNB 1757/8-1821. He was buried at St Mary Paddington 23.4.1821 age 63. He was admitted Lincolns Inn 1780 son of John James merchant of Bruges, Flanders. His will PCC 1821 mentioned that Lord Moira owed debts to…

James, Miss

22.10.1793 at Reveley's
perhaps a relative of Maria Reveley's whose father was John James (will PCC 1829 doesn't mention his children)
Boyle's 1792 Mrs J 74 Wimpole St / J Esq 52 Frith St Soho / J Esq 28 Bruton St

James, Miss

HCR diary 26.10.1823 small party at Aders "a Miss James with Mrs Clarke"
letter 10.1.1830 Mrs Aders in London to HCR in Italy "Sir T Lawrence is no more - he died (I think the servant said) on Thursday night at 9 o'clock, I went there yesterday with my friend Miss James, and could not resist the servant's offer to see his remains"
Matilda Hill Clarke (QV*) her will PCC 1835 mentioned her friend Elizabeth Mary James spinster "now living with me" (1831). The friend of Mrs Aders in the letter of 1830 may or may not be the same person. An Elizabeth Mary James translated works of…

Jameson, Anna Brownell

HCR diary 10.6.1823 Jameson entered picture at RA as honorary exhibitor so he could get in free to the exhibition. He had studied under Basil Montagu
                    11.7.1836 Mrs Aders "asked whether she should ask "(Mrs Jaffray)"to a bluestocking party and said she expected Mrs Jameson etc - I thought Mrs J: would like to see any person of literary name"
                    13.2.1842 Mrs Jameson "enquired not unkindly after the Aders and expressed sympathy with Mrs A: in her present efforts"
                      3.4.1843 "I called in the forenoon on Mrs Reid with…

Jameson. William

HCR diary 30.10.1816 "I called at Jameson's Counting House where I was glad to see Mr Aders who has been exceedingly ill - he was indeed despaired of & has still the marks of his dangerous illness"
                      5.11.1816 call on Aders discussion re: Jameson & Aldebert
                        3.8.1818 called on and saw Jameson and Aders
                   29.11.1820 Jameson at Aders
                   12.12.1821 at Aders "the Jamesons were there, but no other lady beyond the Miss Jamesons & Miss Kingsbury"

Jamieson, Thomas

6.11.1794 Jamieson at Foulkes' / 28.1.1796 Jamieson calls on Northcote with Godwin & Smith / 24.4.1796 Smith & Jamieson breakfast / 19.6.1796 again / 17.8.1796 Jamieson calls / 23.10.1796 Jameson breakfasts / 2.3.1797 meet Jameson / 21.4.1816 Jamieson dines with Godwin / 24.4.1816 shop. Dr Jamieson / 27.10.1826 dine at  Hodget's with miss Jamieson & pere /. 12.11.1826 sup at Hodget's senr with miss Jamieson / 12.5.1834 Gaskel's, mrs Jamieson.
Possibly Thomas Jameson surgeon Royal Navy 1777 / surgeon & apothecary Hart St Bloomsbury 1779 / of Hart St took appr Edwd…

Jardine, Juana

1.4.1792 J's family.
Clearly Jardine's; his Spanish wife was named Juana



Jarman calls 13.3.1798 (in Bath)