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Landseer, Mrs

CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 25.5.1820 Mrs Lanseer, mother of the artist - radical views

                                                  12.6.1827 "the late Mrs Lanseer was a firm believer and Unitarian Christian"

I could find no trace of the death of Mrs Ann Landseer but she seems to have been the person Crabb Robinson was referring to (see below for details). In noting her Christian beliefs Robinson was defending her against those who confounded her radical views with disbelief. He could not have meant John Landseer's wife Jane nee Potts who lived till 1840


Littledale, Joseph

21.1.1796 Littledale at Carlisle's / 19.4.1796 at Carr's with Carlisle / 10.1.1797 at Carr's

\perhaps (Sir) Joseph Littledale DNB 1767-1842 Grays Inn, special pleader, called 1798. Related to William Wordsworth the poet. Married bach 26.2.1821 St Pancras Hannah Timberlake of St David's Exeter witnesses Benjamin Winthrop, Edward Littledale. dau Elizabeth

Amendments to Oxford DNB


CURRENT TEXT "Mary, daughter of Isaac"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Sarah, daughter of Isaac>
NOTES According to Burke's Family Records, Joseph…

Lofft, Capel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Capel Lofft ("direct to Mr Dilly's in the Poultry") original member 1780 later of Queen Square Bloomsbury, took on Suffolk for SCI tract distribution, 8.12.1785 his guest Mr Kent at SCI dinner

CURRENT TEXT "his second wife, Sarah Watson, daughter of John Finch"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his second wife, Sarah Watson(1780-1855), daughter of Joseph Finch>
NOTES She was baptised 17.12.1780 at St Benedict's Cambridge, dau of Joseph & Sarah. She married Lofft there 10.3.1802.…


16.10.1794 Lovel at Newgate / 31.7.1795 at Newton's / 30.12.1795 again / 14.1.1796 again / 2.2.1796 at King's / 9.3.1796 again / 25.5.1800 at King's / 17.12.1801 mrs Lovel at Lamb's with Southey / 26.9.1811 write to and call on / 18.5.1822 call on with MJ / 25.5.1822 Lovel (Brides Passage) calls.

The first instance above must have been Robert Lovell (DNB died 3.5.1796) the friend and brother-in-law of Coleridge and Southey (M Ray Adams, Studies in the Literary Backgrounds of English Radicalism, p133; Hazlitt's Works v.3 p.278). The next five (four at Newton's and one at King's)…

Luttrell, Henry

8.10.1795 see Luttrel at theatre / 9.10.1795 adv at miss Mansel's / 28.10.1795 at Montagu's / 15.4.1796 again / 19.10.1799 at Reynolds's / 16.5.1828 again / 17.7.1829 Thomson Luttrel at Reynolds's

Henry Luttrell DNB 1768-1851. Farington diary Jan 1796 dined at Malone's with Luttrell & Jephson and found them "democratish". Clearly Luttrell saw miss Mansel in her debut in Road to Ruin and went to congratulate her the next day, keeping her acquaintance both shortly after her marriage and long after.The idea that his mother was a gardener's daughter from Woodstock is a confusion of…

Luttrell, Henry Lawes

SUGGESTED ADDITION perhaps before the sentence beginning "Luttrell's personal unpopularity" <The Memoirs of Miss Arabella Bolton(1770) accused him of opium date rape, and neglect of parental responsibility towards a daughter who only lived 13 months, that he fathered on a gardener's daughter, Arabella Bolton, while he was a student at Oxford.>
CURRENT TEXT "survived by his wife and his only known child, a natural son, Henry Luttrell(1768-1851)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <survived by his wife and at least three natural children, *Henry…