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HCR diary 22.3.1838 "I have some hope of obtaining throughh L'Evesque an introduction to Seguire"
Seguire was William Seguier (DNB 1772-1843), keeper of the National Gallery from 1824 (QV*). Robinson wanted to sell some of Aders' pictures to the Gallery. The most prosperous Levesque in London was Peter Levesque of 29 Guildford St, Russell Sq, who was Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, of the Royal Geographical Society, and active in the Royal Literary Fund. He was probably born 31.7.1779 of Pierre Levesque and Anne Olivier and baptised 18.8.1779 or born 6.6.1781 of Louis Daniel…

La Chausee

la Chausee 19.1.1800 at Lanesborough's
Major La Chausee, le comte de la Chaussee "Memoire militaire sur Bantry" 26.4.1797 (Kent History Centre / photopol.com/articles/bm_corr.html). La Chaussee had to show Thomas Pelham 2nd Earl of Chichester how to load a mortar 13.8.1797. Not in British Army Lists. Probably Charles de la Chaussee, Seigneur de St Aubin (Dictionnaire de la Noblesse Francaise)

Lacy, Willoughby

Lacy 13.7.1799 at Sheridan's
Willoughby Lacy 1749-1831 (Highfill Burnim & Langhans) was partner with Sheridan in Drury Lane Theatre


call on Lahee 12.8.1805 with Dawe
Because Godwin called on Jones copperplate printer with Dawe two days before, this was probably James Lahee, copperplate printer of 30 Castle St East who appeared in Pigot's Directory 1822 though not in Brititsh Book Trades Index. He had married Esther  Kirton 13.8.1804 at St George Bloomsbury


Laing 3.2.1799 adv at Mackintosh's / 28.7.1807 Johnson's w Laing, bookseller / 30.6.1809 at Johnson's Laing, br, & son / 27.7.1810 at St Paul's with Laing & two
Malcolm Laing DNB 1762-1818 (or perhaps his brother Samuel DNB 1780-1868) may well have been the Laing at Mackintosh's. The three entries at Joseph Johnson's (the last after his death but at his shop at St Paul's) may have  referred to William Laing DNB 1764-1832 bookseller & publisher. He lived in Edinburgh and travelled abroad, the DNB mentions his sons and the br may have stood for bookseller (see Hayes, Major…

Laing, Charles

Lang at miss Godwin's 23.7.1795
Because Hannah Godwin seems to have been friends with the Andersons (see Anderson, James) and particularly with his son George, I speculate that this Lang entry may have referred to Charles Laing 1771-1826 mentioned in George Anderson's will PCC 1817 as his partner.
Probable events of his life were / born 21.1.1771 bapt Perth 27.1.1771 son of James Laing & Elizabeth Broun / married St Mary Portsea, Hants 4.9.1799 Mary Barton / brazier, ship chandler & merchant 1805-1817 305 Wapping; 8 Bennett's Wharf nr church Rotherhithe; Limehouse Hole…

Laing, Malcolm

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Malcolm Laing Esq of 11 Southampton Buildings proposed member 11.5.1792  by Lord Daer 2nded John Farnell Tuffin, WITHDRAWN
Malcolm Laing 1762-1818 (historyofparliamentonline 1790-1820). Signed declaration of Society of Friendsa of the People 26.4.1792 / Morn Post 7.3.1794 counsel with Adam Gillies & Archibald Fletcher to Joseph Gerrald at his trial in Edinburgh / Morn Post 20.1.1796 in minority who voted for Erskine as dean of Edinburgh Law Faculty / Oracle 10.11.1796 joined Whig Club 8.11.1796 / Oracle 26.6.1800 ad for his History of…

Lake, Gerard

gen Lake 12.9.1800 on boat from Dublin
Gerard Lake DNB 1744-1808

Lally Tolendall, Gerard de

18.3.1796 Lally at Debrett's
Gerard de Lally Tolendall 1751-1830 Wikipedia. Came to UK 1789 returned to France 1799.

Lamb, Charles

chez lui 25.12.1800
lui is underlined (unidentified person) in GD website but clearly referred to Charles Lamb

Lamb, John

John Lamb 9.8.1804 at Lamb's / 24.6.1807 sup at Lamb's, w. 3 J Lambs / 25.3.1815 call on M(ary) Lamb; adv. J Lamb / 21.10.1815 call on J Lamb (not seen), w. C(harles) Lamb / 21.2.1819 call on John Lamb / 7.3.1819 John lamb calls
John Lamb 1763-1821 deputy accountant at South Sea House, brother of Charles Lamb DNB 1775-1834. See Letters of Charles & Mary Lamb

Lamb, John

24.6.1807 sup at Lamb's, w. 3 J Lambs
Charles Lamb's brother John Lamb (1763-1821) and his family, which consisted of a woman of about his age (referred to by Charles Lamb as his wife) whose husband was still alive, and her daughter by her husband who was aged about 20. I have discovered their names and life stories but am keeping it secret for a bit, while I wait for the response of the Charles Lamb society to my offer of a mini-talk and/or an article in their bulletin. The "secret" is of course available to anyone with access to the internet and to Ancestry who could do the…

Lambe, Aaron

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Aaron Lambe 8 Poland St ratebooks 1777 / Aaron Lambe auctioneer Pall Mall 1759 / Daily Advertiser 4.8.1777 pictures for sale of a gentleman moving to the country 8 Poland St / Aaron Lambe died 30.11.1777 at Mortlake, JP for Middlesex, Major in Middlesex Militia / will PCC 6.12.1777 Aaron Lambe of Poland St Esq dated 8.4.1774 mentioned wife Anne, daus Susanna wife of Mr Thomas Underwood, Anne Caroline wife of Edward Comber Esq, sister Mary wife of Thomas Newborne, wife's daus Mary, Ann & Elizabeth Paschall,…

Lambe, William

dr Lambe 12.10.1794 at Parr's.
Clearly William Lambe DNB 1765-1847 who is coded correctly in GD website on 23.6.1795. According to DNB he moved to Warwick 1794. His will was PCC 1851 of Kentish Town

Lambert, Elizabeth

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Elizabeth Lambert spinster 1 Batemans Bldgs SunFire 1779 / no clear identification as fairly common name / will PCC 1797 Elizabeth Lambert spinster (housemaid to Sir John Thorold of 25 Cavendish Sq) / will PCC 1847 Elizabeth Lambert o/w Frost sp 66 Lambeth Walk

Lambton, William Henry

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1787 and in 1794 version
William Henry Lambton (History of Parliament 1764-1797)

Lameth, Charles

C Lameth 1.4.1795 adv (at Gray's). In 1796 list
Three brothers Theodore 24.6.1756 - 19.10.1854 / Charles 5.10.1757 - 28.12.1832 / Alexandre 28.10.1760 - 18.3.1829
General Evening Post 23.10.1792 M. Charles Lameth has been some days in London / London Chronicle 8.11.1792 duel with Comte de Chauvigne near London / Morning Chronicle 25.3.1793 letter from Charles Lameth & Richelieu d'Aiguillon re: article in Times / Brightwell, "Amelia Opie" p55 / St James Chronicle 9.9.1795 C Lameth in Hamburg / Morning Post 24.9.1797 & 10.10.1797 C Lameth at Basle

Lamoth, Peter

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset
Peter Lamoth 14 Poland St ratebooks 1780-1, 1782 ran away / SunFire 1779 Peter Lamoth surgeon 14 Poland St / 3.2.1780 coroners inquest Peter Lamoth surgeon of Poland St witness


call on Lancaster 10.10.1805 / 1.11.1805 again / 1.4.1807 Lancaster at Philips' / 19.10.1808 call on Lancaster / 20.7.1809 again / 25.7.1809 again / 8.8.1809 Lancaster's lecture / 15.8.1809 at Lancaster's / 26.9.1809 call on Lancaster, broker / 10.11.1809 call on Lancaster / 5.1.1810 again / 10.1.1810 call on Lancaster (£108..6.) / 18.2.1811 call on Lancaster / 12.6.1811 again
Joseph Lancaster DNB 173-1838 educationist was probably the lecturer of 1809. The nearest lecture to that date by him I found in newspapers was on 3.8.1809 at the Jews Chapel Spitalfields, but he was giving…


Landaff 29.12.1799 at Lanesborough's
The GD website has coded this to Richard Watson the Bishop of Llandaff but I think more likely it was Francis Mathew, ist Earl of Llandaff (Dict irish Biography 1738-1806). His son Francis James (Viscount Matthew) had married 10.7.1797 Gertrude La Touche,acousin of Elizabeth LaTouche who had married 17.1.1781 Robert Herbert Butler, 3rd earl of Lanesborough and Lady Lanesborough's eldest son