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Pollard, Robert

ROBERT POLLARD 1755/6-1839
SUGGESTED ADDITION <In 1794 he was suspected of membership of Republican societies by Alexander Cumming of Pentonville, watchmaker and informant of Alexander Brodie, MP.>
NOTES Nat Arch HO42/29/210
SUGGESTED ADDITION <Three of his unmarried daughters were described as needleworkers in Islington in the 1841 census, but by 1851 as annuitants.>
NOTES 1841 Islington, Catherine Pollard age 60, Ann do age 45, Iley do age 35 / 1851 24 Park St Islington, Catherine Pollard age 71, Iley do age 50 / 1871 72 Hulton St, Islington, Iley…


5.3.1791 at Timothy Hollis /  18.9.1796 at Horne Tooke's

Isaac Preston admitted Lincolns inn 1769, eldest son by 2nd wife of Isaac Preston deceased (will PCC 1768) of Beeston St Laurence Norfolk; subscr to Jebb's Works 1787, Law List 1793 counsel Norfolk circuit, recorder of Lynn, died 6.5.1796, will PCC 1796. Likely the Hollis entry in 1791 but cannot be the Tooke's entry as he was dead.

Just possibles are William Preston DNB 1750-1807 dramatist lived Dublin, Thomas Preston DNB 1774-1850 for the Tooke's entry & William Preston DNB 1742-1818 freemason