A-Z of Entries

P William & d.of Norfolk

(P William & d. of Norfolk) 30.10.1800 at theatre
Prince William later William IV DNB 1765-1837 and Charles Howard DNB 1746-1815 11th Duke of Norfolk (no doubt in brackets because Godwin only saw them)

Paddon, John

12.6.1806 Paddon at Wolcot's / 28.8.1806 call on Philips; adv. Wolcot, Paddon & Saxon
John Paddon was mentioned in the will PCC 11.5.1819 of John Wolcot as Mr Paddon the organist of Quebec Chapel. Not to be confused with James Paddon (died 1835 aged 67) subchanter & organist of Exeter Cathedral (Exeter Flying Post 18.6.1835), who was probably his older brother, or a cousin. Both studied under William Jackson (DNB 1730-1803)
A John Paddon married Elizabeth Stacie at Melcombe Regis Dorset 30.7.1794
(A John Paddon narried Elizabeth White at Dolton, Devon 27.11.1796…

Pagan, Mrs

mrs Pagan 14.7.1802 adv at dinner (J Napier dining)
I've noticed that those who "adv" at dinners in Godwin's diary were often connections of the invited guests. I'd be interested to hear of any contemporary references to this phenomenon. In the above case that would suggest that mrs Pagan was a Yeovil connection of Mary Jane Godwin's, like the Napiers, but I found no-one called Pagan from that area, Scotland being the usual origin of the surname.
Amelia dau of Thomas Pagan gauze weaver & Jane was bapt at St Luke Old St 20.6.1784, and Thomas Pagan bachelor married Jane Grove…

Paine, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Paine elected Honorary member 7.12.1787
Thomas Paine DNB 1737-1809


(mes) Paisley 12.2.1790 at miss Williams' / 13.5.1791 again


2 Palgraves 7.10.1803 at Norwich / 31.10.1803 R Palgrave at theatre / 4.11.1803 Palgrave invited to dine / 17.11.1827 call on Palgrave / 28.9.1831 seek Palgrave / 15.10.1831 call on Palgrave
Alum Cambridge & Palgrave family Memorials p56. Robert Palgrave born 12.7.1780 3rd son of William Esq 1745-1822 merchant of Gt Yarmouth & of Coltishall, Norfolk and Elizabeth his wife dau of Robert Thirkettle of Burgh. Adm St John's Cambridge 1798, BA 1802. Registrar of High Court of Admiralty, died of yellow fever Gibraltar 2.11.1804. Siblings William 1771-1838 collector of customs Gt…


16.8.1796 Palmer at Hewlett's / 1.7.1800 Palmer (Wrexham) on Holyhead coach & on wherry to Dublin / 22.12.1804 call on Palmer / 31.12.1804 again / 8.1.1805 Palmer calls / 2.6.1805 Palmer adv at Philips / 30.9.1809 write to Palmer / 7.2.1811 call on Palmer / 4.11.1813 call on Palmer with Bagley / 11.11.1815 Palmer at Knowles's / 13.3.1820 H Palmer at Telford's, calls / 23.3.1820 H Palmer dines / 17.4.1820 call on H Palmer / 25.4.1820 again / 26.4.1820 H Palmer au soir / 28.4.1820 call on H Palmer / 1.5.1820 seek H Palmer / 2.5.1820 call on Palmer / 3.5.1820 call on Palmer adv Telford…

Palmer, Giles

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Giles Palmer 21 Poland St ratebooks 1779-83, Mary Mewkill 1780 / Giles Palmer Poland St voted Fox 1780 / SunFire 1789 Mary Meukel cheesemonger Poland St / Giles Palmer his mark of Baldon Oxfordshire = St James 27.2.1780 Mary Mewkill otp by Archbishop's lic wits Wroth Lynes, Ann Arthur

Palmer, Mrs

mrs Palmer 30.1.1799 at Ralph Fell's
Given that the Dignums were at Fell's maybe Mrs Palmer was an actress or singer. Highfill Burnim & Langhans have Ann nee Sharp, Mrs William Palmer whose husband died in 1798 and the Drury Lane Fund Book noted her death in November 1813, but there was no notice of her performing after 1787.. Drury Lane was where Dignum performed

Palmore, William

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Messrs Palmore & Shakespeare ratebooks 9 Poland St 1792-5 / William Palmour glazier Poland St voted Fox & Hood 1790 / (William Palmore ratebooks 1781 east side of Kingsgate St Holborn) / William Palmore bach = 8.10.1780 St James by banns Sarah Wallis sp botp wits Edward Hatch, James Palmore / children of Wm & Sarah Palmore bapt St James: William 15.4.1784 Elizabeth 27.1.1789 Martha 8.1.1792 James David 7.4.1794 Edward 20.12.1795 / William Palmore (London Lives has Patmore) Portland st glazier voted Hood…


Panther 26.8.1804 at Tooke's / 21.9.1806 again
Jonathan Panther coachmaker White Lion Yard 74 Oxford St will London Consistory 1810 (Nat Arch IR26) sworn under £7500 mentioned brothers George & Thomas. He was buried St Andrew Enfield 13.9.1810 age 58. Signed 1792 Friends to Liberty of Press (printed as John Panther), contributed 1794 1gn to LCS for relief of families of those arrested for treason,1795 Friends of the People, 1795 Friends of Freedom steward for dinner (tickets 7s 6d), 1797 Friends of Parliamentary Reform steward for dinner (8s 6d), contribution to London…

Paradise, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Paradise of Charles St, nr Middlesex Hospital proposed member 22.12.1780 by Edward Bridgen 2nded John Jebb. He earlier attended on 8.12.1780 as visitor of Bridgen's
John Paradise DNB 1743-1795

Paradise, Lucy

22.12.1790 Mrs Paradise (87) Mr Edwards (5).
The Paradise's lived by 1793 at 87 Titchfield St (Shepperson) though can't confirm they were already there by this date. Hollis Edwards lived at 5 Kings St, Bedford Row, see Edwards, Hollis.
28.10.1793 Mrs Paradise.
Lucy nee Ludwell (1751-1814) in John Paradise DNB 1743-95


Park, Anne

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Anne Park 15 Batemans Buildings ratebooks 1781 "goods sold to go to country" / SunFire 1779 Ann Park widow children Ann James Isabel & Mary (address? but perhaps Glasgow as between two others at Glasgow) / Richard Parke gent Batemans Buildings voted 1780 Fox


mrs Parke 15.10.1799 at Joseph Johnson's / 5.11.1799 again / 10.12.1799 again / 31.12.1799 again / 27.9.1801 Parke at Hill's / 26.6.1807 consultation at Parke's / 12.6.1809 call on Constable, Park / 12.7.1809 Parke calls / 24.7.1809 again / 26.7.1809 again / 23.6.1824 Parke (Birmingham) calls / 31.3.1833 Parke, traveller at Pickersgill's
The four mrs Parke entries at Johnson's in 1799: Mrs entries at Johnson's were rare: mrs Newnum the wife of a close friend and mrs Hunter and mrs Johnson, probably relations were the only others among many dinners at Johnson's (see Newnum, Henry).…


28.12.1794 at Foulkes' / 1.2.1795 again /  17.2.1795 again / 8.3.1795 again / 22.4.1795 at Holcrofts (with Foulkes) / 29.4.1795 at Foulkes
Perhaps Thomas Parker admitted Lincolns Inn 1773, 7th son of Francis Parker of Sowerby, Yorks, deceased. Barrister of 11 Duke St, Red Lion Square in 1793, so a neighbour of Foulkes, 69 Gt Russel St 1797. He was named in William White, "Emanuel Swedenborg" vol2 p 599 as an attender of the Theosophical Society c.1785 also 1792 in minutes of Swedenborgian conference.
4.2.1797 Parkers at John King's / 12.5.1800 Parker adv at S(arah) Elwes / 13.5…

Parker, Edward

theatre: 1/3 Birth day & mar Parker 23.5.1799
Highfill, Burnim & Langhans Master Edward Parker born 1794 child prodigy singer at Covent Garden

Parker, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Parker of Cheapside, London original member 1780
His father Joseph Parker became amanuensis at age 13 to Isaac Watts (DNB 1674-1748) and kept that role for 21 years, attending at Watts' deathbed. Watts' will PCC 1748 left "to my trusty and diligent servant Joseph Parker fifty pounds and all my wearing apparel". Parker had married at St Giles Cripplegate 7.11.1738 Christian Revell, their son Joseph (the SCI member) was born about 1745 and was apprenticed for 7 yrs from 19.1.1759 as son of Joseph of Stoke Newington to Benjamin Porter of…


5.3.1796 Parkes at James Mackintosh's / 1.11.1824 Parkes adv at Rodd's / 5.11.1824 Parkes breakfasts / 23.10.1826 write to Parkes / 12.11.1826 at Hodget's sr, mrs Hodgets, W Parkes / 18.12.1826 write to Parkes & Bowring / 27.2.1827 write to Parkes / 10.2.1827 list of Rump, fr. Parkes / 1.10.1829 letter to Parkes
Samuel Parkes DNB 1761-1825, Unitarian chemist, of Stourbridge, settled in London 1803. According to DNB his only child was Sarah Mayo who married Joseph Wainwright Hodgetts in 1824, so the W Parkes may have been his brother. Hodgetts was Parkes' partner and the Hodgetts…


Parkins's 18.5.1801 at White's (& Lamb) / 6.2.1822 Parkins at J Taylor's