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HCR DIARY 29.6.1832 "to Aders. Mrs A: I saw - she wants me to speak to Mr Walter about their pictures believing it would be quite sufficient to induce him to become a purchaser - I believe they are altogether under a mistake as to his taste and inclination etc but I can have no objection to do what they wish"

John Walter (DNB 1776-1847)

GODWIN DIARY 17.11.1808 Walter (Herd) called / 27.1.1812 adv. Walter at Coleridge's Lecture / 14.3.1814 Walter (Ts) calls

A John Walter was principal proprietor, along with Thomas Hurlstone, of the Morning Herald in 1808 (see…

Ward, James

HCR diary 11.5.1825 "dined with Green - Lincolns Inn Fields - a large party. Mrs Aders, Phillips RA and wife - a sensible woman, Ward RA, Collins RA"

James Ward (DNB 1769-1859)


HCR diary 14.2.1821 "I went after nine to the Aders - I found Miss Flaxman and Miss Denman, a Frenchwoman agreeable as a Frenchwoman can be - and the young Watsons"

                    18.2.1821 at the Aders "the Watsons there"

                    25.2.1822 Mrs Aders on night of coronation 19.7.1821 "was called by Miss Watson into the back drawing room to see a ball or luminous body which had ben let off at Hampstead"

                    9.12.1823 "at 7 I went to Aders - found Mrs Aders and Miss Watson and had an unusually agreeable visit - a friendly gossip about…


HCR diary 21.3.1832 at the Aders "Flor: seemed shocked by hearing of the death of Westfal in Sicily mentioned by Mayer"

Marquardt II p 307 n 79 Johann Heinrich Westphal 1794-1831


HCR diary 14.2.1819 at Aders "Mr Longdale and I talked about Whitbred and on professional subjects"

Samuel Whitbread (DNB 1764-1815) had two sons in politics William Henry Whitbread 1795 - 1867 MP for Bedford 1818 - 1834, and Samuel Charles Whitbread 1796 - 1879 MP for Middlesex 1820 - 1830. See History of Parliament


Wright 8.4.1796 adv at King's / 2.12.1807 call on Wright / 4.12.1807 again / 6.9.1808 again (in Newbury)  / 7.11.1808 Wright cpp calls / dine at Collier's w. Wright / 8.8.1812 tea Collier's, w. Wright

I suspect five different Wrights in the above entries. For 1796 at King's I have no suggestions. For the two entries two days apart in 1807 I considered Henry Wright attorney of Paper-bldgs Temple partner to Thomas Nelson Pickering, because a Pickering also appeared in the list of calls on 3.12.1807, 4.12.1807 and 5.12.1807. However on 4.12.1807 they both appeared but separated by…

Wurm, Dr

HCR diary 14.11.1827 dined "at Aders - Dr Wurm and Dr Hensler were there and also Mr & Mrs Masquerier" "Dr Wurm an anti-Goethe-ist to a degree that tried Aders and my good nature"

Marquardt II p 113 n 318 Christian Friedrich Wurm 1803-1859 and see de.wikipedia. He was in England between 1825 and 1827