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Hume, Joseph

Joseph Hume DNB 1767-1844. Mentioned 540 times in Godwin's diary, only exceeded by Godwin's second wife, his two children, James Marshall, Thomas Holcroft, Charles Lamb, Thomas Turner, David Booth and John Fenwick. The DNB knows very little about him and most of their article concerns a practical joke he and Lamb played on William Hazlitt. He was born 9.4.1764 in Bishopsgate Street, London son of John Hume and Sarah Weatherly, who had been married on 14.3.1758 at St Augustine Watling St, London as bachelor and spinster.

Robson, William

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB unfinished entry not yet sent to ODNB
William Robson (1785/6-1863) author and translator and William James Robson (b.1822? d. in or after 1862) swindler
I've put these two together as (unbeknownst to the ODNB) they were father and son.

Hughes, Edward


Sir Edward Hughes (c 1720-1794)

12th paragraph 6th sentence "His wife, Ruth Ball, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Gould Morgan, and widow of Captain Ball, naval officer, later married Samuel Humfrey of Pennydarren Place Glamorgan." This is a confusion of persons.

Landseer, Mrs

CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 25.5.1820 Mrs Lanseer, mother of the artist - radical views
                                                  12.6.1827 "the late Mrs Lanseer was a firm believer and Unitarian Christian"
I could find no trace of the death of Mrs Ann Landseer but she seems to have been the person Crabb Robinson was referring to (see below for details). In noting her Christian beliefs Robinson was defending her against those who confounded her radical views with disbelief. He could not have meant John Landseer's wife Jane nee Potts who lived till 1840

Essex, Timothy

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset

Macklin, Thomas

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Thomas Macklin (1752/3-1800) suggest omit "may have been the son of 'the Reverend Garrard Macklin of the Kingdom of Ireland' mentioned in the will of Thomas Wilson, prebendary of Westminster, from whom Thomas Macklin inherited considerable property in 1784."  Thomas Macklin who inherited half of Thomas Wilson's estates in the Wirral was a different person who changed his name (as requested by the will) to Thomas Wilson, his will was PCC 1798 Thomas Wilson of Derby. His brother was Gerard (or Jared) Macklin born Chester 1728 see Trinity College Dublin admissions.

Southern, Henry

Henry Southern (1799-1853)
CURRENT TEXT "the son of Richard Southern, a barber."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <the son of Richard Southern (1750/1-1811), a barber, and his wife Ann.>

Fox, William

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: William Fox DNB 1736-1826 see below
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fox of Cheapside proposed 9.2.1781 by Joseph Parker of Cheapside 2nded Capel Lofft


AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 see below
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Mr Eaton original member 1780 but missing from lists by 1783

Dussek, Jan Ladislav

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
World 23.4.1792 tickets for Mr Dusseck's night from him at 30 Poland St / Jan Dussek DNB 1760-1812 pianist & composer. He had been in England since 1789 and married in August 1792 so probably moved from Poland St then. His landlady in Poland St was presumably Mary Wood (see my entry Wood, John & Mary)
Amendments to Oxford DNB (Sophia Justina Dussek 1775-1847)