Crabb Robinson Diary

Gotzenberger, Jakob

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 2 February, 1827

HCR diary 2.2.1827 "Gotzenberger the young painter from Germany called on me and I accompanied him to Blake - We looked over Blake's Dante. Gotzenberger seemed highly gratified by the designs and Mrs Aders says G: considers B: as the first and Flaxman as the second man he has seen in England. The conversation was slight - I was interpreter between them and nothing remarkable was said by Blake - he was interested apparently by Gotzenberger"
                  10.2.1827 called on Mrs Aders "Gotzenberger had left them"

Henderson, Dr

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 26 April, 1839

HCR diary 5.11.1824 Dr Henderson at Athenaeum Club
                   26.4.1839 at sale of Aders' pictures "there attended the sale"...."and no-one else I know except Dr Henderson"
Probably Alexander Farquharson Henderson (DNB 1779/80-1863)

Halcomb, John

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 9 May, 1838

HCR diary 9.5.1838 called on Aders "He tells me that Halcomb the Dover candidate has taken up the cause of Mrs Leigh"
                   8.7.1838 "I hear from the Aders that Mrs Ley has returned to her old house where she means to open a school -she has a friend in Halcomb the barrister!!!"
John Halcomb (DNB 1792-1852). Ellen Ley (1804-1867) was the daughter of Mrs Aders and the widow of Hugh Ley (DNB 1790-1837). Halcomb's interest probably didn't last very long and she was soon in trouble again (HCR diary 7.1.1840). See my background article 3 Wives 3 Husbands Living

Hundleby, George

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Monday, 21 June, 1819

HCR diary 21.6.1819  "I strolled out at 9 - Hundleby was not at home"
John Alliston (QV*) & George Hundleby attorneys 2 Freeman's Court, Cornhill (Law List 1825). Articled 1805 to Nathan Atherton, his will PCC 1830 of Herne Hill, Surrey, wife Emily (nee Curtis). Jacksons Oxford Journal 22.12.1832 at Brixton, W Tite Esq of St Helens Place married to Emily, widow of George Hundleby Esq


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 25 November, 1842

HCR diary 25.11.1842 at Basil Montagu's - Haldane's father was stopped from preaching in Aberdeen over forty years ago
Presumably James Alexander Haldane (DNB 1768-1851) father of Alexander Haldane (DNB 1800-1882)


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 24 November, 1821

HCR diary 24.11.1821 party at Aders "Also a Mr Harcour (or some idem sonam) who is said to sing well and has a modest and sensible air"
                    29.11.1822 at Aders "Mrs Harcourt a niece of Aders was just arrived - a very plain woman but she looks amiable and Mrs A: says she is accomplished"

Gurney, Mr

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Monday, 10 November, 1817

HCR diary 10.11.1817 "I stayed with Aders till late and gave him directions to buy a number of engravings for Mr Gurney"
Probably?  Hudson Gurney (DNB 1775-1864)

Hamond, Elton

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 1 January, 1820

HCR diary 1.1.1820 tea at Aders "I was glad to be withdrawn for a time from the melancholy subject"
                 23.5.1820 Hamond's view of Crabb Robinson "kindhearted, gay, ingenious, animated, well read man with a good taste in morals & poetry but he is as far from being an interesting man as Joe Rolley who was called so by Pollock. His manners are too coarse - he has too little ambition, too much vanity & garrulity"

Gunn, Misses

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 5 November, 1824

HCR diary 5.11.1824 "Mrs Aders, Ellen, Miss Denman and the Miss Gunns called on me - Not a little worried by such a visit I accompanied them to the Royal Academy Somerset House"
                    8.11.1824 party at Aders "The Flaxmans with the Miss Gunns and old Stothard"
                    20.5.1828 "The Rev Mr Gunn and his son breakfasted with me"
                    11.7.1836  blue stocking party at Mrs Aders "the Miss Denmans & Miss Gunn etc"

Haydon, Benjamin

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 10 October, 1819

HCR diary 10.10.1819 "by appointment to Aders. At one I met at his house Haydon the painter"
Benjamin Haydon (DNB 1786-1846)