Crabb Robinson Diary

Ries, Ferdinand

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Tuesday, 30 April, 1822

HCR diary 30.4.1822  "to Aders - it being Ellen's birthday. The Cardons were there and Mr & Mrs Reece and some young men"
                    19.5.1822 to Aders "only the Reeces there and a little musick"
                  31.10.1822 "to Aders. I found the Reeces and a small party there"

Rowe, magistrate

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 24 April, 1823

HCR diary 24.4.1823 Kelly, Mrs Aders first husband fined for drunkenness outside Aders' house "I spoke with the sitting magistrate Mr Rowe - or Roe" "R: said he was going to talk about family matters but I would not listen to him. Mr A's servant has since told me that Mr Cameron whispered to Mr R: that it was a family matter"
See Cameron (QV*). Sir Frederick Adair Roe born 19.3.1789 created baronet 1836 died 20.4.1866 when baronetcy expired see Burke's Peerage & Baronetage between 1837 and 1866. Will proved effects under £120,000


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 15 May, 1839

HCR diary 15.5.1839 "call from Miss Aldebert with her brother in law Reeve"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 8 April, 1826

HCR diary 8.4.1826 "to Aders where I heard melancholy news - poor Sieveking has failed - an excellent man and his family must be grievously afflicted by the blow - A: spoke of the uncertainty of the times as of an overwhelming evil and of Rothschild as a sort of general prop intimating that had not R: taken this paper of his own house they could not have gone on"

Reid, Mrs

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 29 May, 1842

HCR diary 29.5.1842 re: Mrs Aders "I then called on Mrs Reid and began a narrative of Mrs A's history and I have no doubt shall interest her in Mrs A's behalf"
                    31.5.1842 "I wrote today a long letter to Mrs Reid giving her an acct of Mrs Aders' life and situation, from which I expect something"
                      2.6.1842 wrote "to Mrs Reid about Mrs Aders"


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 10 April, 1822

HCR diary 10.4.1822 at Aders met son of Poel whom Robinson had known in Altona in 1807. His mother had dies a few weeks before
Poel senior was Piter Poel (1760-1837) diplomat and newspaper publisher, see Marquardt I p 328 n 38. He married 6.1.1787 in Hamburg Friederike Elisabeth daughter of Professor Johann Georg Büsch (1728-1800), they had eleven children (de.wikipedia). Marquardt II p75 sayd 7 children and mentioned a daughter Emma but did not identify which son Robinson met in 1822

Raymond, George

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 1 August, 1824

HCR diary 1.8.1824 of barristers on Norfolk circuit with Robinson "Raymond has the manners of a gay coxcomb with a touch of affected humour - he is said to be a damned dramatist - he is a punster and versifier - he will be an amusing companion at all events and may be a pleasant value. Rough says he has dress and effeminate manner of a man addicted to bad practices"

Poinder (Poynter)

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 1 July, 1842

see Forster, Mrs in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 1 August, 1824

HCR diary 1.8.1824 see Raymond (QV*)
                 15.4.1828 shorthand passage Masquerier Rough
                 26.4.1828 to Masqueriers "where were Rough and his daughters"
               29.11.1828 call on Mrs Kay "a chat about Rough - she seemed to have no recollection of what had passed between her father and me on Rough's leaving England"
                 17.1.1829 Rough going to Tobago
                 7.10.1836 letter to Mrs Masquerier about "Rough's not being Chief Justice"

Pugh, Owen

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 13 December, 1820

HCR diary 13.12.1820 "went to Flazman's with Aders &c. A Mr Owen Pugh was there"
William Owen Pughe (DNB 1759-1835). See Blake Records