Crabb Robinson Diary

Poinder (Poynter)

see Forster, Mrs in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset


HCR diary 1.8.1824 see Raymond (QV*)
                 15.4.1828 shorthand passage Masquerier Rough
                 26.4.1828 to Masqueriers "where were Rough and his daughters"
               29.11.1828 call on Mrs Kay "a chat about Rough - she seemed to have no recollection of what had passed between her father and me on Rough's leaving England"
                 17.1.1829 Rough going to Tobago
                 7.10.1836 letter to Mrs Masquerier about "Rough's not being Chief Justice"

Pugh, Owen

HCR diary 13.12.1820 "went to Flazman's with Aders &c. A Mr Owen Pugh was there"
William Owen Pughe (DNB 1759-1835). See Blake Records

Roberts, Miss

HCR diary 11.7.1836 at Mrs Aders' blue stocking party "Miss Robarts, an authoress"
Very likely Emma Roberts (DNB 1791-1840) who was in India from 1828 to 1832, in London from 1832 to 1839, then returned to India and died at Poona 17.9.1840. Lived with Letitia Elizabeth Landon (DNB 1802-1838) at 22 Hans Place, half boarding house, half boarding school (Landon lived there from 1826). Her sister Laura, Mrs Macnaghten. Blackburn Standard 25.11.1840 (from the Britannia)


HCR diary 26.4.1839 at final sale of Aders' pictures "Most of the pictures went for little or nothing. Green and Pugin the catholic architect were real bidders" "Hall introduced me to Pugin the very able architect and sarcastic author of the Contrasts. I enjoyed a short conversation with him in the Sale Room"
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (DNB 1812-1852). Chambers Hall (QV*) (DNB 1786-1855)

Picton, Thomas

HCR diary 11.11.1819 Mrs Aders first husband Kelly "was a most detestable fellow, attempted her life in Trinidad, Governor Picton was her friend"
Thomas Picton (DNB 1758-1815)


HCR diary 20.6.1818 musical party at Aders 11 Euston Square "The Schuncks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"
                 26.11.1820 at Aders "Platt was there"


HCR diary 19.6.1824 at Aders "Sir Charles and Lady Pocock - she an horrible person"
                     2.5.1832 at the Aders "from whom I heard that the last letter of Mrs Leigh had put an end to all endeavours of Sir G: Pocock to reconcile them"
                     4.4.1839 at Mrs Robson's "Lady Pocock I had seen at the Aders"


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall nr Rochford, Essex proposed member 23.11.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded John Horne Tooke. Not listed as ever elected

Phillips, Thomas

HCR diary 11.5.1825 dinner at Green, Lincolns Inn Fields "a large party. Mrs Aders, Phillips RA and wife - a sensible woman"
                 15.12.1826 after Flaxman's funeral "being near Euston Place I accompanied Phillips to Aders - we saw Mrs Aders, & Mr Phillips examined the pictures with great minuteness and apparently great interest - I left him there"
Thomas Phillips (DNB 1760-1845). He married in 1809 Elizabeth Fraser (1782-1856) of Fairfield, near Inverness