Crabb Robinson Diary


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall nr Rochford, Essex proposed member 23.11.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded John Horne Tooke. Not listed as ever elected


HCR diary 25.12.1827 Christmas dinner at Aders "Heusler and Peiper were there"
                        8.6.1829 at Aders' "he told me of Mr Piper or Pfeiffer having committed suicide"


HCR diary 15.4.1838 at Aders' "He, I should say they are annoyed at the difficulty in disposing of any of the pictures and now propose writing to Passavant at Frankfurt"
See Marquardt II p520 and n37. Johann David Passavant 1787-1861 art historian, saw Aders' collection in London in 1831 and described it in his book Kunstreise durch England und Belgien (1833). Not to be confused with the doctor Johann Karl Passavant (1790-1857) his brother?  whom Robinson met in Germany in 1829 (Marquardt II p 284 and n14)

Perret, Franz

HCR diary 14.2.1819 dined at Aders Mr Perret there
                 24.10.1821 dined with Aders Perret there
                      6.7.1822 at Aders "the afternoon was pleasant enough - the Sievekings, Souchays and Perret were sufficient for entertainment"

Pfeffel, Friedrich

HCR diary 25.1.1832 Aders' thé dansant at Willis' Rooms, fancy dresses "the best sight by far was Pfeffel as Bunaparte - Tho' I never saw the original but in prints and pictures, yet it seemed to me a miniature to the life"
                     6.6.1832 "went to Aders - I had a disagreeable task imposed on me which put me out of humour - to show Pfeffel snr. the Courts - an ignorant and insignificant man whose conversation affordd no return for the trouble"


HCR diary 3.1.1833 "I warned Aders about the dangers of arrest, but he assured me and this was confirmed by Jameson that a pledge was given by L's attorney Parnther to Upton, Aders' attorney that there should be no arrest" L was Loevenhagen, Aders was arrested anyway the same day


HCR diary 18.12.1820 at Aders "I went by particular desire to meet a Mr & Mrs Parry - He a wealthy merchant - she a fine and interesting woman - Aders' prints afforded us all entertainment"
                   21.12.1822 large party at Aders, Coleridge the star "The Parrys - I do not see why they were invited to meet C:"
                     13.2.1823 musical party at Aders  "Miss Flaxman & Miss Denman, the Parrys, Babingtons etc"

Pate, Miss

HCR DIARY 10.4.1842 Miss Pate "related to me a strange story of Basil Montagu" (shorthand passage) "Miss P: is the godmother of his son Frederick"
This was possibly Eliza Lloyd Pate daughter of John Pate solicitor of Bury St Edmunds and his wife Susanna who was bapt 5.2.1778 at St Mary's Bury, died at Bury 23.4.1857. Bury & Norwich Post 11.11.1829 & 28.4.1857. Her will PCC 1857 spinster mentioned a godson but not Frederick Montagu
GODWIN DIARY 13.4.1809 dine at Thelwall's, w. miss Pate


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Nash of Royston proposed member 30.3.1781 by Joseph Parker 2nded John Jebb
William s of Thomas Nash & Sarah nee Wallis born 1745 married 1774 Hester Wedd, died 30.12.1829. Woodfall's register 27.1.1790 Wm Nash signed resolutions of Canbridgeshire Constitutional Society. 1791 Unitarian Society, attorney of Royston, his son Wedd William Nash articled to him 1792. Morning Chronicle 9.1.1818 W Nash Royston subscr to William Hone (DNB 1780-1842) and see below

Obert, Mrs

HCR diary 20.2.1822 at Aders "a musical party - A Mrs Obert there - who I accompanied home - A French teacher of musick - a very nice woman apparently - a lady in reduced circumstances"
Mrs Obert Land Tax 1825 Newgate St. Harriet Obert buried 5.4.1837 St Pancras age 66