Society of Constitutional Information

Oldfield, Thomas Hinton Burley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield proposed member 15.2.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Thomas Brand Hollis. See Amendments to Oxford DNB below
GODWIN DIARY: Fell & Oldfield call (not in) 10.9.1798 / 22.9.1799 dine at Fell's with Oldfield, Loveridge &c In Godwin's 1796 list for 1799 / 16.12.1808 Oldfields call (not in) / 24.12.1808 mrs Oldfield, 2 sons & Petman dine / 31.12.1808 Oldfields call (not in) / 2.1.1809 Oldfields call / 25.1.1809 mrs Oldfield calls / 2.2.1813 again

Brogden, James

Brogden 22.6.1798 at House of Commons / 11.1.1802 adv at theatre (& Jervis)
James Brogden c.1765-1842 (Hist of Parl) MP for Launceston 1796-1832 on Duke of Northumberland's interest.  Joined Whig Club 12.1.1796 will PCC 1842 of Clapham Common. Proposed Socy for Const Info of Size Lane 7.12.1792 by William Maltby 2nded John Horne Tooke. Russia merchant. Perhaps the Mr Brogden who toured northern Europe in 1791 with William Joseph Denison, late MP for Camelford and also a Whig Club member

Swainson, Isaac

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Swainson of Frith St Soho proposed member 8.2.1793 by Thomas Holcroft 2nded William Harwood
GODWIN DIARY: Swainson 2.5.1797 at John King's

Wills, Alexander

Wills 11.1.1797 at Bosville's / 14.3.1797 calls / 14.8.1798 adv at Joseph Johnson's / 28.12.1801 call on Wills proctor / 18.5.1806 at Horne Tooke's / 12.6.1816 S(arah) E(lwes) & Wills dine
Wills proctor was probably John Wills of Bell Yard, or Robert Willis of 2 Bennet's Hill, both proctors of Doctors Commons in 1800 Law list. Some or all of the other Wills entries may well have been Alexander Wills dancing master, an enthusiastic supporter of radical causes.


28.12.1796 at Horne Tooke's / 13.1.1798 Batleys at Brand Hollis' / 3.4.1798 meet Batleys / 20.5.1799 at Milton Gallery / 27.7.1799 meet Batleys / 6.7.1800 Batley & 3 Granges (call at Curran's?) tea at Batley's (in Ireland) / 15.7.1800 Batley dines at Rathfarnham / 17.7.1800 again / 10.8.1800 tea at Batley's / 11.8.1800 Batley calls
Jeremiah Batley of Chapel St bedford Row proposed Socy of Const Info 12.7.1782 by James martin 2nded John Jebb. John Lodge Batley proposed 18.6.1784 by James Martin 2nded Richard Brocklesby

Blake, Arthur

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Arthur Blake proposed member 24.1.1794 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Augustus Bonney
GODWIN DIARY: 14.11.1805 at theatre adv Heath (& Blake).
GD website has coded this entry to Arthur Blake but it is possibly more likely to have been the famous William Blake if Heath was his fellow engraver James Heath. Blake (presumably Arthur) appeared in the 1794 version of Godwin's 1796 list for 1794 but was left out of the 1796 version.

Sharp, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Sharp of 6 Fish St Hill proposed member 13.9.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Edward Hall
GODWIN DIARY: In Godwin's 1796 list for 1790 as Sharpe followed by Gram crossed out and Rd inserted above before Sharpe, and in 1794 version as Sharpe, hatter. Richard Sharp has a person record in GD website but the 1796 entry is not coded to it. The Gram looks like Godwin confused him while making the list (see Sharpe, Granville)
Richard Sharp DNB 1759-1835

Rogers, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Rogers original member 1780
GODWIN DIARY: In Godwin's 1796 list for 1777 Tho Rogers. Under 1778 in 1794 version
Thomas Rogers 1734/5-1793 in historyofparliamentonline 1754-1790 and in his son Samuel Rogers DNB 1763-1855

Price, Richard

GODWIN DIARY: In Godwin's 1796 list for 1777. Under 1778 in 1794 version. Person record in GD website but 1796 list entry not coded to it.
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rev Dr Richard Price original member 1780
Richard Price DNB 1723-1791


In Godwin's 1796 list for 1778 also in 1794 version