Society of Constitutional Information


Curteis 28.11.1805 at Joseph Johnson's

Canton, William

GODWIN DIARY: Canton 17.7.1805 at Joseph Johnson's
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Canton of the Academy, Spital Square proposed member 14.3.1783 by Jebb 2nded Satchell
2nd son of John Canton DNB 1718-1772 natural philosopher &c, and Penelope née Colebrooke. He carried on the Academy founded by his father, married 30.1.1784 St Marylebone Jane Dupere, his will PCC 1831 of Liberty of Norton Folgate

Barlow, Joel

Barlow 4.5.1803 at Joseph Johnson's / 27.7.1803 again / 1.6.1805 Barlow at Philips


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Hamilton O'Hara original member 1780
GODWIN DIARY: O'Hara 30.1.1805 at H Rowan's / 8.10.1806 meet O'Hara (with Curran) / 20.9.1808 dine at O'Hara's (with Curran) / 26.9.1808 O'Hara calls / 5.10.1808 call on O'Hara / 15.9.1810 O'Hara calls / 29.11.1810 call on O'Hara / 4.6.1811 O'Hara calls


BONNEY DIARY Bush 10.11.1794 / 14.11.1794
GODWIN DIARY Bush 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 8.3.1804 call on Bush, Doctors' Commons / 22.3.1804 letter from Bush


Dilly 20.10.1802 at Joseph Johnson's / 7.12.1803 again
Probably Charles Dilly DNB 1739-1807
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Dilly of The Poultry founding member John Dilly proposed 12.1.1781 by Charles Dilly 2nded Capel Lofft
See John Dilly 1731-1806 in Charles Dilly DNB 1739-1807

Smith, William

GODWIN DIARY: M calls from Sharp & Smith 4.3.1808 / 13.4.1808 write to Smith; M(arshall) from Shp
Both Smith entries above have been coded in GD website to the generic Smith. They should clearly be coded to William Smith DNB 1756-1835. From February to April 1808 James Marshall was helping Godwin get a subscription from William Smith and Richard Sharp DNB 1759-1835 who each provided £50. The Shp in the second entry was clearly Sharp and should be coded to him


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Mr Smithers proposed member 20.6.1788 by Joseph Towers 2nded (Jeremiah or John Lodge?) Batley
GODWIN DIARY: call on Smithers with Mary Jane 14.8.1802

Ball, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Ball of Dublin proposed member 6.6.1783 by John Horne Tooke at request of secretary Thomas Yeates 2nded John Jebb, SCI received letter 1784 from Mr Ball of Dublin
GODWIN DIARY: Ball 5.8.1800 dines at Carlow / 31.1.1802 at Wycombe's, with Curran / 23.1.1805 call on Ball (Giltspur)  GD website has Gittshur but see original / 1.2.1805 call on Ball with Wordsworth / 21.3.1817 at Curran's (from Rome) / 6.10.1823 at Bacon's / 21.1.1833 Balls at Martin's

Sturch, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sturch of Stanhope St, Clare Market, ironmonger proposed member 9.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen. Proposed again 6.4.1792. Transmitted tracts to Mr Christie of Montrose
GODWIN DIARY: Sturch 30.4.1799 at Joseph Johnson's / 16.9.1801 again / 16.3.1803 again / 12.5.1807 again / 11.9.1807 again / 24.7.1809 call on / 30.11.1809 again / 29.12.1809 at Johnson's funeral / 2.6.1814 M(arshall) from Sturch