Society of Constitutional Information

Walker, George

15.3.1790 Walker at B Hollis' / Walkers at B Hollis' 24.12.1799. In 1796 list for 1790 as  G Walker Notts, and in 1794 version. Underlined in both versions but not in list of 17 or list of 25 (see "the 1796 list"). 
Rev George Walker of Nottingham original member of Society for Constitutional Information 15.5.1780
Rev George Walker DNB 1734-1807. He was based in Nottingham till 1798, then Lancashire till his death. Not necessarily the 1799 Walkers entry, though at same host. There were four diary entries for G Walker in 1808 after his death

Dodson, Michael

15.3.1790 Dodson at B Hollis' / 11.1.1791 there.
Michael Dodson DNB 1732-99 Unitarian Socy 1791 Boswell Court, Carey St
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Michael Dodson proposed 6.4.1792 by 2nded

Gawler, John Bellenden

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Capt John Gawler of Horse Guards proposed 16.11.1792 by William Bosville 2nded John Frost
See DNB Bellenden Ker 1764-1842 / Morning Post 3.2.1795 steward of dinner of Friends of Freedom to celebrate outcome of treason trials, J.B.Gawler, Staines / John Bellenden Gawler was prosecuted by Lord Valentia in 1796 for crim con with his wife, see the entry on George Annesley (Lord Valentia) in History of Parliament, and Godwin dined with Gawler at Lady Valentia's on 2/3/1803

Smith, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: George Smith of Bloomsbury Square proposed member 14.12.1792 by Joseph Jennings 2nded Charles Sinclair

Adair, William Jones

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Jones Adair proposed member 27.5.1785 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Paradise
GODWIN DIARY: Adair 4.1.1789 at B Hollis' / 13.2.1790 at Anti-Tests / 23.5.1790 at Paradise's

Parkinson, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Parkinson of Hoxton square proposed member 26.10.1792 by Dr George Edwards 2nded John Moore
James Parkinson DNB 1755-1824

Fullarton, William

GODWIN DIARY: Fullaston 8.5.1788
At Gibbon's birthday party (where Godwin probably wasn't), this was perhaps William Fullarton (DNB 1754-1808) then MP for Haddington. The writing suggests an 'r' though the ink is hardly visible. (The s has now been corrected to an r on GD website)
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Col Fullarton of St James St proposed 24.6.1791 by Count Zenobio 2nded John Frost
See DNB article William Fullarton 1754-1808

Harwood, William Tooke

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Tooke Harwood proposed member 13.5.1791 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Lodge Batley
GODWIN DIARY from 24.3.1793. add 14.7.1796, 16.7.1796, 18.7.1796 H, (delete 1.3.1827, 16.12.1830 now done in GD website)