A-Z of Entries

Caldwell, Andrew

Caldwel 22.7.1799 dines (& Charlotte Smith, Skeys & Fenwicks). In Godwin's 1796 list for 1799 / 4.7.1800 (in Ireland) call on (not in) / 6.7.1800 (in Ireland) calls / 8.7.1800 (in Ireland) dine at his (with Skeys) / 10.7.1800 (in Ireland) call on (& Skeys) / 18.7.1800 (in Ireland) at Drennan's / 19.7.1800 (in Ireland) calls / 26.7.1800 (in Ireland) at his / 1.8.1800 (in Ireland) call on (not in) / 29.10.1800 meet / 2.11.1800 dines (& Fenwicks)

Andrew Caldwell DNB 1733-1808. A friend of Charlotte Smith see her Collected Letters p329 n5

Canning, Stratford

Stratford Canning of Clements Lane proposed Society for Constitutional Information 11.8.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

Merchant of 10 Clements Lane, London from at least 1776. His father Stratford  (1703-75) was son & heir of George Canning of Coleraine co Derry, was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1722 and called to the Irish bar in 1730. See DNB George Canning 1770-1827. Stratford was born 1744 (see his memorial in Putney cemetery). He married before 1774 Mehitabel (d.1831) eldest dau of Robert Patrick of St Mary Dublin and his wife Elizabeth. He was a director of The…

Carey, William Paulet

CURRENT TEXT "became an engraver."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In London in 1784 he worked for *John Raphael Smith*, producing two stipple engravings after *Thomas Rowlandson*.>
CURRENT TEXT "after getting into trouble with this society in 1793, Carey fled to Philadelphia,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In 1794 in order to avoid prosecution himself for publishing 'Address to the volunteers' by *William Drennan* he became a witness for the prosecution in Drennan's trial for sedition, and subsequently fled to Philadelphia,>

Castle Brown

Castle Brown 30.7.1800 at Cockburn's / 3.6.1800 dine at Brown's / 3.2.1804 Castle Brown at H Rowan's / 22.2.1804 meet H Rowan & Castle Brown

Probably Thomas Wogan Browne 1758-1812 son of Michael Browne and Catherine Wogan of Castle Browne, Co. Kildare. Raised a Catholic he converted to the established chuech on his marriage to Sarah Pierson 1.12.1785. He lived at Castle Browne from 1788 and in 1794 offered to act as bondsman for Archibald Hamilton Rowan DNB 1751-1834 when Rowan was imprisoned for sedition. Browne was a captain in the yeoman cavalry and his commission was…


Cockburn 6.7.1800 at Caldwel's / 30.7.1800 at Cockburn's / 23.6.1814 G Cockburn at Curran's / 23.5.1830 Cockburn at Bulwer's / 5.7.1835 sir G Cockburh at Gaskel's

George Cockburn DNB 1763-1847, Andrew Caldwell (qv) was his uncle. He married Miss Riall at Clonmell in Mar 1790


Coddington 29.6.1800 on Holyhead coach

Henry Coddington Hist Irish Parl 1734-1816, MP for Dunlear, opposed the Union with England, or his son William 1765-1837. Mr William Coddington printer Gerard St Liverpool died 1804 aged 34. Samuel Coddington mayor of Stamford, Lincs 1810


Cogan 3.7.1800 at Colles's / 28.9.1810 at Johnson's / 25.1.1818 seek Cogan

Perhaps Philip Cogan Dict Irish Biog c1748-1833 organist. Michael Kelly DNB 1762-1826 was his pupil. John Kinsela of Ballynunnery, Carlow married March 1804 A Cogan dau of William Cogan of Tynode, Wicklow. Dublin Trades 1797 no Cogans but Andrew Colgan maths teacher & 6 other Colgans & 2 Coogans

The Cogan at Johnson's 1810 is likely to have been Thomas Cogan DNB 1736-1818 or his half-brother Eliezer Cogan DNB 1762-1855. The seek Cogan of 1818 was just a week before Thomas Cogan died, perhaps…

Coghlan, Rev.

Rev Coghlan proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe

Lucius Coghlan BA Trinity Coll Dublin 1773 Doctor of Divinity there 1797 / SunFire 1788 Revd Lucius Coghlan, 7 Fitzroy St, Rathbone Pl / subscr 1787 to Works of John Jebb 1789 to poems of Thomas Skelton Dupuis (see his father DNB Thomas Sanders Dupuis 1733-1796) 1790 to Rev Henry Murray's Evidences (publ Dublin) 1793 to English/Welsh Dictionary (of Fitzroy Place) / Lucius Coghlan = St Leonard's Shoreditch 22.6.1795 Jane Bisshopp (she was the only dau of William Atkinson Esq of Pall Mall…


Colles's 3.7.1800 dine at / 6.7.1800 Colles calls (not in) / 10.7.1800 Colles's at Macnally's / 5.8.1800 Colles (at Wallace's trial in Carlow?)

Perhaps Isaac Colles printer Dublin Book Trades 1766-1813 or perhaps Abraham Colles DNB 1773-1843 surgeon at the Meath St Charitable Dispensary, Dublin, these two probably related, both from Kilkenny, or perhaps Richard Colles who subscribed to Reports of Cases (Dublin law courts) 1798, or John Colles barrister of Kinsale who married the daughter of John Rashleigh of Burrin in Jan 1807 or  William Colles who married miss Tobin of Swanlinton…


Conolly 21.4.1794 at Thelwall's


genl Conway 9.7.1800 adv at Lady Moira's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / Conway 12.7.1800 at Curran's

John Henry Count Conway, colonel 5th regt Irish Brigade 7.10.1794 disbanded 1798. General Conway subscr 1798 to D R O'Conor


Corkian 1.7.1800 on Holyhead coach & wherry to Dublin

Maybe a person from Cork, or a rare surname probably a variant or an error for Corkran/Corcoran

Corry, Isaac

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1787, also in 1794 version / 5.9.1810 dine at Aldis's, w. Corry

Isaac Corry (Dictionary of Irish Biography 1753-1813) called to bar 1779, MP for Newry, took government office from 1787. He could have been the 1810 diner at Aldis's, he was no longer an MP after 1807 and according to History of Parliament online he died in reduced circumstances in 1813, but he was still listed in the court section of Holdens directory 1811 at Kensington-gore. Equally it could have been Thomas Charles Stewart Corry MP for co. Monaghan whose London address was 3 Gt Cumberland-…


W Cree 2.7.1800 at Curran's, Rathfarnham / 4.7.1800 Cree there / 5.7.1800 Crees there

Probably referred to the family of Curran's estranged wife Sarah, daughter of Dr Richard Creagh. They married in 1774 and separated in 1794. According to Leslie Hale's book John Philpot Curran p136 they never saw each other again but Curran retained the respect of his father-in-law. Lloyds Evening Post of 14.10.1795 reports on a court martial of Lt William Creagh of the Royal Cork Militia who had assaulted a fellow officer after receiving an insult against a female relative (possibly Curran's wife…