A-Z of Entries

Dalrymple, Colonel William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Col. Dalrymple proposed 29.6.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded John Horne Tooke

Meeting of London Corresponding Society (Thale) 13.12 1792 "Col Dalrymple of Edinburgh determined to have a parliamentary reform", Lt Col William Dalrymple of Fordell 1st president of Scottish Friends of the People. Born 3.3.1747 bapt 6.3.1747 Cranston, Midlothian 2nd son of Sir William Dalrymple, baronet, and his wife Agnes Crawford. William Dalrymple late of Cranston, Edinburgh but now otp bach = St James Piccadilly 7.11.1770 Diana Molyneux sp dau of Robert Molyneux of…

Davis, Robert

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Robert Davis of Shoreditch proposed 21.3.1783 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Satchell

Bailey's Directory 1790 Robert Davis cheesemonger 190 Shoreditch (plenty of other Robert Davises but this was the only one of Shoreditch found) / born 1747 Slimbridge Glos son of Robert Davies, gent and his wife Anna Maria (nee Stone) who married at Long Crendon, Bucks 28.6.1738 / his brother William (Alum Ox) was rector of Eastington, Glos / Robert Davies bach of Shoreditch (cheesemonger in Marr License) = Enfield 20.4.1769 Mary Cradock otp sp wits John…

Day, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  founder member 1780 address Stapleford Abbott, nr Aybridge Essex

Thomas Day DNB 1748-1789 / will PCC 1790 Stapleford Abbott, Essex


GODWIN DIARY:  23.4.1798 Dealtry j at Exhibition / 9.10.1798 meet Dealtry jr

(see editorial notes on Peregrine Dealtry in GD website) probably Henry Dealtry brother of Peregrine, probably not Henry's son Peregrine who was only 8

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Capt Dealtry of Manchester Sq proposed 24.6.1791 by Count Zenobio 2nded John Frost

Peregrine s of John & Elizabeth Dealtry bapt 20.6.1762 St Michael le Belfry, York, his brother Henry bapt there 1764 . His father attended Trinity College Cambridge, MD at Leyden 1733, married Elizabeth Langley, and…

Debary, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Richard Debary of 11 Paper Bldgs, Temple proposed 21.3.1794 by Christopher Hull, 2nded Joyce. Withdrew

Richard Debary son of Rev Peter Debary of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants & his wife Ann born 26.4.1767 bapt 14.5.1767 there / articled clerk 21.6.1782 to Samuel Harman of Jermyn St / attorney Mitre Court, Fleet St 1790-1, 10 Harcourt Bldgs Inner Temple 1793, 11 Paper Bldgs Temple (with John Cope, & Christopher Hull) 1794-6, 6 Paper Bldgs 1797-1800 / Nat Arch C 13/1391/27 Christopher Hull v Richard Debary 1809 / Richard Debary = West…

Dehany, Philip

SOCI9ETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Philip Dehany Esq of Kempshot nr Basingstoke proposed 1.2.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Richard Brocklesby

Born c. 1720 son of David Dehany merchant of Bristol and planter in Jamaica by Mary dau of Matthew Gregory, Westminster School (Alum Cant, History of Parliament) / will PCC 1754 of David Dehany / Philip Dehany Esq subscr 1754 to The Christian Calling by J Winstanley 1756 to The Sporting Calendar / Lloyd's Evening Post 10.4.1758 Philip Dehany Esq married Miss Ida Hooper, niece to Richard Salter, Esq / 1759 dau born at Hungerford Park, Berks /…

Delacour, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  William Delacour of Crutched Friars proposed 16.11.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded Sharp

William Delacour & Mary Reynolds sp of London Wall married 17.11.1752 at St Geo Mayfair ("clandestine" marriages) / Mary bapt 17.1.1755 St Ann Manchester dau of William & Mary Delacour / Morning Chronicle 25.6.1782 partnership dissolved between Mary Doudeuil widow, William Hottot & William De La Cour merchants 108 Fenchurch St, London Gazette 19.4.1783 same partners bankrupt 6.9.1783 William De La Cour got certificate / Public Advertiser 17.…

Demeza, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION;  William Demeza of Whitechapel proposed 14.3.1783 by John Satchell 2nded Edward Hall

Though the name was Portuguese Jewish this family must have gone native / Solomon Demeza = St James Clerkenwell 1.9.1734 Ann Hale botp banns / Isaac bapt Stepney 1737 of Solomon & Ann / will PCC 1771 of Solomon Demeza dated 16.6.1769 mentioned wife Ann sons William Hale & Isaac / William Hale Demeza = Bromley, Kent 31.12.1772 Susannah Ellis / their children bapt Whitechapel William 1773, John 1776, Sarah 1781, Richard 1782 (bur 1783 Bromley), George…

Dennys, Nicholas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Nicholas Dennys of Tiverton Devon proposed 25.4.1783 Jeremiah Batley 2nded James West

Nicholas Dennys, jun of Lyons Inn = 29.5.1747 Elizabeth dau of John Belfield of Lyons Inn / Nicholas bapt 19.9.1752 Richmond Surrey of Nicholas & Eliz / London Chronicle 15.12.1757 yesterday died at his chambers in Lyons Inn, Nicholas Dennys Esq, his will PCC 1758 / Nicholas Dennys = (1778?)  Lucy dau of William Lardner (will PCC 1770 surgeon of Wandsworth) she was bapt 24.12.1754 Wandsworth of William & Lucy / Nicholas bapt 21.3.1780 Lucy bapt 24.10…

Derby, Earl of (Edward Stanley)

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796 but not coded to his person record in GD website

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Earl of Derby proposed 24.11.1782 by Edward Hall 2nded Samuel Shore

Edward Smith Stanley DNB 1752-1834


Dilly 20.10.1802 at Joseph Johnson's / 7.12.1803 again

Probably Charles Dilly DNB 1739-1807

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Dilly of The Poultry founding member John Dilly proposed 12.1.1781 by Charles Dilly 2nded Capel Lofft

See John Dilly 1731-1806 in Charles Dilly DNB 1739-1807

Dixon, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION;  John Dixon of Gledhow, nr Leeds proposed 11.4.1783 by Gamaliel Lloyd 2nded Jeremiah Batley

Born 27.6.1753 bapt 26.7.1753 at St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire son of Jeremiah Dixon / Alum Ox eldest son of Jeremiah Dixon of Allerton Gledhow, Leeds & Mary nee Wickham matric 1772 age 19 adm Lincolns Inn 1772 / married Prestbury, Cheshire 13.7.1784 Lydia Parker / High Sheriff Yorkshire 1809, Colonel 1st West Yorks Militia, Dep Lt for West Riding / Col John Dixon letters to Earl Fitzwilliam 1788-1812 Sheffield Archives WWM/F/34/168, 41/25, 42/5,6,16,…

Dodson, Michael

15.3.1790 Dodson at B Hollis' / 11.1.1791 there.

Michael Dodson DNB 1732-99 Unitarian Socy 1791 Boswell Court, Carey St

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Michael Dodson proposed 6.4.1792 by 2nded

Douglas, (Earls of Selkirk and Lords Daer)

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Earl of Selkirk proposed 9.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen / Lord Daer proposed 4.5.1792 by John Cartwright 2nded Thomas Paine / Hon. John Douglas of Inner Temple proposed 6.7.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded Christopher Hull

Dunbar Douglas,1722-1799 4th Earl of Selkirk married Helen (d.1802) dau of John Hamilton of Blackadder, Berwickshire.(see Thomas Douglas DNB 1771-1820). Basil William Douglas, Lord Daer (DNB 1763-1794 under London Corresponding Society) was his heir but died before him. The next brother, Hon. John Douglas was born 24.5…


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Capt Drake of Wells proposed 7.5.1790 by John Lockhart 2nded Hollis & Cooper

Francis son of Rev Francis Drake vicar of Seaton & Beer, Devon, & Elizabeth his wife born & bapt 22.4.1764, bapt publicly 15.6.1764 / Francis Drake rector of Uplyme and vicar of Seaton & Beer, son of Thomas Drake of Yardbury Esq by Dorothy his wife dau of William Palmer of Combrawleigh clerk. He married Elizabeth eldest dau of Charles Tudway of Wells, Esq (his will PCC 1770) and died 5.4.1769, bur 9.4.1769 Colyton/ Francis Drake = St Marylebone 19…