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Fenwick, Eliza

GODWIN DIARY: them 16.7.1799 & 15.10.1800 underlined in GD website, should be coded to John & Eliza Fenwick / 22.7.1805 meet EE & O Fks probably meant Eliza and her daughter Eliza and son Orlando

The birth record of Orlando Fenwick in 1798 (Nat Arch RG4/4661 and RG5/36) stated his maternal grandparents were Peter and Elizabeth Jaco. The will of Peter Jaco, hosier of St Leonard's Shoreditch (Nat Arch PROB11/1080) proved in 1781 mentioned his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth, father Nicholas, older brother Benjamin, sister Mary Wallis, brother Thomas and niece Honor.…

Flaxman, John


JOHN FLAXMAN (1755-1826)
CURRENT TEXT "his marriage in 1782 to Ann Denman"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <his marriage at St Anne's Soho on 6th June 1781 to Ann Denman>

January 2015 the DNB has adopted my suggested change but not credited me in the references

SWEDENBORGIANS: Flaxman was one of the attenders at the Theosophical Society from 1783 mentioned in William White's Emanuel Swedenborg vol 2 p599-600. The DNB article doesn't mention his connection to Swedenborg except by footnote reference to his correspondence at Swedenborg…

Fox, William

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: William Fox DNB 1736-1826 see below

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fox of Cheapside proposed 9.2.1781 by Joseph Parker of Cheapside 2nded Capel Lofft

William Fox DNB 1736-1826. The following may clarify some of the questions about his early life mentioned in DNB article. His brother Samuel Fox will PCC 1789 of Abingdon, mentioned wife Sarah, brother William's children Jonathan, William, Sarah, Mary & Susannah, also mentioned brothers Edward & John and sisters Sarah Clark and Mary Hook. His death noted in Jackson's Oxford…

Frost, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Frost original member 1780 Upper Charlotte St, Rathbone Pl. Marked as "declined" in 178? list but active later without being proposed again

BONNEY DIARY: 31.7.1794 saw Frost (once Bonney moved to Newgate on 24.10.1794 Frost was mentioned more often) Frost 27.10.1794 / 29.10.1794 / 1.11.1794 / 3.11.1794 / 11.11.1794 / 13.11.1794 / 14.11.1794 / 15.11.1794. Bonney had been the clerk of John Frost

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: John Frost 1750-1842

CURRENT TEXT "born in October 1750. His parentage remains unknown and little about his…


Fuller 15.3.1797 at Robert Knight's

Richard Fuller banker of Cornhill (will PCC 1782) had five sons Richard, George, Charles, Joseph and William. Charles married 22.4.1795 at St Geo Han Sq Jane widow of Benjamin Bond Hopkins (will PCC 1794) who had married her 22.2.1791 as a widower, she was Jane Davis otherwise Knight spinster of Clapham Surrey, Robert Knight was a witness. Davis was the name of the unmarried mother of the Knights, so Charles Fuller was Robert Knight's brother-in-law. His brothers Joseph and William both became Guards officers. In 1805 Robert Knight prosecuted…