Crabb Robinson Diary


HCR diary 2.7.1813 Stansfeld 29 Lambeth Marsh
                    8.4.1826 Aders "spoke of Thomas Stansfeld's bankruptcy and blamed it on his father-in-law Briggs. Hatton S> had acted nobly" but HCR heard later at John Collier's a less favourable opinion of H S
                  11.5.1826 call on " Bischoff who acquits Hatton Stansfeld of dishonesty but attributes to him monstrous fatuity"
                  23.4.1828 "wrote to Thomas Stansfeld today about his late differences with his family"


HCR diary 8.6.1826 at Aders "Beuthe, a finance minister, who has the air of a superior man - Schenkel the architect to the King of Prussia - also apparently a very superior man and a Col. Dunkelman -insignificant"


HCR diary 5.7.1823 "a Mr Southern whom B: Montague introduced to me and his friend Captain Siborn breakfasted with me" "Southern is a learned - Sib: apparently a very pleasant man"
Marquardt II p 92 26.8.1823 Crabb Robinson met Captain Syborn at Augsburg, Germany
William Siborne (DNB 1797-1849). Not mentioned in DNB article was his part in the Milan Commission, he went to Karlsruhe in connection with Barbara Kress, a witness in the trial of Queen Caroline (Nat Arch TS 11/98, TS 11/113)


HCR diary 18.2.1821 "called on the Sievekings - the commencement of an acquaintance which I promise myself pleasure from. They are sensible people - he a quicker man than Aders tho' without so much attention to the arts & literature of germany - she certainly not to be compared with mrs Aders but both full of love of German literature and therefore objects of interest to me"
                      1.7.1821 "dined at Sieveking's met Dr jenckel physician"


HCR diary 24.10.1821 at Aders "a younger son of Souchay a sensible countenance which I was much pleased with"
6.7.1822 at Aders "the Sievekings, Souchays and Perret were sufficient for entertainment"
7.11.1836 at Benecke's re Aders "I found that A: had obtained from Souchay a promise of £100 but he had represented to S: that he wanted £2000!!!"
17.4.1838 "called next on W Benecke and from him learned that Mr Ch: Souchay is alarmingly ill so that CharS is gone to Frankfurt"
23.12.1838 at Benecke's at Denmark Hill "found the Souchays from Manchester there"


HCR diary 8.12.1824 at Aders "Jameson, Salomon and a Mr Faber there"

Schinkel, Karl Friedrich

HCR diary 8.6.1826 at Aders "A Prussian, Beuthe a finance minister, who has the air of a superior man - Schenkel the architect to the King of Prussia - also apparently a very superior man and a Col Dunkelman - insignificant - and German (Meyer) from Frankfurt"


HCR diary 20.6.1818 musical party at Aders "The Schunks, Platts, Mrs Fazy, Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"
                    14.2.1819 at Aders "Mr        Schunk of Manchester"
                    3.11.1819 at Aders "Mr Martin Schunk and his wife formerly Nanny Aldebert"
                    13.2.1827 "At Schunk's I offered to pay some advancements made by Schunk to Mrs Brown in consequence of my having improperly invested all the dividends of Ald's property in the purchase of stock"


HCR diary 22.3.1838 "I had this morning a letter from Spring Rice directing me to make a formal offer of Aders' pictures to the National Gallery thro' Mr Sequier" "I have some hope of obtaining through L'Evesque an introduction to Seguire but I have a difficulty in negotiating with him - he is accused but perhaps wrongfully of having a personal feeling in all negotiations about the purchase of pictures by the government - nous verrons"
                      4.4.1838 Aders "suggested my putting these pictures into the hands of Sequier to dispose of for me"

Sebright, John

HCR diary 22.2.1829 at Athenaeum, Sir John Seebright "said to be a very worthy man but the most dangerous talker of the club"
John Saunders Sebright (DNB 1767-1846)