Crabb Robinson Diary


HCR diary 29.1.1829 at Naylor's, Hammersmith "an old German, a musical instrument maker from Gotha, Stumpf, a twaddling old man but seemingly a good creature and most zealous for the honour of his country"
                      2.2.1829 call from Strumpf
                    21.3.1832 Strumpf "I accompanied him to the Aders"


HCR diary 22.2.1821 "I went this morning and had my first sitting for my portrait to Jacob Strutt"
                    12.6.1822 "called early on Strutt at his son's - met them going out and accompanied them to Aders but I was forced to leave them and therefore do not know how Strutt was pleased with the pictures"
Jacob George Strutt (DNB 1784-1867) and his father Benjamin Strutt (1754-1827)

Sturch, Miss

HCR diary 5.6.1845 "A letter from Mrs Aders in which she mentions Mrs Reid. This led me to call on Miss Sturch to whom I told the whole of Mrs Aders history which she received with no prudery whatever"
                  19.1.1846 "called on Miss Sturch not seen for a long time - I told her of Mrs Reid's kindness to Mrs Aders"


HCR diary 10.6.1824 at Lamb's a large party "a Mr Taylor a young man of talents in the Colonial Office"


HCR diary 11.5.1825 at Green's Lincoln's Inn Fields, a large party "and a Mr Stokes a disputer and so far an unpleasant companion but said to be an able man and a man of science - the afternoon passed off very agreeably - we debated on ethnology etc etc"

Tennant, Mrs

Letter from Emma Pauncefote to Crabb Robinson dtaed 7.8.1842 but probably error for 7.9.1842 "I had no sooner despatched my letter to you yesterday than I received one from my friend in Wales (Mrs Tennant) in answer to my application to her on my sisters account the following is an extract of her letter on that subject 'Your sister my dearest friend, appears indeed to be in a most unfortunate situation, I quite agree with yours and her friend, that an Annuity would be the wisest mode of assisting her.


HCR diary 3.5.1823 to the park with Storks
                    7.7.1825 "returned to Storks with whom I had a late tete-a-tete. We have it seems a formidable new man in Mr Kelley"
(Fitzroy Kelly DNB 1796-1880). Henry Storks 1788-1866 in Henry Knight Storks (DNB 1811-1874).. Born 7.8.1778 bapt 23.8.1778 All Halllows died 4.11.1866 Paris. Henry Storks bach of St Dunstan i t West = St Helens Bishopsgate 14.6.1810 Ann Trundle otp sp by lic wits Ann Janes, Tho Trundle, Robt Storks, Sophia Ince(?), Elizth & Josh Chaplin, J C Reeve.


HCR diary 20.12.1820 at Aders "Flaxman does not appear to relish Thorwaldsen's designs much. At the same time he related some anecdotes about Th: which made us suppose that some immorality in Th: indisposed Flaxman to relish his works of art"
Bertel Thorwaldsen c1770-1844 wikipedia.en


HCR diary 4.4.1823 at Aders, viewing pictures, Sir George Beaumont "proposed bringing Fuseli & Rgers, Stodhart"
                  2.11.1824 at Flaxman's with Mrs Aders "looking over Flaxman's drawings which Mrs A: highly enjoyed but she says F: steals a great deal and she believes also from Stothard though Mrs F: says St: borrows from Fl:"


HCR diary 29.9.1827 at the Flaxmans' "Mrs Sinclair (?) a queer sort of person - a familiar old lady who did not much please me"
                   16.4.1834 "called late on Miss Denman where were the Aders, the Sinclairs etc"
not yet identified. possibly found in Flaxman papers at British Library?