Crabb Robinson Diary


HCR diary 12.12.1821 at Aders "I found the party all in raptures with the performance on the violin of a Mr Mori who they all extolled to the skies"   "Mori has the look of a man of talent - Burrel says he is only a fine performer and stops short of genius and is not to be compared with Philippi (right name?)"
Nicolas Mori (DNB 1796/7-1839)

Muhlenfels, Ludwig von

GODWIN DIARY: 19.5.1928 / 19.5.1828 / 30.10.1828. He has a person record on GD website
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY: 21.2.1829 at Aders "I met with Muhlenfels German Prof: Un: London - I should judge a sensible man, but his talk was not particularly agreeable"

Butterfield, Walter

GODWIN DIARY: 8.11.1817 call on / 13.7.1821 call on
The GD website has coded these to be Longdill's partner, though the context is minimal this is probably correct, for his details see below
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY: 25.4.1818 at Aders with Longdill "Butterfield, L's partner"
                                                  26.1.1823 Longdill "partnership is dissolved between him and his partner Butterfield"


HCR diary 3.6.1818 at British Gallery with Mrs Smith, the futre Mrs Aders "Mrs S made me attentive to the brilliant lights of Hobbema and made me half a convert to her preference of Cuyp over Claude"
A longish passage on how the future Mrs Aders influenced Robinson's taste in art, but compare his visit the previous month to the gallery with Munro, who seems to have influenced him in much the same direction. Probably Hugh Andrew Johnstone Munro (DNB 1797-1864)

Mayer, Enrico

HCR diary 21.3.1832 at Aders "death of Westfal in Sicily mentioned by Mayer"
                 18.12.1833 Mayer "with M: at Aders picture gallery - M: seemed to think the prices marked absolutely monstrous"
                   24.1.1834 Mayer "introduced him to Miss Denman"
                     4.6.1934 "had to breakfast with me Vogel von Vogelstein, Aders and Mayer"
                     7.6.1845 "Meyer called on me today. He has brought his wife to England"

Mann, James Hargrave

HCR diary 5.6,1842  Aldebert "his father in law Mr Mann"

Meyer, Charles

HCR diary 17.2.1818 Mrs Smith formerly Mrs Meyer later Mrs Aders "she has resumed her maiden name (tho' she ought to have taken that of her first husband) at Mr meyer's request and with reason, since the bonds of marriage have been dissolved between them"
                 19.12.1820 Mrs Basil Montagu's gossip about Mrs Aders "Of the second husband she spoke more favorable. She used to say of Charles Meyer he is always in the right. But he has shunned her since this affair and that makes her think ill of him in this affair"


HCR diary 15.2.1822 Mitchells at Masqueriers
                    28.3.1829 Mrs Mitchell at Masqueriers in Brighton
John James Masquerier (DNB 1778-1855) married in 1812 Rachel widow of Rober Eden Scott and daughter of Duncan Forbes-Mitchell. The Mitchells could well have been the family of one of her married brothers then living, either John Forbes-Mitchell born 1784, married Ann Powell in 1809, had 6 children and died  9.7.1822, or Henry David Forbes-Mitchell born 1790, married Margaret Fraser in 1816 and had several children by her by 1822. He died in 1869

Mason, Mrs

HCR diary 10.2.1823 to Aders, Euston Sq "calling on the way at Mrs Mason"
                 10.12.1826 "called at Mrs Anne Mason's"  Mrs Frankland going to Van Diemens Land. Mrs A: M: bedridden, disease of spine, Mrs McMurdo next door
                 11.12.1826 called on Mrs Mason at her daughter's Mrs Williams
                     2.4.1828 Miss Mason's 48 Gt Coram St - house for private pupils, Mrs M: met me there
                   5.11.1828 "called on Mrs Wathen late Miss Mason"

Manning, Thomas

HCR diary 10.6.1824 Lamb spoke of Manning - the most wonderful man he ever knew, more extraordinary than W[ordsworth] or C[oleridge] - yet he does nothing. He has travelled in China, India, Tibet but written nothing
Thomas Manning (DNB 1772-1840)