Crabb Robinson Diary

Sharpe, Sutton

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HCR diary 18.2.1823 "at Flaxman's - no one there but the Aders and some of the Denmans and Miss Sharp and it was rather a dull evening"
                    19.6.1824 "I took Sutton Sharpe to Aders whom I introduced there"
                    12.5.1826 Robinson's supper guests Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe
                    20.5.1826 "at Miss Sharpe's - a small but agreeable party - the Flaxmans, Aikins, Benjers &c &c "
                      5.6.1826 literary party at Miss Benjer's (Miss Sharpe there)


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HCR diary 18.1.18128 at Cambridge "called on Miss Lane who was visiting at Mr Tyrwhitt's - a young married gownsman" Mr & Miss Eaton there
See my entries for Lane, Miss and Eaton, Richard. James Bradshaw Tyrwhitt (1807-1873) see Alunmni Cantab. He married as bach otp at Petersham, Surrey 25.1.1827 Anne Barrett sp otp by lic


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HCR diary 9.11.1825 Mrs Tom Gilbert died - Robinson not told - married dau of a first cousin
                   15.8.1827 saw Mrs Rankin who spoke with feeling about loss of her daughter Mrs Gilbert
                   18.3.1828 young Rolfe son of Mrs Rolfe my cousin formerly Lucy Crabb

Stewart-Mackenzie, James Alexander

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HCR diary 8.7.1834 "I went to the National Gallery, where I met by appointment Miss Mackenzie. Mr Stewart Mackenzie and Lady Charlotte Proby were there and we together admired the Corregios - I afterwards accompanied the ladies to Aders' Gallery"

Maling, Sara Jane

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HCR diary   22.4.1813 Miss Maling 93 Mount St Berkeley (Square)
                   17.12.1824 "I called late on Mrs Aders who was going to Brighton and gave her a letter to Miss Maling"
                        7.6.1828 "letter from Mrs Clarkson requesting me to call on Miss Maling - Esther being dangerously ill - I saw Mr M: whom I found very composed - Miss M: had gone out with Mr Benj: Greene and not wishing to see them I came away soon" "wrote to Mrs Clarkson explaining my feelings towards S: J: M:"
                    20.11.1828 re: Esther Maling's death


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HCR diary 3.3.1819 "I also called on Aders & Mr Howell for a few minutes"
                  26.5.1823 "returned to Chambers after a call on Mr Howell"
                25.11.1823 "Mrs John Howell's - Mr Howell who came afterwards asserted my pulse was low"
                10.12.1824 "called at Howell to speak to Mr Rotheram"
                  13.6.1825 "to Mr Howell's - the Pattisons were all there and the rest of the family" "evening at Mrs Thornthwaite's - heard all the Witham news - Ich glaube man wird Howell noch halten"


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HCR diary 3.1.1833 "had a call from Aders he was apprehensive of being arrested by Loevenhagen. Would I be bail? Luckily I could say I was not qualified not being a housekeeoer"

Lewis, Miss

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                                                                            HCR diary 20.6.1818 musical party at Aders' house "The Schunks Platts Mrs Fazy Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"  re the failure of Mr Becher (QV*) "I chatted with Miss L: She seems fully aware of the nature of the imputations on Mr B:  She spoke with good sense and feeling on the subject. She is no slight sufferer thro' this affair as she loses a home. Mrs B: offered to take her to the Continent but Miss L: feels that she ought not to accept the offer"

Linnell, John

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                                                                                Linnell's Journal 6.8.1825 Mrs Aders 11 Euston Sq with Mr Blake
                                                                                                               8.8.1825 Mrs Aders 11 Euston Sq with S Palmer
                                                                                                           10.11.1825 "agreed with Mr Aders to engrave a plate of Part of the Van Eyck Picture 20 ins by 7"

Ley, Hugh

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HCR diary 25.2.1826 "dined at Henry Rogers' at Highbury" a Dr Leigh or Lee among guests
                    25.1.1837 "The mortality of this season is unusually great - Dr Ley is gone"