Crabb Robinson Diary


HCR diary 9.11.1825 Mrs Tom Gilbert died - Robinson not told - married dau of a first cousin
                   15.8.1827 saw Mrs Rankin who spoke with feeling about loss of her daughter Mrs Gilbert
                   18.3.1828 young Rolfe son of Mrs Rolfe my cousin formerly Lucy Crabb


HCR diary 18.1.18128 at Cambridge "called on Miss Lane who was visiting at Mr Tyrwhitt's - a young married gownsman" Mr & Miss Eaton there
See my entries for Lane, Miss and Eaton, Richard. James Bradshaw Tyrwhitt (1807-1873) see Alunmni Cantab. He married as bach otp at Petersham, Surrey 25.1.1827 Anne Barrett sp otp by lic

Sharpe, Sutton

HCR diary 18.2.1823 "at Flaxman's - no one there but the Aders and some of the Denmans and Miss Sharp and it was rather a dull evening"
                    19.6.1824 "I took Sutton Sharpe to Aders whom I introduced there"
                    12.5.1826 Robinson's supper guests Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe
                    20.5.1826 "at Miss Sharpe's - a small but agreeable party - the Flaxmans, Aikins, Benjers &c &c "
                      5.6.1826 literary party at Miss Benjer's (Miss Sharpe there)

Maling, Sara Jane

HCR diary   22.4.1813 Miss Maling 93 Mount St Berkeley (Square)
                   17.12.1824 "I called late on Mrs Aders who was going to Brighton and gave her a letter to Miss Maling"
                        7.6.1828 "letter from Mrs Clarkson requesting me to call on Miss Maling - Esther being dangerously ill - I saw Mr M: whom I found very composed - Miss M: had gone out with Mr Benj: Greene and not wishing to see them I came away soon" "wrote to Mrs Clarkson explaining my feelings towards S: J: M:"
                    20.11.1828 re: Esther Maling's death

Stewart-Mackenzie, James Alexander

HCR diary 8.7.1834 "I went to the National Gallery, where I met by appointment Miss Mackenzie. Mr Stewart Mackenzie and Lady Charlotte Proby were there and we together admired the Corregios - I afterwards accompanied the ladies to Aders' Gallery"

Lewis, John Frederick

HCR diary 7.10.1832 re Sir Thomas Lawrence "There is a letter by L: to J: Fred: Lewis at Mrs Aders 'I sincerely rejoice at your good fortune in securing the kind hospitality of Mr & Mrs A: and in having for your present companion Mr Gotzenberger of whose genius I have a most sincere admiration - The compositions that I saw of his pencil were in the purest taste yet with equal originality and power' "
Probably John Frederick Lewis (DNB 1804-1876)

Ley, Hugh

HCR diary 25.2.1826 "dined at Henry Rogers' at Highbury" a Dr Leigh or Lee among guests
                    25.1.1837 "The mortality of this season is unusually great - Dr Ley is gone"

Linnell, John

                                                                                Linnell's Journal 6.8.1825 Mrs Aders 11 Euston Sq with Mr Blake
                                                                                                               8.8.1825 Mrs Aders 11 Euston Sq with S Palmer
                                                                                                           10.11.1825 "agreed with Mr Aders to engrave a plate of Part of the Van Eyck Picture 20 ins by 7"

Lawrence, Thomas

HCR diary 18.12.1820 Mrs Aders talking about her father John Raphael Smith "Lawrence was also patronise3d by Smith, but becoming a great man refused a favour S: asked of him (to be the engraver of one of his pictures which he refused)"

Lewis, Miss

                                                                            HCR diary 20.6.1818 musical party at Aders' house "The Schunks Platts Mrs Fazy Miss Lewis were my acquaintances"  re the failure of Mr Becher (QV*) "I chatted with Miss L: She seems fully aware of the nature of the imputations on Mr B:  She spoke with good sense and feeling on the subject. She is no slight sufferer thro' this affair as she loses a home. Mrs B: offered to take her to the Continent but Miss L: feels that she ought not to accept the offer"