A-Z of Entries

Hall, Edward

Edward Hall apothecary Long Acre proposed Society for Constitutional Information 11.1.1782 by Thomas Brand Hollis 2nded Richard Brocklesby

Main sources wills PCC of William Hall 1773, Betty Hall 1796, Edward Hall 1798 and an Ancestry user-submitted tree named BOUTCHER. Edward Hall was the son of John Hall staymaker of Preston, Lancs and his wife Margaret. His sister Margaret married at Preston 10.6.1758 William Hardman, the marriage bond dated 8.6.1758 signed by William Hardman, attorney's clerk and John Hall staymaker both of Preston. Edward's father may have been the John Hall who…

Hamilton, Charles

Charles Hamilton of Bath proposed Society of Constitutional Information 21.6.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

Fairly clearly not the Hon Charles Hamilton of Bath (History of Parliament 1704-86) whose politics would have had to change in his last years and whose Honourable title would probably have been used by the Society. SunFire 1782 Charles Hamilton Esq, Bath. General Evening Post 18.3.1780 Gumbleton Esq married Tuesday at Queen Sq Chapel, Bath, Miss Hamilton dau of Charles Hamilton Esq of Bath. Morning Post 4.3.1783 pictures belonging to Charles Hamilton Esq deceased for…

Harman, Samuel

Samuel Harman Esq of Jermyn St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 3.6.1791 by John Frost 2nded (John Lodge or his father Jeremiah) Batley

Son of Phillip Harman butcher of St James will PCC 14.10.1777 dated 2.2.1763 and his wife Mary (will PCC 16.11.1813). Phillip Harman was eldest son of George Harman mealman of Uxbridge (will PCC 1742 mentioned Bell & Castle at Windsor) and his wife Elizabeth (will PCC 1762), two other sons George & Samuel became coachmakers and wheelwrights in London. Philip Harman = St Martin i t Fields 10,2,1752 Mary Mann, their son Samuel…

Harris, Christopher

Christopher Harris of Shore Place, Hackney proposed Society for Constitutional Information 7.12.1787 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Redman

I found no connection with Shore Place, Hackney but this seems likely to have been the following Christopher Harris (because of Revolution Society committee 1788, subscription to Winterbotham 1795, and phrase re: liberty in his will written 1786).Christopher Harris appr 16.4.1784 for 7 yrs to George Bewley watchmaker of St Luke's, Old St, premium £40 /  Christopher Harris of St Olave, Old Jewry = St Olave Bermondsey 28.2.1782 Ann Read otp by lic…

Harris, Rees

Rev. Reece Harris of Colchester proposed Society for Constitutional Information 10.1.1794 Francis Weldon 2nded George Williams

Rees Harris otp bach = St Martin Outwich, London 22.2.1781 Martha Crathern sp of Shoreditch, their son Rees Eldridge Harris born 1.12.1786 bapt 12.5.1787 Helens Lane Independent, Colchester. Surman Index: Helens Lane Colchester from 1783. Nat Arch HO 42/37/2 (Feb 1795) signed petition to King against the war from Colchester. Sun 14.5.1798 (and many other ads) witness to Dr Brodum's cures, Rev Rees harris, Colchester. Old Bailey 20.5.1801 his wife Martha…

Hartley, James

James Hartley of Easingwold, Yorks (dined 8.12.1780 as visitor of Adam Walker) proposed Society for Constitutional Information 22.12.1780 by Edward Bridgen 2nded John Jebb

A common name particularly in Yorkshire, not found any connected to Easingwold. Probably not James Hartley DNB 1744-1799 officer of East India Company who seems to have been in London from December 1781 till April 1788. (James Hartley Esq subscr 1791 to Galatea by Claris de Florian. J Hartley of Auditors Office subscr 1794 to George Adams' lectures. J Hartley Grays Inn subscr 1795 to Winterbotham's America. Boyle'…

Harwood, William Tooke

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Tooke Harwood proposed member 13.5.1791 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Lodge Batley

GODWIN DIARY from 24.3.1793. add 14.7.1796, 16.7.1796, 18.7.1796 H, (delete 1.3.1827, 16.12.1830 now done in GD website)

Baptised at St Peter Mancroft Norwich on 19.10.1757 born 4.9.1757 son of Thomas Harwood and Elizabeth (nee Tooke). His mother was buried at Norwich on 27.4.1797 which was mentioned in Ann Godwin's letter of 3.5.1797 (Abinger c.3 f64-5). See Holcroft, Anne for his marriage. His will PCC 1824 Tooke Harwood Colonel of 19th regt Light…

Heaton, Richard

Richard Heaton of Harpur Street, Red Lion Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 6.1781 by Lewis Disney Ffytche 2nded Thomas Brand Hollis

See Burke's Landed Gentry. John Heaton (1696-1779) = 16.7.1734 Martha Adamson, their son Richard born 1.10.1738 married 11.8.1783 Sarah dau of Edward Venables of Oswestry, their children John (1787-1855), Sarah Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary. Richard Heaton died 27.11.1791 buried Oswestry 3.12.1791. He went to Harrow School and Cambridge (son of John of London & Denbighshire), admitted Middle Temple 1756 eldest son of John Heaton of…

Heaviside, Richard

Heaviside of Seymour St, proposed Society for Constitutional Information 18.5.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Williams, WITHDREW

Not a common name so probably the following but no mention elsewhere of Seymour St address, perhaps an error for Somerset St. Lyson's Environs of London (1792) Peterborough House, Fulham was sold to Richard Heaviside, Esq on death of late Lord Peterborough (i.e. 1779), now unoccupied. Member of Society for Encouragement of Arts. Manufactures & Commerce 1785-6 Peterborough House, 1787-9 Temple, 1790-3 Peterborough House, 1794-8 Somerset St, 1800…

Hemming, John

John Hemmings Esq of Bear Binder Lane proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Benjamin Cooper 2nded Richard Sharp

His father was John Cheshyre Hemming linen draper of St Saviour Southwark will PCC 14.12.1787 who had married Martha Tyson at St Lawrence Pountney 3.6.1756. A son of John Cheshyre Hemming, probably John (the first name is obscured on the document) was admitted to the Vintners Company by patrimony as born 1760, father admitted 1754. Directoeries 1780-1782 John Hemming 1783-1787 John Hemming & Son linen drapers 38 Borough High St. John Hemming of…

Hepburn, John

John Hepbourn of Long Lane, Southwark proposed Society for Constitutional Information 10.9.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Satchell

John Hepburn bach of St Mary Mag Bermondsey = All Hallows Staining 5.10.1786 Mary Wilkinson otp sp consent of father Robert Wilkinson by lic wits Mary Ann Davis, Abm & Eliz Wilkinson, Joseph Gutteridge / children of John Hepburn of Long Lane, Southwark & Mary dau of George Wilkinson registered Dr Williams' Library, John born 23.1.1789, Sarah born 17.8.1790, Rebecca born 3.9.1791, Thomas born 17.2.1798, Eliza born 24.1.1800, Emma born 6.9.1804…

Hill, Robert

Robert Hill Esq of Bear Binder Lane proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Benjamin Cooper 2nded Richard Sharp

Proposed along with John Hemming (QV*) but I've found no record of a Robert Hill in connection with Bearbinder Lane or John Hemming, and Robert Hill is quite a common name. The will PCC 24.4.1795 dated 20.9.1791 of Robert Hill merchant of Fenchurch St yielded no relevant clues but mentioned his friend James Wollstonecraft (the brother of Mary Wollstonecraft?) commanding the brig Miriam on a voyage to the South Seas

Hind, John

John Hind of Cornhill proposed Society for Constitutional Information 22.6.1792 by Benjamin Bakewell 2nded John Horne Tooke

No John Hind found connected to Cornhill. London Gazette 2.6.1792 meeting of creditors of bankrupt John Hind late of Bartlet's Buildings, Holborn, afterwards of George Row, Bermondsey, merchant, trading in London and Gibraltar, partner with Joseph Hind and David Gillan (Nat Arch B 3/2110 date of bankruptcy 6.10.1788)


Hodges, Thomas Hallett

Thomas Hallet Hodges of Wirksworth, Derbyshire Society of Constitutional Information 6.10.1780

Matric Cambridge 1771 son of Thomas Hodges governor of Bombay 1767-71, born c.1754 (at Calcutta?) his mother 's maiden name said to have been Mary Hallett, (A Thomas Hodges married at Bombay 6.9.1750 Susanna Arpwood). Thomas Hodges will PCC 11.2.1772 dated 2.3.1770 mentioned his lawful son Thomas Hallett Hodges and Rev John Law guardian in his minority, as well as two natural sons by an Armenian woman Ripsima, John born 23.6.1761 and Harry born 13.11.1766. Thomas Hallett Hodges married…

Hodgson, Luke

Luke Hodgson of Snow Hill proposed Society for Constitutional Information 11.4.1794 by James Parkinson 2nded John Horne Tooke

parents Thomas Hodgson widower = St Stephen Walbrook 31.12.1751 Elizabeth Groombridge spinster both of St Mary Mag Bermondsey / Luke Hodgson baptised St Dunstan Stepney 10.5.1765 16 days old / father  Thomas Hodgson merchant Mile End Old Town 1765 / uncle Luke Hodgson will PCC 1766 / Luke Hodgson apprenticed 14.2.1780 for 7 yrs to William Blackmore surgeon of St George Middlesex premium £50 / father Thomas Hodgson will PCC 1788 all to widow Elizabeth / father…

Hodgson, William

William Hodgson of Coleman Street, merchant proposed Society for Constitutional Information 9.6.1780 by Thomas Bentley 2nded Edward Bridgen

According to Ancestry user-submitted tree he was born 1725 son of John Hodgson of Bradford, Yorks and his wife Ann Leach of Keighley, Yorks. He married at St Stephen Coleman St 18.10.1768 Mary Shippey of Chigwell, Essex by lic wits Thomas Bentley, Mary Lilly. 1771 William Hodgson of Coleman St governor of General Dispensary for Relief of Poor, Aldersgate St. SunFire William Hodgson 17 Coleman St merchant. Gazetteer 16.12.1777 on committee for…

Holcroft, Thomas


2.8.1790 H proposes Gazr to M. This H is identified as Holcroft in GD website in the event tag but not coded to him. 8.10.1797 H calls. Several times Godwin used H rather than Ht to mean Holcroft, this one not coded in GD website

The entries from 1805 and 1806 below show Holcroft and Godwin falling out over what Holcroft considered a character based on him in Godwin's novel Fleetwood. Ht was Godwin's abbreviation for Thomas Holcroft. Note the use of brackets when Godwin accidentally saw Holcroft. Godwin also used brackets when he saw famous people at the theatre…

Holland, John

John Holland of Old Bailey proposed Society fro Constitutional Information 28.5.1783 by John Satchell 2nded Robert Wissett

John Holland a common name and I found none linked to Old Bailey address. Possibly John Holland 1757-1804, younger brother of Henry Holland architect (DNB 1745-1806). His parents Henry Holland of Fulham = St Olave Jewry 10.3.1741/2 Mary Byrom of Fulham, she died 9.5.1783. John Holland was admitted Lincolns Inn 1773, 3rd son of Henry Holland of Half Moon St, London, gent. John Holland of Half Moon St voted 1784 Fox. Will of father Henry Holland PCC 1785 dated 5.6…

Hollis, Thomas Brand

Thomas Brand Hollis of Craven St, Strand original member of Society for Constitutional Information 1780 elected president 8.12.1780, frequently took the chair at meetings

Thomas Brand Hollis (DNB 1719-1804) appeared in Godwin Diary but I have no corrections to make to his person record on GD website


Horton, Watts

Sir Watts Horton of Chadderton near Manchester proposed Society for Constitutional Information 3.11.1780 by Thomas Bentley 2nded Adam Walker

Born 17.11.1753 died 15.11.1811 married 3.6.1778 Henrietta (who died Bath 15.10.1830) dau of James Stanley erroneously styled Lord Strange (son of Edward 11th Earl of Derby and father of Edward 12th earl of Derby) Only child Harriet Susanna Anne born 4.1.1790 see Burke's Extinct Baronetcies 1844.  Eton & Cambridge.  Succeeded as baronet 1774. High Sheriff Lancs 1775. Steward of Manchester horse races 1776. Chair of Lancaster Society 1777.…