A-Z of Entries

Mackintosh, James

GODWIN DIARY: see his person record in GD website

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Mackintosh proposed Honorary Member 9.3.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe (must have been Richard Sharp as the two Wiiliam Sharpes were not yet members)

James Mackintosh (DNB 1765-1832)

Manning, Robert

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Robert Manning Esq of Shore Place, Hackney proposed member 16.12.1786 by Michael Pearson 2nded Thomas Ridgway

His father Robert Manning married at St Olave Southwark 2.6.1724 Ann Adams. His father's will PCC 18.12.1741 Robert Manning cooper of Wapping dated 26.1.1735 mentioned his wife's brothers William, James, Thomas & Joseph Adams, his brother Benjamin, his brothers-in-law Charles Hughes and Joseph Rutt (whose wife was Ursula). Robert Manning was apprenticed 1755 for 7 yrs to Daniel Wise citizen & draper of London, premium £210. A…

Margarot, Maurice

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Maurice Margarot proposed Honorary Member 14.12.1792 by

Maurice Margarot DNB 1745-1815


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Marshall Esq of Hackney proposed member 24.11.1786 by Thomas Ridgway 2nded John Baynes

There was a John Marshall in Hackney Land Tax records 1783-1785 and a William Marshall at a different Hackney address 1786-1788. Sorry to say Ive made no further identification, Marshall being a common name.

Martin, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Martin of Whitehall, MP for Tewkesbury proposed member 22.2.1782 by John Jebb 2nded John Churchill. Took on Gloucestershire & Worcestershire for tract distribution with Edward Hall

James Martin DNB 1738-1810 and historyofparliamentonline (1754-1790 & 1790-1820)

Martin, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONALINFORMATION: John Martin of Richmond Buildings, Soho proposed Honorary Member 4.5.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Frost

Born Scotland 1754 according to an Ancestry user-submitted tree, because of James Bannantine mentioned below 1791 I guess he may have been John Martin son of John Martin & Elizabeth Bannatine bapt Melrose 12.11.1752 (John Banatine writer Edinburgh SunFire 1780) but many John Martins in Scotland / London Sessions 28.2.1783 John Martin clerk to William Johnstone attorney 4 Inner Temple Lane (may not have been him) / I have a note I…

Mawbey, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Sir Joseph Mawbey, baronet of Grosvenor St, original member 1780

Joseph Mawbey DNB 1730-1798 and historyofparliamentonline (1754-1790)

Maxwell, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr William Maxwell of Gt Portland St proposed member 18.5.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Williams

William Maxwell of Kirkconnell 1760-1834 see Robert Burns (DNB 1759-1796) and "William Maxwell to Robert Burns" by Robert Donald Thornton (1979). London Chronicle 13.9.1792 "several public advertisements from Dr William Maxwell, calling a meeting of the people, at his house, No. 73, Great Portland-street, to enter into a subscription to support the people of France against their enemies". Morning Post 4.2.1795 steward at Friends of Freedom…

McDermott, Owen

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Owen McDermott Esq of Delahay St, Westminster proposed member 31.10.1788 by Joseph Adams 2nded Thomas Brand Hollis

William McDermott son of Owen McDermott of Galway admitted Trinity College Dublin 1815 age 17, admitted Grays Inn 1828 son of Owen McDermott of Springfield, Galway. William McDermott of Springfield died 1877. William Kelly of Springfield House had had two daus who married Owen McDermott and Glasgow Connolly (landedestates.nuigalway.ie). Owen McDermott =1791 Honora Kelly. Owen McDermott subscr 1791 to Reports of Cases Kings Bench…

Melville, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr John Melville of Southampton St, Covent Garden proposed member 20.4.1792 by Charles Frederick Walsh 2nded Bush (Michael or Atkinson?)

Dr Melville Medical Assistant to Humane Society at Woolwich 1781. Medical Register 1783 Dr melville essex St removed from Woolwich. John Melville, M.D. Essex-street, Strand in the list of the Medical Society of London printed 1784. John Melville M.D. Arundell Street in List of Governors of Scottish Corporation 1786. There is a letter to Sir Joseph Banks from John Melvill 21.10.1786 at Natural History Museum (…

Meredith, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr Meredith of Wrexham proposed member 23.6.1786 by Edward Griffith 2nded John Lodge Batley

Thomas Meredith 2nd son of Thomas of Pentrebychan Denbighshie, matric Jesus College Oxford 17.3.1778 age 17. B Med 1785. His father had married at St Nicholas, Liverpool on 18.2.1757 Margaret Newton of Heathly, Lancs. Thomas Meredith Fellow of Society of Antiquaries 12.5.1791. Thomas Meredith of Wrexham MB Fellow of Royal Society subscr 1793 to Edward Jones' Index to Records &c. His sister Margaretta married at Pontesbury, Shropshire on 12.10.1796…

Merry, Robert

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Robert Merry Esq of Osbourne's Hotel, Adelphi proposed member 3.6.1791 by John Horne Tooke 2nded Jeremiah Batley

GODWIN DIARY: 13.6.1796 call on Inchbald with My

Robert Merry DNB 1755-1798. Since he was named in full both before and after this on 13.6.1796, this My was certainly Robert Merry

LCS: attended its 3rd meeting at the Bell, 8.2.1792 (Thale p7note10)

Metcalfe, Benjamin

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Benjamin Metcalfe merchant of Hull proposed member 3.8.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded Edward Bridgen

Benjamin Metcalfe = York 29.1.1768  & Winestead, Yorks 2.2.1768 Sarah Shutt / children of Benjamin Metcalfe bapt Holy Trinity Hull Harriot 1769, Elizabeth 1772, Carolina 1774, Charlotte 1775, Sarah 1777, Grace 1783, Benjamin 1786 / 1774 BM jr subscr to Hull docks / 1788 BM jr Hull subscr to Bell's Shakespeare / SunFire 1791 BM gent Hull / 1793 BM subscr to Olaudah Equiano / London Gazette 5.8.1794 BM Captain Hull Volunteer Regiment of…

Middleton, William

GODWIN DIARY: 10.10.1806 sir W Middleton at Fox's funeral

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Middleton of Crowfield Hall proposed member 16.5.1783 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

William Middleton 1748-1829 historyofparliamentonline (1754-1790 & 1790-1820)

Miles, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Miles Esq of Pinner proposed member 22.7.1791 by John Frost 2nded John Lodge Batley

GODWIN DIARY: Bosville, Frost & col Miles 15.11.1794 at Newgate.

Bosville, Frost and Miles also appeared together in John Augustus Bonney's prison diary for 15.11.1794, though Bonney and Godwin did not record each other and each noted several others at Newgate on the same day.

William Miles of the Grove, Pinner, Middlesex died 23.1.1802 age 80, formerly a Colonel in the 2nd Regt of Guards who resigned rather than fight the Americans (…

Millar, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Professor John Millar proposed Honorary Member 25.5.1792 by Lord Daer 2nded John Horne Tooke

John Millar DNB 1735-1801


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Miller of Snow Hill proposed member 30.11.1792 by George Williams 2nded John Williams

Samuel Miller directory 1785 boot & shoe maker 34 Snow Hill. Steward of Friends of Freedom 1796. His will PCC 1821 shoemaker of Skinner St (this was the Miller identified in GD website for 7 entries 1795-1799)

GODWIN DIARY:11.11.1789 Godwin calls on Miller, (the name not mentioned again till 1.3.1795 at Tooke's)

The editorial notes in Godwin Diary website seem to cover all Millers apart from this one,(for which any identification…

Milner, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Milner Esq of Aldermanbury proposed member 4.5.1792 by John Wheeler 2nded Bush (Michael or Atkinson?)

SunFire 1785 John Allcock & Joseph Milner warehousemen 11 King St Cheapside / World 8.3.1790 Joseph Milner, grocer, of Oxford St, bankrupt, certificate 1.5.1790 / Public Advertiser 27.1.1794 Joseph Milner and Edward Davies, of Noble Lane, Cheapside, haberdashers, bankrupt / Times 25.2.1794 furniture for sale of Joseph Milner of 37 City Rd warehouseman a bankrupt /. List of witnesses for treason trials Morning Post 16.10.1794 Joseph…


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Slater Milnes of Newland Park nr Wakefield proposed member 18.4.1783 by John Cartwright (by letter) 2nded Jeremiah Batley. / James Milnes of Wakefield proposed member 30.1.1784 by George Lloyd (by letter?) 2nded Edward Bridgen / John Milnes of Wakefield proposed member 13.2.1784 by William Smith 2nded Thomas Brand Hollis

For the common ancestry of these cousins see Betham's Baronetage 1805 vol 5 no 468.

Richard Milnes d 1706 married Elizabeth Wilson. Their son John d 1742 married Elizabeth Lapidge and their son James 1721-1792…

Moore, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Moore of 7, Holborn Court, Grays Inn proposed member 15.6.1792 by Benjamin Cooper 2nded Williams (John or George?)

On 23.11.1792 John Moore proposed John Williamson of Field Court Grays Inn as SCI member. Morning Post 16.10.1794 treason trial list of witnesses John Moore of Grays Inn attorney at law. But no John Moore attorney in Law Lists at that address, however there were several attornies named John Moore in Law Lists, where they can be roughly distinguished by the letters denoting which courts they served. Some of the five below may…