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M to the papers

8.2.1791 M to the papers. Evening Mail 5.2.1791 re: The School for Arrogance "it is attributed to Mr Marshall the translator of the German Hotel" St James Chronicle 5.2.1791 to 8.2.1791 "now avowed by Mr Marshall the supposed author not to be his production but that of Mr Holcroft; whom a disagreement with Mr Harris had for some time driven from the stage" James Marshall's letter to this effect was printed in Woodfall's Register 8.2.1791


M'Cummin 12.2.1795 at Gerald's.
Perhaps the Captain John McCumming Paymaster of the 31st Foot who was tried along with his Lt Colonel William Hepburn in 1803 for embezzling regimental funds, he was sentenced to 18 months in the Kings bench and Hepburn to 12 months (Nat Arch TS11/881) see Hepburn, William



M'Donald 9.11.1795 see MacDonnell, David Evans

Macan, Thomas Townley

M'Can 7.8.1793 at Frost's Newgate.
Thomas Townley Macan (1770-93) from Dublin had been law student at Lincolns Inn but was confined for debt, then imprisoned in Newgate for 3 years from 16.7.1792 for a conspiracy to blow up the Kings Bench prison along with another Irishman Rev Richard Burgh, and Capt John Cummings, John Davis and John Bourne (Nat Arch HO42/21/142 & TS11/780). On 3.11.1793 the Public Advertiser reported his death in Newgate, of the same bout of gaol fever that killed Lord George Gordon.


4.3.1806 Macarthy at Rowan's / 18.4.1806 call with Rowan on Abbé Macarthy / 24.4.1806 Abbé Macarthy callsn  / 13.5.1806 Macarthy dines at Godwin's / 26.5.1806 Abbé Macarthy calls / 10.6.1806 Macarthy callsne / 27.6.1806 call on Macarthyn / 6.9.1806 abbé Macarthy callsna / 3.1.1807 meet Macarthy / 3.2.1807 call on Macarthyn / 8.3.1807 Macarthy adv. at Plunket's / 1.4.1807 call on Hippisley, adv. Macarthy / 25.2.1809 Macarthy at S Beresford's
Abbé Nicolas de Macarthy 1769-1833 born in Ireland, was a (reluctant?) Jesuit at Toulouse. His father Count Justin Maccarthy - Reagh 1744-1811 a…

Macarthy, Felix

28.3.1794 at Newgate (with Gerrald) and 2.4.1794, 29.4.1794, 30.4.1794, 23.8.1794 there, 17.2.1796 at King's. In 1794 version of Godwin's 1796 list but left out of 1796 version 
Felix Macarthy (see L Werkmeister The London Daily Press p52-5 re journalist's quarrels in 1781; Patrick O'Leary, Sir James Mackintosh The Whig Cicero p30-1 where it says he worked with Mackintosh on Oracle and introduced him to Joseph Gerrald, and was a friend of Prince of Wales via Lord Moira, and p62 where it says he was a contributor to the Albion newspaper in 1801
Felix McCarthy Esq 1793 subscr to…


27.7.1789 Macdonald at Robinson's.
Perhaps Lewis Macdonald bookseller 454 Strand 1785-90 (Maxted), from the context of Robinson's typical guests



Macdonald 7.8.1793 see MacDonnell, David Evans


Macdonard 30.9.1794 see MacDonnell, David Evans

MacDonnell, David Evans

30.9.1794 Macdonard adv. at Gerald's. Very likely the same person who first appeared as Macdonald adv. at Frost's Newgate on 7.8.1793 and was in Godwin's 1796 list immediately after C Pigot, (whom Godwin also first met that day), as Macdonald with the 'ald' crossed out and 'nel' inserted above and then crossed out and Macdonald also crossed right through. Macdonald appeared again at Tooke's acquittal 1.11.1794 and adv. at Gerald's 12.3.1795. In my view this was David Evans MacDonnel who was editor of the Gazetteer newspaper from June 1793 to Dec 1794 and then became editor of the Telegraph…

Mackay, Miss

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Harris's List 1789 Miss M-k-y at Mrs Walpole's 1 Poland St
possibles: Betty Mackay bur 16.12.1789 St James / Catherine Mackay child bur 15.2.1798 St James


7.11.1793 at Jennings' (with Reveley's & Foulkes) & on 19.11.1794 & 20.1.1794 / adv at Jennings when Godwin is the only guest 10.9.1794 / Col Mackenzie at Perry's 16.8.1795 / mrs Mackenzie calls 31.8.1802
Col Mackenzie may be Alexander Mackenzie Fraser DNB 1758-1809 (see Mackenzie, Colonel)
Boyle's 1792 M Esq 4 Argyll St /  Kennet M Esq 25 Lower Gower St / Stewart M Esq 17 Hill St / Mrs M 30 Upper Seymour St
Peter Mackenzie will PCC 1807 Twickenham (house formerly Matthew Duane's then Dorothy his widow's) wife Mary, daus. Mary Stevens, Sarah & Dorothy,…

Mackenzie, Colonel

16.8.1795 col Mackenzie at Perry's
Possibly either Alexander Mackenzie ( later Alexander Mackenzie Fraser DNB 1758-1809) or his brother in law Francis Humberstone Mackenzie (DNB 1754-1815). Both were army colonels and MPs who by 1795 supported Pitt, though Francis had earlier been in opposition and took a strong interest in the arts

Mackie, Agnes

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Ratebooks 4 Poland St 1780 Agnes Murray 1781-4 Mrs Mackie. See Murray, Edward Augustus. Agnes Mackie was his housekeeper and a spinster but apparently went by his surname in 1780. Her sister Mary wife of William Benson had four children to whom, along with Agnes Mackie, Edward Augustus Murray left his property. Their baptisms were Charles Benson 17.8.1785 St Saviour Denmark Park / William Benson bach = St Marylebone 27.10.1789 Mary Mackay sp botp / James s of William and Mary Benson bapt St Anne Soho 3.12.1789 /…

Mackintosh, Catherine

1.1.1796 meet mrs Mackintosh / 21.3.1796 Godwin calls on / 23.3.1796 sup chez mrs Mackintosh with Sarah Parr: explanation / 22.4.1796 call on mrs Mackintosh: Dinner 3 Parrs 4 Mackintoshs Inchbald Imlay Dealtry Holcroft
Catherine Stuart (sister of journalists Charles, Peter & Daniel) married James Mackintosh 8.4.1789, died April 1797

Mackintosh, James

GODWIN DIARY: see his person record in GD website
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Mackintosh proposed Honorary Member 9.3.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe (must have been Richard Sharp as the two Wiiliam Sharpes were not yet members)
James Mackintosh (DNB 1765-1832)

Mackintosh, William

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
William Mackintosh 38 Poland St ratebooks 1783-4 / some possibles in worknotes below / a William McTosh printer of Poland St coroners jury 1792

Macklin, Thomas

18.5.1796 Macklin's ; with Dyson & Kearsley
Morning Chronicle 9.5.1796 "The Poets Gallery is now open, with the addition of several new pictures". Thomas Macklin DNB 1752-1800 at 37 Fleet St. Dyson & Kearsley were both artists
There is a strange note in Godwin's diary on 5.2.1795 Macklin dies in small writing at bottom of that day's section. Probably Godwin intended to record the death of the actor Charles Macklin who died on 11.7.1797, but he didn't make any other note of Macklin's death

Macklin, Thomas

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Thomas Macklin (1752/3-1800) suggest omit "may have been the son of 'the Reverend Garrard Macklin of the Kingdom of Ireland' mentioned in the will of Thomas Wilson, prebendary of Westminster, from whom Thomas Macklin inherited considerable property in 1784."  Thomas Macklin who inherited half of Thomas Wilson's estates in the Wirral was a different person who changed his name (as requested by the will) to Thomas Wilson, his will was PCC 1798 Thomas Wilson of Derby. His brother was Gerard (or Jared) Macklin born Chester 1728 see Trinity College Dublin admissions.…


4.2.1807 Mackoy at Hawthorns

A rare name spelt like this (as opposed to McCoy), but did exist, for example Ann Mackoy widow of St Martin i t Fields will PCC 24.7.1800 but she had no Mackoy heirs. No clear identification