A-Z of Entries

Wainewright, Robert & Arnold

Wainewright of Hatton Garden proposed Society for Constittuional Information 30.4.1792 by John Lodge Batley 2nded (Michael or Atkinson?) Bush

Either Robert Wainewright of Hatton Garden, Clerk of the Rolls, who married as bach otp Ann Arnold sp of Newgate St, Christ Church London at St Andrew Holborn on 27.5.1762 wit Latham Arnold (London Chronicle), or one of his many sons, most likely Robert born 1763 or Arnold born 1769.  (The other older brothers Thomas, John & Reader already had different addresses by the 1790s, and the younger brothers Latham, Abel & Benjamin all went…

Walford, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Walford of Castle St Holborn proposed member 20.7.1792 by John Augustus Bonney 2nded Bush (Atkinson or Michael?)

Three apothecaries named John Walford left PCC wills, in 1802 of Garlickhithe, London, in 1807 of Bell Savage Buildings, Ludgate Hill, and in 1822 of Castle St, Holborn. This last was also of Castle St Holborn when his daughter was baptised in 1793 so is most likely the SCI member, but his directory entries gave different Holborn addresses, SunFire 1777 John Walford apothecary chymist corner of Featherstone Buildings Holborn,…

Walker, Adam

Adam Walker of George St, Hanover Sq proposed Society for Constitutional Information 20.10.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Capel Lofft. His dinner guest 8.12.1780 Mr Hartley. Secured information on Lancaster, Cockermouth and Appleby constituencies for SCI from Mr Bockbank

Adam Walker DNB 1730/31-1821. See my Walker entry in Godwin Diary dataset on this website for possible entries of him and/or his son Willaim in Godwin's diary

Walker, George

15.3.1790 Walker at B Hollis' / Walkers at B Hollis' 24.12.1799. In 1796 list for 1790 as  G Walker Notts, and in 1794 version. Underlined in both versions but not in list of 17 or list of 25 (see "the 1796 list"). 

Rev George Walker of Nottingham original member of Society for Constitutional Information 15.5.1780

Rev George Walker DNB 1734-1807. He was based in Nottingham till 1798, then Lancashire till his death. Not necessarily the 1799 Walkers entry, though at same host. There were four diary entries for G Walker in 1808 after his death

Walker, Joseph

Joseph Walker of Tresham nr Rotherham (by the Sheffield coach) proposed Society for Constitutional Information 18.4.1783 by John Cartwright (by letter) 2nded Jeremiah Batley

Joseph 1752-1801 (will PCC 1801 of Aston upon Trent, Derbyshire?) third son of Samuel Walker 1715-1782 in Walker family DNB per 1741-1833

Walker, Thomas

Thomas Walker of Manchester proposed Society for Constitutional Information 9.5.1788 by Thomas Cooper 2nded Joshua Grigby

Thomas Walker DNB 1749-1817

Walsh, Frederick Charles

Charles Frederick Walsh of Strand proposed Society for Constitutional Information 22.3.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe (presumably Richard Sharp as William Sharpe the engraver was only proposed on same day as Walsh)

Frederic Charles Walsh chemist of 100 Strand ratebooks 1782-1809, directories 1785-1791 (1790 as chemist to Duke of York), took apprentices 1792, 1797, 1803. Ads from 1787 to 1802 for Pontefract Licorice, Dr Huxham's Peruvian bark and Walsh's ginger seeds. Frederick Charles Walsh bach of St Clement Danes = Lambeth 30.4.1784 Elizabeth Read otp sp wits Samuel &…

Wardle, Thomas

4.1.1796 at Tooke's / 27.11.1796 at Crown & Anchor / 20.3.1796 at Tooke's / 3.9.1796 at theatre / 12.2.1797 / 2.9.1798 / 16.2.1800 / 18.5.1800 all at Tooke's

Thomas Wardle of 9 Trump St, Cheapside proposed Society for Constitutional Information 23.11.1792 by George Williams 2nded John Horne Tooke

Perhaps Thomas Wardle Esq steward of Derbyshire Society dinner at Crown & Anchor 1791. Steward of SCI dinner 2.5.1794. Indicted in treason trials 6.10.1794 but "evaded the warrants" (Thale,, Selections p167). Steward of Friends of Parliamentary Reform 18.5.1797. In Kings…

Warner, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Rev Dr John Warner proposed member 25.5.1792 by Robert Merry 2nded John Frost

GODWIN DIARY Dr Warner 25.12.1796 at H Tooke's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796 as dr Warner. In GD website his person record seems to be blank or missing and the entry in the 1796 list is not coded.

John Warner DNB 1736-1800 and see Courtenay, Philip

Watts, George

George Watts chymist of the Strand proposed Society for Constitutional Information 4.5.1792 by Frederick Charles Walsh 2nded John Horne Tooke

George Watts (Lowndes 1784) chymist 469 Strand. An unusually well-sourced Ancestry user-submitted tree (Adams/Homeyard) shows he was born 18.4.1755 Chard Somerset son of William (died 1788) and Dinah (nee Vivers). His brothers Charles died 1822 and Gilbert Henry died 1830, his grandfather Henry died 1770. Another Ancestry user-submitted tree (RTDeaton) which I haven't checked and the two trees seem unaware of each other, suggests his…

Webber, James

James Webber of Milk St, Cheapside original member of Society for Constitutional Information 12.5.1780

Born about 1740 probably at Brompton Regis, Somerset, married at Holborn 7.4.1768, as bach of St Lawrence Jewry, Dorothy Lawson otp sp by lic wits Christopher Lawson, Sarah Trimby, Ann Goldar. Christopher Lawson was a founder and ironmonger of Fetter Lane, Dorothy Lawson was bapt 2.1.1742 at St Bride Fleet St dau of Christopher & Dorothy of New St. In "An account of the Society for promoting religious knowledge among the poor" 1769 edition Mr James Webber of 22 Milk Street was…

Weldon, Francis

Francis Weldon of 59 Friday St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 25.10.1793 by George Williams 2nded Thomas Wardle

William Tapp linen draper 59 Friday St 1780-1786 & Reymer 1790. Francis Weldon SunFire 1794 warehouseman Watling St, 1795 gauze warehouseman with George Coleman 1800 with him in trust. Friends of Freedom steward on 5.11.1796 (Morning Chronicle 17.10.1796). Francis Weldon merchant of Watling St joined Whig Club 3.4.1798. Bury & Norwich Post 19.6.1811 Francis Weldon draper of Stamford died 11.6.1811. Nat Arch PROB 31/1055/837 inventory of Francis…

West, James

James West of Chatham Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 24.1.1783 by Thomas Brand Hollis 2nded John Jebb

James West born 9.6.1747 bapt at Bradford Abbas, Dorset son of Mark & Hester West (see West, Mark in this dataset) / James West wid = St Sepulchre 17.1.1778 Sibella Batley / SunFire 1779 William Curteis & James West linen drapers 1, Angel Court, Friday St.  / SunFire 1780 James West linen draper 36 Charterhouse Sq /  Mark West born 7.2.1780 at Charterhouse Sq, son of James West & Sibella dau of Benjamin Batley (Dr Williams' registry) / …

West, Mark

Mark West of Bradford, Dorset proposed Society for Constitutional Information 9.5.1783 by John Jebb 2nded James West

Mark West = Charlton Mackrell, Somerset 27.5.1746 Hester Samson / Sun Fire 1780 Mark West Esq, Bradford Abbas / 1781 Mark West gave property worth £110 to Bradford Abbas charity school, along with William Read who gave the same amount / see West, James in this dataset for his son, from whose will we know he died between 1781 and 1792

Weston, James

Weston of Fenchurch St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 18.6.1784 by Joseph Towers 2nded Edward Bridgen

Law List 1782 James Weston attorney Fenchurch St / Bailey's directory 1784 Ambrose & James Weston attornies Fenchurch St / World 31.10.1789 James Weston of Fenchurch St married Miss (Jane) Whiteway of Portsmouth there (St Thomas) / SunFire 1790 Ambrose Weston 31 Fenchurch St / World 18.10.1792 James Weston steward of Revolution Society dinner on 5.11.1792 / World 29.11.1792 James Weston £2.11s to subscription for France / Law List 1793 Ambrose, George &…

Wharton, John

19.5.1793 Seward, Knight, Goring, Wathen at Tooke's / 1.11.1794 Wharton at Hardy's trial.

Although Wathen could have been Jonathan Wathen, noncomformist surgeon of Walbrook, or Josiah Iles Wathen, special pleader Middle Temple, Wharton came (inserted above the line) directly after Seward and Goring in 1793 in Godwin's 1796 list, so this was very likely John Wharton (History of Parliament) 1765-1843. Wharton also appeared twice in the 1796 list for 1794, both times crossed out, and neither time coded to John Wharton's person record in GD website. In the 1794 version of the 1796 list…

Wheeler, John

John Wheeler of Fleet Street proposed Society for Constitutional Information 23.3.1792 by Michael Bush 2nded Doctor Edwards

John Wheeler hosier 150 Fleet Street directories 1790, 1791 Land Tax 1790-1798. I couldn't identify his family or his career before or after those years, his name was a common one. The premises at 150 Fleet St were occupied until 1790 by John Baguley hatter & hosier and from 1798 by Robert Pettit and by 1807 by Sarah & Elizabeth Pettit hosiers & glovers. The adjacent premises at 151 Fleet St were occupied from 1783 to 1793 by Richard Wheeler…

White, Snowden

Dr White of Nottingham proposed Society for Constitutional Information 28.7.1780 by George Walker 2nded John Jebb

His father Snowden White married Sarah Latham on 21.8.1728 at Hartshorne, Derby / will PCC 1754 of Ebenezer Latham Doctor of Physic of Derby mentioned son-in-law Snowden White / London Evening Post 28.2.1775 Snowden White Doctor of Physic at Derby died 19.2.1775, his will PCC 1775 mentioned son Snowden / Derby Mercury 14.7.1824 Snowden White in list of pupils at Derby Free School between 1760 and 1770 / MD 1769 Edinburgh On Venereal Ulcers / SunFire 1778 Snowden White MD…

White, William

William White of George St, Manchester Sq proposed Society for Constitutional Information 9.11.1792 by Joseph Gerrald 2nded Charles Sinclair

Perhaps William White of King St, Portman Sq who joined Whig Club 5.4.1791, and perhaps the author of A Dissertation on Government by William White Esq printed for J Ridgway, York St, St James 1792 / World 11.1.1793 Old Bailey 10.1.1793 William White Esq gave evidence as a victim of theft against his former servant George Plater. White stated that he lived with his mother, a widow of fortune, at George St, Manchester Sq /  Mary White Land Tax…

Williams, John & George

15.12.1793 Williams adv at Holcroft's / 9.3.1794 at Tooke's / 17.9.1794 at Hazlitt's / 1.11.1794 at Hardy's trial (coded to John Henry Williams in GD website) / 5.12.1794 Williams L.F. at Foulkes / 15.12.1794 at his / 4.1.1795 J & G Williams at Tooke's / 18.1.1795 G Williams at Hts / 5.2.1795 Williams at King's / 12.2.1795 at Gerald's / 3.5.1795 J Williams at Tooke's / 27.11.1795 at Crown & Anchor / 17.4.1796 Jn Williams at Tooke's, then sup at his / 25.4.1796 at theatre / 19.6.1796 at Tooke's / 26.5.1797 J Williams at theatre.

John Williams of Leister Sq proposed Society…