Crabb Robinson Diary

Rutt, John Towill

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Towill Rutt Esq of 239 Thames St proposed member 11.5.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded William Sharpe (probably WS of Leadenhall St but perhaps WS of Charles St engraver)

John Towill Rutt DNB 1760-1841

Hogan, Thomas Cockerell

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The GD website has Hogan as an Idenified Person but knows almost nothing about him.The mentions of Hogan in Godwin's diary were approx 200 from 16.3.1812 to 12.2.1816, most of these were Hogan calling on Godwin, and taking tea and supper with him. 24.8.1814 was the last time Hogan came to Godwin, after which Godwin wrote to him a few times, called on him once, and heard from him via others (mostly Charles Clairmont). While Hogan was coming regularly to Godwin's, Godwin only called on him a few times and wrote to him a few times.


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HCR diary 25.1.1832 at the Aders thé dansant at Willis' Rooms "Flor the German appeared in several characters - he was very entertaining as Catalani and sung a mock song very laughably"

21.3.1832 at Aders "Flor came there" "Flor seemed shocked by hearing of the death of Westfal in Sicily mentioned by Mayer. The talk chiefly on painting"


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HCR diary 14.2.1821 "I went after nine to the Aders - I found Miss Flaxman and Miss Denman, a Frenchwoman agreeable as a Frenchwoman can be - and the young Watsons"

                    18.2.1821 at the Aders "the Watsons there"

                    25.2.1822 Mrs Aders on night of coronation 19.7.1821 "was called by Miss Watson into the back drawing room to see a ball or luminous body which had ben let off at Hampstead"


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HCR diary 21.4.1820 Robinson's 3rd day back in London "had a long walk - I found neither Miss Vardill nor the Flaxmans nor Aders at home"

                    22.1.1826 Mrs Vardill died Tuesday, Robinson and Drewett execs

                      2.2.1826 "after dinner to Nivens, Miss Flaxman & Miss Denman there"

                    28.9.1826 Robinson visited the Nivens at Kirkcudbright, Scoltand


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HCR diary 3.1.1833 "Upton, Aders' attorney"

                    4.1.1833 "broken in upon by Jameson and his attorney (Upton)" Loevenhagen had had Aders arrested because he had heard he was about to leave the country and his "further excuse was the unintelligible letters which A: wrote. Upton having read A's letters to him, [he] admitted that had he at first received such a letter he would have been satisfied"

                    5.1.1833 Upton with Robinson and Aders at the lock-up in Red Lion Square

Young, Charles Mayne

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HCR Diary

23.1.1822 at the Aders "Charles Young the tragedian was there - a very agreeable man - his manner gentlemanly - his conversation lively nor could he be suspected of being a player"

                 31.10.1822 at Aders "Ch: Young among others - he did not please me as before. He was loud even vociferous - his talk political commonplace - an effort at saying odd things, but his humour coarse"

Niederstetter, von

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HCR diary 23.2.1825 at Aders "a Prussian diplomatist going to America, a Herr von Niederstätter an elegant and sensible man"

Ludwig Niederstetter 1788-1846 chargé d'affaires from Prussia to the United States from 1825 to 1830 (en.wikipedia)


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HCR diary 14.2.1819 at Aders "Mr Longdale and I talked about Whitbred and on professional subjects"

Samuel Whitbread (DNB 1764-1815) had two sons in politics William Henry Whitbread 1795 - 1867 MP for Bedford 1818 - 1834, and Samuel Charles Whitbread 1796 - 1879 MP for Middlesex 1820 - 1830. See History of Parliament

Ward, James

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HCR diary 11.5.1825 "dined with Green - Lincolns Inn Fields - a large party. Mrs Aders, Phillips RA and wife - a sensible woman, Ward RA, Collins RA"

James Ward (DNB 1769-1859)