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24.12.1810 write to Fairly on Morison

Fairly called the day before, on this day, and on the next day to say goodbye. His base was in Edinburgh. So this write to is a bit mysterious. The Morison may have been the recently deceased James Morison DNB 1762-1809, who was a bookseller and a Glasite, like Godwin's friend David Booth DNB 1766-1846 and his father-in-law William Thomas Baxter

Waithman, Robert

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6.4.1809 call on Waithman / 21.12.1810 Wardmote St Brides; adv. (Waithman) / 6.3.1813 call on Waithman / 23.12.1819 Vestry; adv. Waithman / 22.12.1820 again

Robert Waithman DNB 1764-1833



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21.12.1810 Wardmote, St Brides; adv. (Murrel)

Wm Murrell auctioneer 20 Skinner-st (Holdens directory 1811). St James Chronicle 25.12.1810 Murrell was one of the 16 re-elected to Common Council in the ward of Farringdon Without, which was a radical ward at that time (e.g. its common councilmen voted unanimously to protest Burdett's arrest June 1810). William Murrell was baptised 5.4.1778 St James Clerkenwell son of Stephen & Elizabeth and apprenticed in the Barbers Company to his father Stephen of Ray-st Clerkenwell auctioneer in 1792. Stephen's will PCC 1802

Yeo, James

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17.12.1810 T(homas) T(urner) sups. (adv. Sir James Yeo)

James Lucas Yeo DNB 1782-1818 naval officer (knighted 21.6.1810, set sail again Feb 1811). What Godwin meant by an adv in brackets after a full stop at the end of a day's entry is anybody's guess. Maybe Sir James came up in conversation, paraded past the window or knocked on the wrong door by accident?


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19.11.1810 tea Newton's, w. Whitelocke

Possible this could have been John Whitelocke DNB 1757-1833, a general who had been court martialled in 1808. Benjamin Whitelock was a merchant of 26 Gt Charlotte-st Blackfriars-rd (Holdens directory 1811). Miles Whitelock was a merchant of Doctors Commons will PCC 1817

Blackall, Samuel

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22.10.1810 write to Blackhall / 17.11.1810 write to Blackall / 19.11.1810 again / 26.11.1810 write to Blackall: Patrickson (ppc) dines

Bodleian MS Abinger c.10 f.100 is a letter from Samuel Blackall dated 25.10.1810. He was the proctor and taxor of Emanuel College Cambridge and Godwin had written to him about Proctor Patrickson. See my entry for Watkinson


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13.11.1810 Steed calls


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13.11.1810 Readwin calls

Smith, Edward

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31.10.1810 call on Montagu; adv. Edw. Smith

See my entries for Smith, John Raphael and for Topping for E Smith on 30.4.1804 and 23.1.1809. There was also E Smith sleeps on 1.10.1811 probably associated with M Smith who first called that day then four times more up to 4.11.1811 which was ppc (leavetaking). Edw Smith could have been any of the E Smith entries but my guess tells me he was not. Otherwise Edward Smith appeared nowhere else in Godwin's diary. Some possibles below


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28.10.1810 sup at Collier's, w. Bakewel &c / 30.12.1810 Colliers, Bakewel &c dine / 4.5.1834 mrs Gaskell & Bakewel au soir (not seen) / 28.5.1834 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c / 17.6.1834 mrs Gaskel & Bakewel call / 5.7.1835 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c