Lapworth, James

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James Lapworth = Christ Church Newgate 1786 Mary Willby
St James Piccadilly rates James Lapworth £15 Carnaby Street East 1787 to 1803 (7 houses from LCS member John Moody)
SunFire 1788 James Lapworth 8 Carnaby St baker
Harriet Elizabeth d. of James & Mary Lapworth born 13.3.1792 bapt 15.6.1792 St Jas Picc'y
Alfred s. of James & Mary Lapworth born 11.4.1794 bapt 9.7.1794 St Jas Picc'y
James Lapworth baker Carnaby St on Westminster coroners' juries 17.5.1788, 7.8.1794, 29.8.1796, 27.10.1798

Lambert, James

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7.2.1793 Lambert delegate to LCS genl cttee from Div 28, same on 11.4.1793 when his name appeared on an LCS handbill as an address where a petition could be signed Lambert's bookseller 3 St George's Mall. 27.6.1793 Richard Hodgson delegate for Div 28, James Lambeth subdelegate. 29.8.1793 Lambeth delegate in place of Hodgson. 11.11.1793 Div 28 meeting place 4 St George's Mall, opposite Dog & Duck. (Thale p 48, 59, 60, 80, 91. 92) and Nat Arch TS 11/963 examination of spy Metcalfe says Div 28 met at Citizen Lambert's, 3 St George's Mall on Mondays.

King, Jeremiah

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Morning Post 16.4.1795 LCS ad for subs for state prisoners received among others by Jeremiah King, 183 St John St, Clerkenwell

Jeremiah King otp = St Jas Clerkenwell 7.5.1792 Ann Mansfield otp banns sigs, wit Wm Chaplin

SunFire 1797 Jeremiah King 9 Green Walk, Southwark gent. No clear identification


Hughes, bookseller

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Morning Chronicle 25.3.1796 ad for subs for LCS sending deputies into the country, list of those receiving subs included Hughes, bookseller, Carthusian St, Charterhouse Sq (Thale p351 note 49). On 23.5.1796 Div 4 of LCS resolved against a general meeting, signed by John Arnold President and Jas Hughes Secretary (Thale p358). These two not certainly the same but are close in date and no other Hughes in Thale.

Hill, J

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J Hill shoemaker, Ferriers Buildgs, Bishopsgate, marginal note in spy Gosling's report of 9.5.1794 at Hillier's (Thale p155 note 11).

Address not found, maybe error for Farrers Rents Bishopsgate but no J Hill found there, so unidentified

Hewitt, John

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8.8.1793 at LCS  General Committee a motion was put from the United Divisions 1, 13 & 29, John Hewitt President (Thale p79). 19.6.1794 a handbill requesting subscriptions for families of prisoners detained under the suspension of Habeas Corpus listed those authorised to receive subs, including John Hewitt, tinman, 72 Goswell St (Thale p185 note 87). 26.7.1795 LCS general committee, Div 32 delegate Hewitt (Thale p271). 30.7.1795 LCS general committee Hewit sent to unrepresented Div 21 (Thale p275).

Hawes, Robert

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Robert son of John & Elise Hawes bapt 27.12.1748 Bury St Edmunds
The best source for his family was the will proved PCC 10.4.1801 of his aunt Unica Hawes of Botesdale, Suffolk from which we see he had many cousins, his father had died by 1784, his grandparents John & Ellen Hawes were buried in Rickinghall churchyard, his uncle Robert was an apothecary of Bury St Edmunds (whose will was proved PCC 1784).

Harvey, Edward

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1788 Edward Harvey warehouseman Main St, St Martins le Grand voted Hood
9.12.1789 Old Bailey silk stolen from John Dye and Edward Harvey, man's mercer & trimming maker, 38 St Martins le Grand, their shopman Thomas Waters

maybe the same as

1792-4 Land Tax Edward Harvey, Redmans Row south side, Mile End Old Town

maybe the same as

Farley, Edward

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Wrote to LCS 21.2.1793 to see if they wished to promote his pamphlet "Imprisonment for Debt Unconstitutional" which was printed for the author in 1788. It included a letter dated 29.8.1785 from John Sawbridge (DNB 1732-1795). 2nd edition 1795. An Edward Farley gent of Hamilton St, St George Hanover Sq had voted Lord Trentham 1749. An Edward Farley of Godalming, Surrey voted for Vincent & Scawen against Mawley in Surrey 1774 and was an occupier in Godalming 1780.


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Frost at 16 Pepper St, Lomans Pond, Southwark was an address for LCS signatures 12.11.1795, and the president of Div 15 of the LCS on 18.9.1797 was called Frost (see Thale). Nearest but unlikely identification I found was John Frost pawnbroker of Tooley Street Southwark will proved PCC 21.1.1799. Though both in St Saviour's parish, Tooley Street and Lomans Pond were not particularly close.