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20.7.1810 Dawbarn calls / 21.7.1810 again / 23.7.1810 Dawburn calls / 25.7.1810 again / 26.7.1810 Three Dawburns call / 27.7.1810 Dawburn sr calls

Thomas Dawbarn bach of St Dunstan Stepney married Frances Reynoldson sp of St Leonard Bromley there by lic 21.3.1809 wit R B Dawbarn

Holdens directory 1811: Mr Thos Dawbarn, sen. 7 Mile End-terrace / Mr Thos Dawbarn jun. 2 Mile End-terrace

Thomas Dawbarn freedom of Joiners Co. London 1812


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18.7.1810 call on Gotobed

Holdens directory 1811: Thomas Gotobed attorney 15 Norfolk-st Strand / Charles Gotobed linen draper 30 Gt Marylebone-st


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17.7.1810 Kerr calls / 10.8.1810 Bradley v. Kerr / 13.8.1810 Kerr calls / 31.8.1815 meet Kerr / 13.4.1829 call on Kerr

21.12.1807 Advertisement, Shopman; Bradley, &c / 9.3.1812 Bradley absent

J Kerr bookseller Holborn-hill 1810 (bbti) / John Kerr schoolmaster 18 Little Wild-st (Holdens 1811). Bradley could have been Godwin's shopman from 1807 to 1812, like the Godwin's domestic servants who hardly get a mention in the diary. If so, Bradley v. Kerr might have referred to him


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10.7.1810 Clough calls

Holdens directory 1811: Henry Gore Clough surgeon 63 Berners-st his will PCC 1824 another of same name 1838 / James Clough M.D. Manchester-sq his will PCC 1843 / Mr Roger Clough 21 Richard-st Pentonville / Wm Clough Esq 34 Norton-st / Daniel Clough tinman & brazier Bow Middlesex

Holdens directory 1802: Alexander Clough bookseller 14 Ratcliffe Highway SunFire 1803

Davison, A

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7.7.1810 write to A Davison

Holdens directory 1811: Anthony Davison tailor 23 Cecil-st Strand / A Davison merchant Ormond-yd York-st St James-sq / Alex Davison prize agent 13 Holborn-court Grays Inn

Berry, Christopher

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Berry has a person record on GD website which quotes a letter from Godwin to John Fairley dated 28.7.1809 which said he had come to an arrangement with a Mr Berry for the distribution of books north of the Tweed. This may have been Christopher Berry the elder, bookseller of Norwich trading from 1789 until his bankruptcy in 1809 or John Berry and Christopher Berry the younger, sons of John Berry, trading from 1809, partnership dissolved 1810, Christopher jr went bankrupt in 1811, continued as printer and bookbinder from 1813. One Christopher died 1828, the other in 1831


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6.7.1810 write to Dunn

Godwin was writing to many booksellers throughout England in 1810, so Dunn may have been a bookseller. There was Jonathan Dunn of Nottingham publisher of the Mercury newspaper, trading 1793 to 1834; Brownrigg Nicholson Dunn of Whitehaven trading 1797 to 1812; and Charles Dunn jr of Birmingham trading 1807 to 1835. These three from bbti.bodleian.ox.ac.uk


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22.6.1810 Kingston &c call

Godwin rarely shortened a list of callers with a &c (I sometimes shorten Godwin's lists with &c). In this case he did the same the day before, and on this day he followed it with a colon and a further list of callers. All of which suggests a number of undesired callers, or ones whose names were not worth remembering?


Rexworthy, Tracy

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21.6.1810 Daly, Rexworthy, Tracy &c call

Godwin didn't often use the &c in a list of callers (I use it on this website to abbreviate his lists but in this case and on the next day with Kingston he used the &c). Rexworthy and Tracy both only appeared once in diary. Both rare names

William Rexworthy of Black Dog Tavern, St James Market, went bankrupt 1811 / Morning Chronicle 1.11.1823 Mr Rexworthy proprietor of billiard rooms 5 Spring-gardens / William Rexworthy of St James will PCC 1836. Name more frequent in Somerset


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23.6.1810 Dell calls / 9.7.1810 call, w. M(ary) J(ane), on Dell

No clues