Morton, John

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5.1.1810 call on Morton (S R)


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11.12.1810 theatre, w. M(ary) J(ane), Isabella & X.Y.Z.
X.Y.Z. was a new farce thought to be the production of Colman (Morning Chronicle 12.12.1810). Isabella (or the Fatal Marriage) was a play by Thomas Southerne DNB 1660-1746 adapted from a novel by Aphra Behn. On the GD website there is a play record for it tagged to 13.2.1796 but not to most of the other dates on the record.


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7.4.1810 Barry calls (not seen) / 30.4.1810 Barry calls / 14.8.1833 call on Barry &c
Up until the death of James Barry DNB 1741-1806 the GD website has coded plain Barry entries to him, and col. Barry entries to Henry Barry DNB 1749/50-1822, who lived in Bath. Godwin wrote to Henry Barry in 1809. The first two entries above could have been to Henry, if he was on a visit to London.

Wright, Dr

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19.4.1810 call on Curran; adv. dr Wright
Perhaps Thomas Wright 1760?-1812 Dict Irish Biog a surgeon who was part of the United Irishmen but after his arrest informed on them and later served as Temporary Physician to the British forces in the fever stricken Walcheren expedition of 1809. His book The History of the Walcheren Remittent was published in 1811 (Morning Post 26.6.1811) and he died of yellow fever in October 1812 in Spain. He was a licentiate of the Irish College of Physicians, the only Dr Wright in the Royal College in 1811 was Warner Wright of Norwich

Souse & Saoust

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15.4.1810 tea Newton's, w. ouse &c / 14.1.1811 tea Newton's, w. Salomon, Saoust


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13.4.1810 dine at St Paul's, w. Wakefield, Knowles &c / 5.11.1813 call on Place; adv. Wakefield / 28.2.1814 Place, Wakefield, &c call / 3.3.1814 again / 19.4.1814 call on Place: adv. Wakefield / 27.4.1816 (at Grasmere) call, w. Wordsworth, on Jackson; adv. Wakefield


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7.4.1810 call on Biggs (not seen) / 9.4.1810 call, w. T(homas) T(urner) on Biggs / 17.11.1811 Burr, A Curran, Biggs & Graves dine / 16.1.1822 tea mrs. Morgan's, w. Biggs & Garland, M(ary) J(ane) & W(illiam)


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7.4.1810 Clerk from Tilson: call on Tilson / 5.1.1811 clerk from Tilson calls / 3.10.1811 write to Tilson / 24.10.1812 walk, w. Shelley (Tilson) / 9.7.1817 call on Longdil (on Tilson) / 23.6.1818 clerk from Tilson, w. notice to quit
Thomas Tilson solicitor 5 Chatham-pl (Holdens 1811). Will PCC 1842


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5.4.1810 call on Tate / 12.4.1810 C(harles) C(lairmont) on Tate / 20.5.1811 call, w. C(harles), on Tate &c / 1.6.1811 call on Tate (not seen), w. C(harles) C(lairmont) /  3.6.1811 C(harles) C(lairmont) to Tate / 10.9.1811 call on Tate / 5.10.1811 Tate calls / 4.1.1812 again / 4.1.1819 again / 26.1.1819 call on Tate / 27.2.1819 Tate calls
Clearly some relationship to Charles Clairmont, maybe a trial apprenticeship or some tutoring?