Ross, David

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Land Tax 22 St Mary Axe 1790 to 1800 David Ross £9
Telegraph 22.6.1795 LCS tickets from D Ross 22 St Mary Axe, Leadenhall St
Morning Herald 21.3.1798 ad for position, apply Mr Ross's hairdresser 22 St Mary Axe, Leadenhall St
SunFire 1794 Francis Ross smith 32 St Mary Axe / SunFire 1810 Daniel Ross & co merchants 7 Bury Court, St Mary Axe
Ann d of David & Ann Ross born 9.2.1789 bapt 8.3.1789 St Andrew Undershaft (church in St Mary Axe)
David s of David Ross from the workhouse bapt 5.8.1795 St Andrew Undershaft

Powell, John

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curly brackets {} not clearly same John Powell but maybe him or relative. A very common name
Old Bailey sessions 26.11.1772 John Powell baker of Goodge St accused of selling loaves underweight, discharged informant not appearing
{John Powell baker of Denmark Court St Martin in the Fields voted 1774 Mountmorres & Mahon 1780 Fox 1784 Fox (painter of Denmark Court)}
{SunFire 1780 James Powell victualler Northumberland Arms Goodge St / SunFire 1786 James Powell gent corner of John St, Tottenham Court Rd}
John Powell Land Tax 8 Goodge St 1781 to 1797 value £4

Powell, James

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in {} brackets, probably not the right James Powell, but possibly
{SunFire 1786 James Powell gent, corner of John St, Tottenham Court Rd}
Customs 1788 James Powell £25 per annum Examiner of Journals for Northern Ports. In 1795 he stated he had been a clerk in the Customs Office for 12 years. Thale p256 note 34
The Narcotic and Private Theatricals Two Dramatic Pieces by James Powell of the Custom House. London, printed for & sold by the author, H D Symonds, Vernor, R Gyfford, Harrison, I Axtell, and Riley & Willis, published March 1793, 8vo 2 shillings.

Phelps, Robert William

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Joseph Phelps bach otp = St Katherine by the Tower 4.12.1768 Susannah Russell sp otp by banns
Robert William s of Joseph & Susanna Phelps bapt 10.12.1768 St Katherine by the Tower
Mary d of same bapt 10.12.1771 there / Sarah d of same bapt 14.11.1773 there / George Russell s of same bapt 11.7.1776 there / Joseph s of same bapt 24.1.1779 there
SunFire 1792 Robert William Phelps 82 Parsons St, Ratcliff Highway stationer book seller & binder
British Book Trades Index Richard William Phelps stationer 24 Angel St, St Martins le Grand 1795-1802

Moody, John & Samuel

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Their parents John Moody = Holborn 1.11.1767 Magdalen Hinton by banns, wits Wm Hinton, Jas Johnson. Baptisms of whose children at St James Piccadilly, Elizabeth born 17.10.1768 bapt 1.11.1768/ John born 26.6.1770 born 22.7.1770/ Samuel born 27.10.1772 bapt 15.11.1772/ Jane born 3.5.1775 bapt 26.5.1778/ William Owen born 7.1.1780 bapt 30.1.1780.
John Moody carpenter Carnaby St voted 1774 Mountmorres & Mahon/ voted 1780 Fox & Rodney/ voted 1790 Hood.

Metcalfe, William

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Government spy, a good description of his career on Thale p126n.
William Metcalfe son of Jeffery Metcalfe of St Bartholomew the Less articled 5.2.1772 to Edward Reynolds of Dowgate Hill, Vintners Co.
Jeofrey Metcalfe of St Bartholomew the Less married 23.3.1754 Jane Jackson of St Andrew Holborn, Mayfair non-parochial register
Law List 1792 William Metcalfe Tallow Chandlers Hall Dowgate Hill, clerk to the Company (till 1797)
Will PCC 29.10.1836 William Metcalfe of St Mary Newington Surrey (seen but inconclusive)
Reported on LCS Divs 6, 11, 9, 23 and 30

Maxwell, John

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Maxwell fist appears in Thale p256 as a member of the Executive Committee of LCS on 2.7.1795. He remained on it , scoring high in ballots from the General Committee, till he resigned on 9.9.1795. John Maxwell cheesemonger of 39 Broad St Bloomsbury was on list for receiving subscriptions and signatures 12.11.1795. He was secretary of Div 17 on 2.10.1797 and 5.2.1798. He was arrested at a meeting of the United Englishmen at the Nags Head, St John St 9.4.1799 (but not imprisoned?)

Matthews, J

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Thale p127n, report from spy Metcalfe of LCS Div 11 on 1.4.1794 (Nat Arch TS 11/956/3501) enclosed 'A New Song by J_ M_' which starts 'Come my Sons of true Liberty, let us agree/ To form an Alliance firm honest and free/ Lets join hand in hand, as Reason upholds/ Her bright Torch to Friendship. Ah! let us be bold.' Thale added that the author may be Matthews, a bookseller who published a volume of songs.

Lee, Richard

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23.3.1792 Susannah Lee of St Anns Court buried Soho age 69 (of old age)
1792 Soho ratebooks Richard Lee St Anns Court value £14
13.2.1794 letter from Thelwall "letter from Allum brought this morning by Citizen Lee" (source?)
28.2.1794 handbill printed by Richard Lee including his poem "Ye tyrants bend to Molloch's shrine" (Thale p119n)

Edwin, David

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(Thale) David Edwin gave evidence to LCS 4.9.1794 for spy Grove (who was wrongly acquitted by LCS of being a spy), Edwin said he had breakfasted with Grove on 18.8.1794. No other evidence to suggest he supported or was a member of LCS.