A-Z of Entries

Satchell, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Satchell of Limehouse Hole proposed member 15.11.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Samuel Shore (senior)

John son of John Satchell victualler of Poplar & Sarah his wife bapt 16.6.1742 Stepney 11 days old, Elizabeth dau of same bapt 1.7.1744 there 20 days old, Thomas dau of John Satchell timber merchant & Sarah bapt 15.6.1746 there 16 days old / their father was probably the John Satchell bach who married Mary Ogden widow of Stepney by lic at St Clement Eastcheap 20.8.1712, their dau Sarah bapt Stepney 5.12.1723 of John Satchell caulker of…

Savage, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Savage of Maiden Lane, Wood St proposed member 11.4.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded Samuel Miller

GODWIN DIARY: 27.11.1795 Savage at Crown & Anchor / 8.12.1810 write to Savage / 29.5.1831 miss Savage at Cooke's

Thomas Wardle and Samuel Miller were both also noted by Godwin at C & A on 27.11.1795. James Savage was warehouseman at 28 Wood St Cheapside 1788-90 and was perhaps the witness at the Old Bailey in 1788 who said he stored articles of silk & twist and had been a servant one year previously. William son of William…

Sawbridge, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Sawbridge proposed member 17.5.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Edward Bridgen

GODWIN DIARY: 13.2.1790 Sawbridge at Anti-Tests.

John Sawbridge DNB 1732-95


Schieffer, John Frederick

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Frederick Schieffer of 33 London Road, St Georges Fields proposed member 9.11.1792 by John Rae 2nded George Watts. Rejected

See Mudd & Rae for context of his rejection. Born 30.8.1762 bapt 24.9.1762 Soho of John Johannes Scheffer & Hannah. Brother Thomas & James bapt there 1764 & 1767. John Michael Scheffer adult from Compton St, bur Soho 15.11.1773. Compton St rates 1783-1790 John Frederick Schaffer. Address from Society of Newington to National Convention of France dated 31.10.1792 read at Paris 10.11.1792 signed John…

Scott, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Scott of Amwell Herts original member 1780 but crossed out in list of 15.5.1780

John Scott DNB 1730-1783

Sempill, Hugh

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Lord Sempill proposed member 14.12.1787 by John Cartwright 2nded Alvise Zenobio

Hugh Sempill (14th Lord Sempill) son of John Sempill (died 1782) and Janet Dunlop (died 1809), born 1.7.1758. Ensign 3rd Foot Guards 24.12.1777, Lt & Capt 26.2.1781. Married 25.1.1787 at 13 Orchard St, Portman Sq, Mary dau of Charles Mellish of Ragnal, Notts. Deprived of commission 30.11.1792 for corresponding with Friends of Freedom in France. His wife died 16.9.1806 and he died 25.1.1830 at Boulogne. (GEC Peerage)

Sharp, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Sharp of 6 Fish St Hill proposed member 13.9.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Edward Hall

GODWIN DIARY: In Godwin's 1796 list for 1790 as Sharpe followed by Gram crossed out and Rd inserted above before Sharpe, and in 1794 version as Sharpe, hatter. Richard Sharp has a person record in GD website but the 1796 entry is not coded to it. The Gram looks like Godwin confused him while making the list (see Sharpe, Granville)

Richard Sharp DNB 1759-1835

Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Leadenhall St proposed member 20.4.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded Benjamin Cooper

SunFire 1791 William Sharp hosier 79 Leadenhall St. SunFire 1794 William Sharp hosier 84 Leadenhall St. Whitehall Evening Post 26.4.1794 William Sharp of Leadenhall St married dau of Richard Pinchback of Fenchurch St.  William Sharp bach of St Catherine Cree, London = St Margaret Pattens by lic 24.4.1794 Anna Maria Pinchbeck otp sp a minor with consent of father Richard, wits R Pinchbeck, Richd Sharp, Thos Cable Davis. Thomas Cable Davis was…

Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Charles St, Cavendish Square proposed member 22.3.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Augustus Bonney

William Sharp DNB 1749-1824

Shaw, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Shaw Esq of Lincolns Inn proposed member 13.1.1786 by John Baynes 2nded Samuel Romilly

Charles Shaw Lefevre 1759-1823, historyofparliamentonline 1790-1820

Shee, Annesley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Annesley Shee of St James Place proposed member 25.5.1792 by John Frost 2nded John Augustus Bonney

1.6.1769 Annesley Shee freedom of Musicians Co London by redemption / Annesley Shee widower otp = St Mary Woolnoth London 12.4.1774 by lic Mary Ware sp of Isleworth wits Hugh Connor, Jane Rochfort / list of livery 1776 Annesley Shee musicians co Exchange Alley / SunFire 1777 Annesley Shee Craven St merchant / Annesley son of Annesley & Mary Shee bapt St Martin i t Fields 23.9.1778 / Annesley Shee merchant 25 Craven St Strand directories 1780-…

Shelley, George

GODWIN DIARY: Shelley 18.8.1792 on stage coach to Rumford, Essex. Possibly the SCI member below

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: George Shelley of Whitechapel proposed member 14.3.1783 by John Satchell 2nded Edward Hall, rejected (one of a very few)

Bapt 7.10.1750 Whitechapel son of George Shelley of High St and his wife Susanna. George Shelley = All Hallows London Wall 17.4.1748 Susanna Morley. George Shelley married at Mountnessing, Essex 19.1.1775 Susannah Mabbs (1752-1814).  Buried 19.12.1800 Whitechapel age 50 from Roadside died of fever. His will PCC 21.12.1800…

Sherbrooke, William Coape

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sherbrooke of Arnold nr Nottingham, original member 1780

(William Coape bapt 20.12.1712 Duffield, Derbys son of John Coape, John Coape = Duffield 25.7.1716 Elizabeth Walker. John Cowpe = Manchester Cathedral 10.12.1715 Hannah Walton). Will PCC 29.4.1732 John Coape of Farnah, Duffield, Derbys dated 7.5.1725 mentioned wife Hannah, brothers William & Henry, sons Wiliam & John, dau Eliz. William Coape Esq = Nottingham St Mary 5.4.1756 Sarah Sherbrooke of Oxton Notts. Took name of Sherbrooke upon marriage. Will PCC 27.7.1791 of…

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Brinsley Sheridan of Gt Queen St original member 1780

Richard Brinsley Sheridan DNB 1751-1816

Shipley, Jonathan

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Jonathan Shipley, Dean of St Asaph proposed member 28.5.1784 by Richard Brocklesby 2nded John Jebb

Jonathan Shipley DNB 1713-1788

Shore, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Shore of Norton, Derbys proposed member 10.11.1780 by John Jebb 2nded John Cartwright. His mail was sent to Mr Shore No 2 Lincolns Inn (his son). He was vice president of SCI 1780

His father Samuel Shore merchant of Broadfield, Sheffield married  17.10.1734 at Horbury, Yorks, Margaret, dau and heiress of Robert Diggles, merchant of Liverpool. Samuel was born 5.2.1738 and baptised son of Samuel Shore and Margaret 14.2.1738 at Presbyterian Chapel Sheffield. He married  15.3.1759 Urith, dau of Joseph Offley (will PCC 1754 of Norton Hall)…

Shore, Samuel junior

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Shore of Lincolns Inn proposed member 31.12.1784 by Edward Bridgen 2nded John Jebb & Thomas Brand Hollis

Son of Samuel Shore (QV*) and his wife Urith, born 3.6.1761. Admitted Lincolns Inn 1780. Married 13.3.1788 at Buckland Newton Harriet, youngest dau of Fitz-Walter Foye and sister of Sidney Hollis Foy (QV*), she died 1826, He died 1836, his will PCC 26.4.1837.

Shove, Alured Henry

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Alured Henry Shove of Lincolns Inn proposed member 11.1.1782 by Thomas Brand Hollis 2nded John Jebb. 29.3.1782 elected vice-president

Alured Henry Shove bapt 22.10.1759 Harrietsham Kent of Rev Henry Shove & wife Jane. Rev Henry Shove = Tunstall Kent 12.1.1759 Jane Pincke. Adm Lincolns Inn 1776 of Lincoln College Oxford only son of Rev Henry Shove of Doddington, Kent, deceased. Called to bar 1782. Morn Chron 9.7.1782 recorder of Queensborough, Kent. St Jas Chron 18.8.1792 commissioner of bankrupts. Jacksons Oxford Journal 17.10.1807 died in…

Simpson, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Simpson of Leadenhall St proposed member 9.5.1794 by James Savage 2nded Thomas Wardle. Never elected as this was last meeting of SCI

Thomas son of Thomas Simpson of Kingsington Middlesex baker appr 7.7.1731 to John Horner of Merchant Taylors Co. John son of Thomas Simpson of Merchant Taylors Co deceased appr 5.5.1756 to John Horner premium £20. Will PCC 19.12.1757 of Thomas Simpson of Kensington baker dated 19.5.1752 mentioned daus Elizabeth Simpson, Martha Greyshain & Mary Hopkins, wife Elizabeth, son William. Gazetteer 15.4.1767…

Sinclair, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Sinclair proposed member 18.5.1792 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Frost. His first recorded attendance at a London Corresponding Society meeting was on 21.6.1792

GODWIN DIARY: 12.9.1794 S, sup with, This was most likely Charles Sinclair as his was the only name beginning with S appearing earlier in that day's entry

Charles Sinclair was an illegitimate nephew of Sir John Sinclair DNB 1754-1835. Parish register of Latheron Caithness 20.1.1769 George Sinclair son to Lybster had a child baptised got out of wedlock nam'd Charles…