A-Z of Entries


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Mr Thomas Campbell of Princes St, Leicester Sq proposed  27.4.1792 by Walsh 2nded Tooke & Mr Hector Campbell at the Neckinger, Bermondsey proposed SCI 9.11.1792 by Watts 2nded Rae. Both these Campbells in SCI were chemists (as were Walsh & Watts who proposed them). Thomas' will PCC 1810 surgeon & apothecary, Hector's will PCC 1831, Doctor of Medicine. Hector C & Co 27 Horslydown La 1789, active in Div 4 of London Corresponding Society (Thale), ,took out patent for bleaching rags 1794, guilty of libel on Royal College of Physicians 1807…

Canning, Stratford

Stratford Canning of Clements Lane proposed Society for Constitutional Information 11.8.1780 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

Merchant of 10 Clements Lane, London from at least 1776. His father Stratford  (1703-75) was son & heir of George Canning of Coleraine co Derry, was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1722 and called to the Irish bar in 1730. See DNB George Canning 1770-1827. Stratford was born 1744 (see his memorial in Putney cemetery). He married before 1774 Mehitabel (d.1831) eldest dau of Robert Patrick of St Mary Dublin and his wife Elizabeth. He was a director of The…

Canton, William

GODWIN DIARY: Canton 17.7.1805 at Joseph Johnson's

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Canton of the Academy, Spital Square proposed member 14.3.1783 by Jebb 2nded Satchell

2nd son of John Canton DNB 1718-1772 natural philosopher &c, and Penelope née Colebrooke. He carried on the Academy founded by his father, married 30.1.1784 St Marylebone Jane Dupere, his will PCC 1831 of Liberty of Norton Folgate

Carter, Sir John, Edward, John & William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Edward Carter of Portsmouth proposed 3.11.1780 by John Cartwright 2nded John Jebb /  Sir John Carter of Portsmouth proposed 26.6.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded Samuel Vaughan / John Carter of Portsmouth proposed 26.6.1781 by John Cartwright 2nded Edward Bridgen / William Carter of Portsmouth proposed 13.12.1782 by Joseph Towers 2nded James Martin

I think these four were John Carter 1715-1794, seven times mayor of Portsmouth whose first wife was Susannah Pike, and their three sons,  Sir John Carter 1741-1808 (nine times mayor of Portsmouth,…

Cartwright, John

Major John Cartwright original member 1780 of Society for Constitutional Information

John Cartwright DNB 1740-1820. Appeared four times in Godwin Diary as Major Cartwright

Chalk, John

John Chalk jr of Canterbury proposed Society for Constitutional Information 19.10.1792 by Thomas Clio Rickman 2nded Sharpe (presumably one of the two William Sharpes in SCI)

1772 The Kentish Companion, John Chalk master of the Endeavour hoy from Whitstable to Wool-Key, London / 1781 John Chalk, Canterbury subscr to Edmund Rack's essays / Bailey's 1784 John Chalk hop merchant & hoyman, Canterbury / John Chalk, jr of Canterbury subscr to T C Rickman's Fallen Cottage 1786 / John Chalk of Canterbury in List of the Society for Abolition of the Slave Trade 1788  / John Chalk…

Chaplin, Amos

Amos Chaplin of Catherine St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 28.6.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen

Amos Chaplin = St Clement Danes 14.1.1759 Mary van Stockum / Daily Advertiser 17.11.1772 ad A. Chaplin boot & shoe maker of Chichester Rents, Lincolns Inn entered into partnership with John Pritchard of York St, Covt Gdn / 15.1.1773 City of London Sessions Matthew Kenny prosecuted Amos Chaplin for perjury after Chaplin obtained a judgement against him for rent owed on Chichester Rents / Amos Chaplin Brydges St Covt Garden voted Fox 1780, 1784 Townshend 1788 /…

Chaplin, Thomas

Thomas Chaplin Esq of Henderley proposed Society for Constitutional Information 13.6.1788 by John Cartwright 2nded Lord Sempill

Probably the Thomas Chaplin  of Enderby who was sheriff of Lincs in 1799. Thomas Chaplin Esq = St Geo Han Sq 31.3.1788 Elizabeth only dau of late Godfrey Webster, Baronet. He died in 1780 and was succeeded by her brother Godfrey who was Whig MP for Seaford 1786-90 (see my entry for Oldfield, Thomas Hinton Burley). The will PCC 1804 of Thomas Chaplin of Riseholme, Lincs mentioned his wife Elizabeth and his mother-in-law Lady Webster, and estates at Blankney…

Chatfield, John

Godwin Diary: Chatfield 8.6.1794 at Holcroft's

John Chatfield of Back Hill, Hatton Garden proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 1.6.1792 by William Sturch 2nded Jeremiah Joyce

directories 1789-91 John Chatfield timber merchant 7 Back Hill, Land Tax 1788-99 Back Hill / SunFire 1780 John Chatfield & Thomas Wood timber merchants 4 Bains's Row, Cold Bath Fields / John Chatfield timber merchant St James Westminster took appr 1782 Jonathan Agate (Bessels Green Baptist, Orpington, Kent born 14.7.1764 son of William & Jane Agate, signed Friends to Liberty…

Chauncy, Philip

Philip Chancey of Austin Friars proposed Society for Constitutional Information 24.11.1780 by Joseph Parker 2nded Edward Bridgen

Philip Chauncy bapt 1718 St Peter Cornhill son of Charles / 1762 Philip Chancey Cornhill sub to James Penn's Tracts / 1768 Philip Chancey of Leadenhall St, Mercers Coy voted Harley, Ladbroke, Beckford & Trecothick (not Wilkes) / directory 1776 mercer Leadenhall St / Philip Chanucy regular subscriber to Protestant Schools in Ireland / will PCC 1783 Philip Chauncy mercer of Winkworth's Buildings, Austin Friars left £12.000 each to nephews William,…

Choppin, William

William Choppin of 12 Gracechurch Street proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 25.5.1792 by Bush 2nded Horne Tooke

William Choppin appr 1777 to Thomas Willis Skinners Company (Thomas Willis of Skinners Company chymist & druggist 342 Hermitage, Wapping 1780-91 Lime St 1796) / William Choppin of Skinners Co druggist of Gracechurch St (Univ Brit Dir 1791) Choppin & Butler druggists of Gracechurch St directories 1786-91 / 1796 William Choppin of Skinners Co voted Pickett & Combe, and John Choppin of Blacksmith's Co also voted in London elections, both of…

Christian, Edward

Edward Christian of Hare Court Buildings, Temple proposed Society for Constitutional Information 28.5.1784 by John Baynes 2nded Samuel Romilly

Edward Christian (DNB 1758-1822) subscribed 1787 to Works of John Jebb

Christie, Thomas

Mr Christie proposed Society for Constitutional Information 20.4.1792 by John Frost 2nded John Lockhart

This seems likely to have been Thomas Christie (DNB 1761-1796) but since there was no surname or address entered in the minutes it's hard to be sure

GODWIN DIARY Christie 22.3.1795 at John King's / 30.12.1795 at Newton's / 15.4.1796 adv at Wolstonecraft's / 23.4.1796 call on, w. Imlay / 5.6.1800 call on Christie (incog) & Colman (do) / 9.9.1801 adv Mr Christie at Lamb's

The first four entries above have been coded to Thomas Christie (DNB 1761-1796) in GD website…

Churchill, John

John Churchill of Parliament St, Westminster founder memeber of Society for Constitutional Information 1780

John Churchill born 1735 son of Rev Charles Churchill (died 1758) curate of St John Smith Square Westminster and his wife Ann (died 1768), and younger brother of the poet Charles Churchill (DNB 1732-1764). His son Charles Wilkes Churchill was born 11.6.1764, bapt 10.7.1764 of John & Susanna at St John Smith Square and buried at St Margaret's Westminster 16.9.1834 age 70 of Smith Square. His daughter Harriott was born 4.9.1774 bapt 8.10.1774 and buried unmarried 10.10.1846…

Clarke, Edward

Edward Clarke of March Lane Southwark proposed Society for Constitutional Information 27.11.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Willam Pickett

Edward Clarke brewer 116 Maid Lane Southwark Kent's Directory 1770, SunFire 1780, Society for Encouraging Arts, Manufactures & Commerce from 1772, directories to 1790 / will PCC 1791 of Edward Clarke brewer of Maid Lane dated 28.4.1791 mentioned Judith Mitchell of Kensington Sq, daughter Elizabeth Clarke, execs William Barnard of Deptford, Kent & Edward Addison of Surrey St, Strand, witness Edward Clarke jr of Lincolns Inn / Law List 1800 John…

Clarkson, William

Rev W Clarkson proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 22.6.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded John Frost

24.9.1828 London Consistory Court Elizabeth Huxtable widow of 105 Minories sister of Rev William Clarkson late of Beaumont Row, Mile End, St Dunstan, Stepney who died 9.7.1828 a bachelor intestate without parents living, took admon under £3000 / William Clarkson of Beaumont Place age 66 buried St Pancras 13.7.1828 / will PCC 2.3.1818 of William Huxtable shipwright of Spring St, Shadwell dated 6.3.1817 mentioned wife Elizabeth children Joseph, Edward & Elizabeth. I…

Coghlan, Rev.

Rev Coghlan proposed Society for Constitutional Information 26.2.1790 by Horne Tooke 2nded Sharpe

Lucius Coghlan BA Trinity Coll Dublin 1773 Doctor of Divinity there 1797 / SunFire 1788 Revd Lucius Coghlan, 7 Fitzroy St, Rathbone Pl / subscr 1787 to Works of John Jebb 1789 to poems of Thomas Skelton Dupuis (see his father DNB Thomas Sanders Dupuis 1733-1796) 1790 to Rev Henry Murray's Evidences (publ Dublin) 1793 to English/Welsh Dictionary (of Fitzroy Place) / Lucius Coghlan = St Leonard's Shoreditch 22.6.1795 Jane Bisshopp (she was the only dau of William Atkinson Esq of Pall Mall…

Constable, Charles

Charles Constable of Portman Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 6.7.1792 by John Frost 2nded Thomas Simmons

See Herries in Burke's Peerage. Born 25.3.1764 son of William Haggerston Constable & Winifred (nee Maxwell) granddaughter of William Maxwell (DNB 1676-1744), this (probably Catholic) family changed their surnames frequently, Charles Constable's father was born William Haggerston, Charles's elder brother became Marmaduke Haggerston Constable Maxwell, and Charles Constable himself became Charles Haggerston Constable Stanley on his marriage in 1793 to Miss…

Cooksey, Richard

Richard Cooksey of the Temple proposed Society for Constitutional Information 22.3.1782 by Edward Hall 2nded James Martin

Born 2.5.1760 bapt 12.5.1760 Leigh with Bransford, Worcs s of Holland & Elizabeth Cooksey / Holland son of Richard Cooksey of Claines, Worcs adm Lincolns Inn 1745 married St George Mayfair 16.11.1751 Elizabeth dau of late Cordell Storrs of Gainsborough, both of St Geo Han Sq / Richard Cooksey, Eton School, matric Worcester Coll Oxford 1778, adm Inner Temple 1784, publ 1791 Essay on Lord John Somers / World 17.3.1792 & Caledonian Mercury 28.4.1810 &…

Cooper, Astley Paston

Astley Peston Cooper of Jeffries Square proposed Society for Constitutional Information 27.04.1792 by Joseph Adams 2nded Batley

Astley Paston Cooper (DNB 1768-1841) / SunFire 1792 Astley Peston Cooper 2 Jeffries Square St Mary Axe surgeon