A-Z of Entries

Paine, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Paine elected Honorary member 7.12.1787

Thomas Paine DNB 1737-1809

Paradise, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Paradise of Charles St, nr Middlesex Hospital proposed member 22.12.1780 by Edward Bridgen 2nded John Jebb. He earlier attended on 8.12.1780 as visitor of Bridgen's

John Paradise DNB 1743-1795

Parker, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Parker of Cheapside, London original member 1780

His father Joseph Parker became amanuensis at age 13 to Isaac Watts (DNB 1674-1748) and kept that role for 21 years, attending at Watts' deathbed. Watts' will PCC 1748 left "to my trusty and diligent servant Joseph Parker fifty pounds and all my wearing apparel". Parker had married at St Giles Cripplegate 7.11.1738 Christian Revell, their son Joseph (the SCI member) was born about 1745 and was apprenticed for 7 yrs from 19.1.1759 as son of Joseph of Stoke Newington to Benjamin Porter of…

Parkinson, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Parkinson of Hoxton square proposed member 26.10.1792 by Dr George Edwards 2nded John Moore

James Parkinson DNB 1755-1824

GODWIN DIARY: Parkinson 29.6.1788 at Holcroft's. This is possibly neither of the James Parkinsons discussed in the GD website person record, but since Holcroft's other guests (except Godwin himself) were musicians (Shield, Clementi, and Bossy) this may be one of three brothers Jeremiah (d.1803), John (b.1761) and William (d.1834) all instrumentalists found in Highfill, Burnim & Langhan's Biog Dict of Actors…

Parsons, Lawrence

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Laurence Parsons Esq MP for Dublin University proposed member 12.1.1787 by Charles Hamilton 2nded Richard Brocklesby

Lawrence Parsons 1758-1841 (historyof parliamentonline 1790-1820). And see History of Irish Parliament. said to have been a protégé of Henry Flood, though Flood didn't join SCI till 30.5.1788


SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall nr Rochford, Essex proposed member 23.11.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded John Horne Tooke. Not listed as ever elected

Joseph Pattison (1756-1841) see below. His father Joseph (1728-1817) was still alive in 1792, but though Thorpe Hall was let to Joseph Pattison of Maldon, Essex in 1777 when Joseph junior was only 21 (Coventry History Centre PA/101/5/34), in the 1792 subsription list for Robert Robinson's Ecclesiastical Researches, they appeared as Joseph Pattison of Malden, Essex and Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall…

Peacock, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Peacock of Holborn Bridge proposed member 5.10.1792 by John Walford 2nded John Horne Tooke

Josiah Peacock monument in Paul's meeting house Taunton born 19.6.1695 died 31.3.1775 (Joshua Toulmin's History of Taunton 1822). His wife was probably Mary dau of John Brown sergemaker of Taunton (Somerset Heritage Centre DD\MY/7). He was a member of Socy for Promoting Religious Knowledge among Poor from 1758. A Thomas Peacock was appr to Nathaniel Taylor of the Ironmongers Company 1754, if this was the SCI member he later transferred to the…


GODWIN DIARY: 14.10.1791 Pearson and his character talked of at J Hollis', with Dr Lister and Barry. Up to this point no Pearson had appeared in the diary, nor did any Pearson ever appear in the 1796 list. Most likely to have been George Pearson DNB 1751-1828 lecturer at St George's Hospital, as a public character and of special interest to Dr Lister. The next Pearson was 4.2.1793 at tea at Godwin's with Jardine, Fenwick and Symonds. If this was Thomas Symonds the barrister who proposed Fenwick as a member of the Constitutional Society on 5.10.1792 then this may have been John Pearson (…

Pellatt, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Pellatt of Grays Inn proposed member by Stewart Kyd 15.3.1793 2nded John Horne Tooke

His grandfather Apsley Pellatt was born 15.10.1699 bapt 23.10.1699 at All Saints Lewes, Sussex son of William & Grace, was apprenticed 1715 to Francis Goater apothecary of Chichester, married 30.9.1731 at St Martin i t Fields Mary Sheibell, their son Apsley was bapt 17.3.1735 at St Martin i t Fields, and his will PCC 26.3.1740 dated 11.3.1740 apothecary mentioned freholds in Sussex and was proved by his widow Mary. Their son Apsley was apprenticed…

Perry, Sampson

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Capt Perry of Salisbury St, Adelphi proposed member 27.4.1792 by Robert Merry 2nded John Williams

Sampson Perry (DNB 1747-1823?) which is vague about his family details. (See Lorraine Millard's thesis Univ Queensland 2015 by a google search on Sampson Perry. She mentions Duncan van Reisjwoud as her source for genealogical information). He was probably the Sampson Perry son of John & Mary bapt 30.12.1748 at Deritend Warwicks.He joined Lodge no 14 of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons on 2.12.1772 and declined on 24.6.1774. He voted as a…

Phillips, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:   George Phillips Esq of Manchester proposed member 6.6.1788 by Richard Sharp 2nded John Lodge Batley

A pair with Peter Poulett (QV*) who was proposed by the same two members on the same day.  SunFire 1792 John Phillips, George Phillips, Charles Wood (will PCC 1798), Peter Atherton (will PCC 1800) & George Lee cotton spinners Manchester. See Cobbett's Weekly 25.12.1824 "A silly and impudent fellow of the name of PHILLIPs" &c. This was not necessarily him

Phillips, John


John Phillips of Fenchurch St proposed member 23.5.1783 by Joseph Brown 2nded Watkin Lewes

John Phillips age 25 bach of Stepney = St Marylebone 22.11.1774 Ann Drew age 24 sp otp by lic. SunFire 1777 John Phillips upholder 55 Fenchurch St. Law List 1782 in list of auctioneers, 1792 Sheriff of London's broker. SunFire 1788 Thomas Drew 134 Fenchurch St, occupier John Phillips upholder. Deputy member of Common Council London 1811. His will PCC 17.12.1817 dated 22.12.1803 of Fenchurch St upholder mentioned his wife…

Phipps, John Warner

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Warner Phipps of Wardrobe Court, Doctors Commons original member 1780

London Daily Post 10.3.1735 death of Joseph Cruttenden apothecary, father of the wife of Mr Phipps, apothecary Cheapside. John Phipps = St Stephen Coleman St 27.8.1730 Elizabrth Cruttenden. John Warner Phipps baptised 17.6.1739 at Old Jewry Presbyterian at the house of his parents John & Elizabeth in Cheapside. 13.5.1766 John Warner Phipps son of John Phipps deceased apothecary of London refused freedom of Apothecaries Company as not an apothecary so paid redemption…

Pickett, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Pickett Esq of Ludgate Hill proposed member 10.5.1782 by Edward Bridgen 2nded Joseph Brown

His father William Pickett of Stoke Newington bach married at Lambs Chapel Monkwell St on 19.4.1726 Ann Tracy otp sp, his will PCC 3.1.1746 William Pickett tallow chandler of Stoke Newington, witness Joseph Parker (QV*). 1751 William Pickett of Ludgate Hill liveryman Goldsmith's Company. William Pickett of Christ Chrch Newgate St bach married at St Sepulchre 27.9.1757 Elizabeth Pratten otp sp by banns wits James Pearson (QV*), Wm Theed. William…

Pigott, John Hollis

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr Pigott of Derby proposed member 18.9.1792 by Thomas Simmons 2nded John Horne Tooke

Alum. Cantab. John Hollis Pigott bapt 3.1.1757 Epperstone, Notts. His father John, grandfather Hollis and great-grandfather John were all Nottinghamshire vicars who went to Cambridge. He matric St John's Coll Cambridge 1773 of Southwell, MB 1780. He was 1st master of Tynan Lodge of Freemasons. St James Chron 15.9.1781 at Nottingham 7.9.1781 Dr Pigott physician at Mansfield, Notts married Margaret dau of Richard Turner Becher of Southwell. Died 23.8.1794 at…

Plummer, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Plummer merchant of Lime Street proposed member 5.6.1780 by Joseph Parker 2nded Edward Bridgen. Resigned 16.4.1784

William Plummer son of George Plummer of Evington, Leics, grazier apprenticed 1746 to Edward Aldridge of Clothworkers Co. George Plummer of Glen Magna voted for the losing Whig candidate Waring Ashby in the Leicestershire election of 1742. Will PCC 25.6.1754 of George Plummer of Evington, grazier dated 21.5.1754 mentioned sons Thomas & George, daus Mary and Alice, and son William to get £60 a year "after he is out of…

Poulett, Peter

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Peter Paulett Esq of Manchester proposed member 6.6.1788 by Richard Sharp 2nded John Lodge Batley

A pair with George Phillips Of Manchester (QV*) proposed by the same two members on the same day. As Peter Poulete signed the pro-American Lancashire petition 1775. SunFire 1786 Peter Poulet merchant Manchester. SunFire 1789 John Clegg, Peter Poulett & John Chalton Danson fustian manufacturers, Manchester. 1790 subscr to james Ogden's poem The Revolution. Oracle 4.10.1797 John Clegg fustian manufacturer bankrupt

Powlett, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rev Charles Powlett proposed member 1.2.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen. He took on Denbighshire with Jackson Barwis for tract distribution

Charles Powlett 1728-1809 was the eldest of three illegitimate sons of Charles Powlett 3rd Duke of Bolton (DNB 1685-1754) and Lavinia Fenton (DNB 1710-1760) the actress who first played Polly Peachum in the Beggars Opera. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge and was ordained priest on 9.6.1754, shortly after his father's death. He married as bach on 23.3.1755 at Greenwich by lic Elizabeth Gunman sp…

Prescott, Roger

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Roger Prescott of Devonshire Square proposed member 12.11.1782 by William Falkener 2nded Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield

How I hate not being able to find anything definite about someone. Land Tax for 1781 and 1782 recorded a Roger Prescott at Cavendish Court, Devonshire Square. This doesn't seem likely to me to have been the Roger Prescott brazier at Old Dock, Liverpool (Baileys directory 1781) and brazier of Liverpool and mortgager, Plato Denny merchant mortgagee (SunFire 1784). This was likely the Roger Prescott of St Peters Liverpool who…

Price, Job Hart

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Job Hart Price of Kensington proposed member 5.12.1783 by Richard Brocklesby 2nded Charles Ball

The only clue I found to his origins was his subscription in 1776 to Leland's History of Ireland published in Cork, which also fits with his seconder, Rev Charles Ball of Dublin. At the time he joined SCI he had recently on 21.10.1783 married Sarah Clarke of Ulcomb, Kent at Clifton, Glos. She was the daughter of Godfrey Clarke (will PCC 1774 of Sutton, Derbyshire who apparently left his estates heavily encumbered with debts) and heiress of her…