A-Z of Entries

Batemans Buildings

See British History Online Monmouth House (Survey of London vols 33 & 34 pp 107-113) for the construction of Batemans Buildings on the site of Monmouth House. Described in 1895 by William Le Queux in The Temptress as "a short, paved court, lined on each side by grimy, squalid-looking houses, the court itself forming the playground of a hundred or so spirited juveniles of the unwashed class", but when it was built in 1774, although the area was no longer as grand as it once had been, these were neat bijou starter homes for upwardly mobile entrepreneurs (Thomas Macklin, John Raphael…

Castle Street East 1 to 15 & 11 Berners Street

The north side of Castle Street East between Newman Street and Wells Street. The street was also known as Little Castle Street. (Great Castle Street aka Castle Street West was its continuation on the western side of Oxford Market, and had a separate set of numbers which can cause some confusion). "Castle Street, Oxford Street" or "Castle Street, Oxford Market" could mean either section. "Castle Street, Newman Street" was clearly Castle Street East. All in St Marylebone parish
Numbers 4, 8, 10,12 and 14 (and 11 Berners Street next door to number 10) all featured in Harris's Lists of…

Newman Street 1 to 9

(QV*) means there is an entry for that person in Greater Soho dataset
Ground rent of nos 1 to 13 Newman St sold by executors of Sir Herbert Mackworth Bart deceased World 19.1.1793
No 1  SunFire 1781 William Birch Land Tax 1783-4 William Birch (QV*) COACHMAKER William Birch bankrupt 1788 directory 1790 1 Newman St & 71 Gt Queen St / George Parry (QV*) WHEELWRIGHT of Newman St took appr 1788 Land Tax 1791-4 / Land Tax 1795 empty / Richard Chase Gedge (QV*) LINEN DRAPER directory 1790 muslin warehouse Newman St  Land Tax 1796-7 / Land Tax 1798-9 empty

Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62

This was the south end of Poland Street, from Broad Street up to Portland Street on the east side and to the entrance to St James Infirmary on the west side. The corners of Poland and Broad Street were 13 Broad Street on the east sde and 14 Broad Street on the west side. 1 Poland Street was some way north of 13 Broad Street. Horwood's map 1813 edition showed the garden of 13 Broad St, then a shaded building (stabling, warehouses, &c) and then an open space, all to the north of 13 Broad Street so that 1 Poland Street was opposite 57 & 58 Poland Street. On the west side 62 Poland…

Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48

The middle section of Poland St, on the east side (10 to 18) from Portland St to the most northerly house facing Great Marlborough St, on the west side (48 to 45) from the entrance to St James Infirmary to the corner house 55 Great Marlborough St. Two houses on the east side, numbers 13 and 15, featured in Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies in 1790. The houses facing Great Marlborough St (16 to 18 Poland St) were sometimes referred to in advertisements as the most desirable part of Poland St. The symbol (QV*) means an entry for that person is or soon will be in the Greater Soho dataset…

Poland Street 19 to 44

The north section of Poland Street, on the west side from the corner house 1 Gt Marlborough St (Coach & Horses) numbers 44 to 34 then 365 Oxford Street, on the east side from 366 Oxford Street numbers 33 to 19. (QV*) means there is an entry for that person in Greater Soho dataset
No 19 Ratebooks 1773-4 William Gibbs (QV*) CABINET MAKER /1780 Mary Bevins 1777-88 Henry Bevins  (QV*) COOPER, TURNER / 1789-92 John Thomas (QV*) CABINET MAKER (1792 in Kings Bench prison) / 1793-5 Archibald Johnston (QV*) CABINET MAKER / 1795-7 Charles Nichols (QV*) CABINET MAKER / 1796…

Poland Street number not known

These are people referred to as being of Poland Street but where I haven't discovered which house they lived in
12.10.1768 Lord Morton sent to Mr Davidson of Poland St whom he imagined to be a notary (Henry Davidson agent Poland St directories 1765-70 Brewer St Golden Sq 1771-76 and at Mr Ross's, Conduit St Hanover Sq, will PCC Henry Davidson 1781) / 15.11.1769 List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Mr Charles Burney, Mr Henry Davidson, Agent, James Glenn, Esq (quite likely James Glen DNB 1701-1777 his will PCC 1777 and dated that year gave his…