A-Z of Entries

Allison, Robert

see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale p 94, 111, 119, 123-8
perhaps Robert s of Benjamin & Ann Allison bapt 7.1.1753 Hartburn, Northumberland
or           Robert s of Robert Allison                bapt 9.7.1753 Whitburn, Northumberland
perhaps Robert Allison appr 7 yrs from 28.12.1771 to James Gladstains of Alnwick shoemaker, premium £2.10s
perhaps Robert Allison = Holborn 26.8.1787 Sarah Nichols botp banns sigs wits Wm Nicholls, Ann Fletcher
or           Robert Allison bach = St Luke Old St 12.10.1783 Sarah Oxendon sp botp banns sigs wits…

Barnes, William

see Francis Place's Autobiography, ed. Mary Thale p 136 (1795 her husband had been dead about a year, had a considerable trade in gloves, also breeches. Two foremen, in charge of breeches was Irishman McDonald)

William Barnes = St George Bloomsbury 22.1.1781 Hannah Beechey botp banns sigs wit Hannah Willcockberton
William Barnes glover, breeches maker 7 Orange St, Bloomsbury, Andrews Directory 1790
William Barnes glover Orange St, Red Lion Square will dated 16.7.1793 dear wife Hannah proved PCC 7.8.1793
William Barnes buried Islington 22.7.1793 age 40

Bayley, William & John

see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale p 88 (leather stainer & dresser)
William Bayley Soho ratebooks Little Newport St south 1781 £32 1787 £34
William Bayley leatherseller Newport St Soho  voted 1784 Hood & Wray 1788 Townshend 1790 Fox
John Bayley breeches maker Duchy Lane, St Mary le Strand voted 1788 Townshend

Bird, William

see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale p 42. (rival school to Place's schoolmaster John Bowis)

John Rule will PCC 22.11.1775 Stepney

William Bird schoolmaster 59 Fetter Lane & James Fergusson & Thomas Swanson Tower St, Wapping, executors of John Rule, SunFire 1779, 1780, 1786
William Bird Fetter Lane broker Wakefields directory 1790
William Bird 3 Bond Stables, Fetter Lane, academy Holdens directory 1790

Bowis, John

see Francis Place's Autobiography p 42 (Place's schoolmaster)

Francis Bowis tailor Holywell Street voted Vandeput 1749
Francis Bowis taylor of St Clement Danes wid marr. lic 12.2.1750 Mary Sutton of Holborn wid at St Bride's
Francis son of Francis & Mary Bowis bapt 22.12.1751 St Clement Danes
John son of Francis & Mary Bowis bapt 4.3.1753 St Clement Danes
Francis son of Francis & Mary Bowis bapt 15.9.1758 St Clement Danes
Mary Bowis (adult) buried 8.3.1759 St Clement Danes
Francis Bowis tailor Windsor Court voted Mountmorris…


see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale p 88 (according to Place, Bury was one of his father's cronies, a gentlemanly man in some government office, who died poor and miserable in the extreme. An unnamed woman whom Place perhaps implied was Bury's mistress kept a lace and fringe shop for him in the Strand between Arundel and Norfolk Streets. Place said that Bury "sold" her daughter at age 14. At 15 the daughter had a child, at 17 she married a young man who went to the West Indies, made money, then came home and died. The daughter lived on his money but later became a prostitute…

Cuthbert, David

see Autobiography of Francis Olace, ed. Mary Thale p. 53-4 (in Greyhound Court where Place learned to turn and file) Place made a simple error calling him Cuthbertson. There was indeed a John Cuthbertson, mathematical, philosophical and optical instrument maker c.1743-1821 who worked in Amsterdam in the 1770s and 1780s and then returned to London, trading in Shoe Lane Holborn and then Poland Street. However the mathematical instrument maker in Greyhound Court was David Cuthbert
A David Cuthbert was apprenticed to James Mackay coppersmith of Edinburgh for 6 yrs on 13.8.1768, premium £…

France, Joseph

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale p71-82

Jane dau of Joseph & Frances France bapt 27.10.1755 St Andrew Holborn
Jane dau of Joseph & Frances France bapt 26.9.1762 St Dunstan i t West born 11.9.1762
Joseph son of Joseph & Frances France bapt 2.2.1766 St Dunstan i t West born 3.1.1766
Robert son of Joseph & Frances France bapt 5.5.1768 St Dunstan i t West born 17.4.1768
Middlesex Journal 14.9.1776 house of Mr France breeches maker in Bell Yard on fire, no damage
Frances France from Bell Yard buried 14.8.1777 St Dunstan…

Hummerston, James

See Autobiography of Francis Place, ed. Mary Thale p96, 100. (where Place met his wife)
Thomas Hummerston Cooks Co. took appr Thos Webb 1744
James Hummerston son of James Hummerstone of Lothbury, London, silk dyer appr to Thos Webb Cooks Co 13.2.1766
William Dunn Hummerston appr to Geo Grace Goldsmiths Co 24.12.1776
SunFire 1777 James Hummerston pastrycook Fleet St
Will of Thomas Hummerston of Wormley, Herts, citizen of London dated 28.8.1777 proved PCC 31.12.1777 execs friend Thomas Lindsay cook and brother James Hummerston, mentioned nephews James…

Jones, Henry

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale p30, 43 (Place went to Jones' school in Wine Office Court from age 7)
Land Tax Wine Office Court, Farringdon Ward Without, 1776 to 1809 £28 rental value. (James Fenwick from 1812)
Mary Jones bapt 18.11.1781 St Brides of Henry & Mary born 4.11.1781
Henry Jones late schoolmaster of Wine Office Court will dated 18.3.1810 all to sister Mary, proved PCC 3.4.1810
Henry Jones of 7 Wine Office Court buried 25.3.1810 St Brides age 40 decline
If the age at burial is correct he would have been born 1770 and must…

Lingham, Thomas

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 94 - 119, Place worked for tailor Lingham)
Note; for parish registers of Savoy precinct you have to contact the vicar, I have not seen for Linghams
Thomas Lingham glover Strand voted 1774 Mountmorris & Mahon, Old Bailey 9.1.1776
   glover precinct of Savoy bankrupt (Gazette 11.2.1777 certificate 24.6.1777)
   glover 137 Strand stock for sale (Morn Post 28.3.1777)
   Sun Fire 1777 glover corner of Dutchy lane Strand
   Old Bailey 21.10.1778 daughter Anne Lingham (gloves stolen)

Lymans, James Howard

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 117-118 engraver, 16.8.1833 now nearly 70 yrs old, vagabond, wife & 2 daus dead)
James Howard Lymans son of James & Elizabeth Lymans bapt 14.4.1765 St Bride's born 28.3.1765 New Street
James Lymans of New St Square St Brides stationer & chandler will PCC 13.8.1772 wife Elizabeth. He was son of Francis Lymans peruke maker of St Clement Danes and apprenticed 1748 to Francis Cogan stationer.
James lymans of St Dunstan i t West bach = St Geo Han Sq 12.4.1761 Elizabeth Hammatt otp sp by Archbishop lic…

Pike, John

(see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale pages 94 -97. Pike had been foreman to Lingham (qv), was breeches maker Fleet St nr Temple Bar, his wife's brother was Piercy, his sister died in childbed a year later, Piercy maybe the father. Pike ruined but recovered, kept pub 1812 in Old Bailey, his wife died, Pike ruined again, drowned in water-butt)
John Pike otp bach = St Giles Cripplegate 7.6.1786 Margaret Lapp otp sp banns sigs wits Richard Kentish, Thomas Ryan
Sophia d of John & Margaret Pike bapt 2.5.1787 St Clement Danes
John George s of John &…

Place, George

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale
George born 18.8.1773 bapt St Martin i t Fields 15.9.1773 son of Simon Place & Mary
John Payne bapt Lambeth 6.1.1767 son of John Payne & Mary
Ann Cole Payne bapt Lambeth 23.8.1769 dau of John Payne & Mary
Susannah Tomze bapt Lambeth 21.2.1776 dau of John Pain & Mary
Joseph Deacon bach = Lambeth 23.8.1787 Ann Cole Payne sp botp banns sigs wits James Payne, John Payne
James Payne bach = Lambeth 10.7.1790 Hannah Place sp botp banns
Francis Place bach = Lambeth 7.3.1791 Elizabeth…

Place, Simon

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed.Mary Thale
Simon son of Hno (Jno?) Place of B. G. Pens (Bethnal Green?) bapt 18.8.1726 St Dunstan Stepney
Simon Place = St Geo Mayfair 2.10.1746 Anna Paling  (or less likely Simon Plaise = 29.10.1747 Ann Peters, both of Holbone) - both these marriages were "clandestine"
Mary Place dau of Simon & Anne born 23.9.1747 bapt St Ann Soho 25.10.1747
Henry Kitchin otp bach = St Pancras 30.1.1768 Mary Place otp sp
St Clement Danes workhouse 30.1.1784 to 10.2.1785 Anna age 67 wife of Simon Place of Arundell St has daughter…


see Autobiography of Francis Place page 87
William Robinson buried Epsom 9.1.1780 will PCC 12.1.1780 dated 22.12.1779 painter of St Clement Danes mentioned late wife and present wife Ann, house in Water Street and house in Pimlico, owned other houses in Pimlico & elsewhere which he left to his various children, sons John & William, and daughters Sarah, Alice, Eleanor Stevens and Elizabeth Stevenson. Also mentioned brother John, sisters Jane, Eleanor, Margaret and Alice Ashley, cousin James Robinson of Bromley, Middlesex, and mother-in-law Sarah Robinson.
John Robinson…

Seldon, John

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale page 88
John Seldon = St Clement Danes 15.5.1763 Ann Batty
William son of John & Ann Seldon bapt St Clement Danes 1.4.1764
John son of John & Ann Seldon bapt St Clement Danes 9.8.1767
Sarah dau of John & Ann Seldon bapt St Clement Danes 27.11.1768
Ann Batty dau of John & Ann Seldon bapt St Clement Danes 18.6.1770
Ann dau of John & Ann Seldon bapt St Clement Danes 13.6.1773
John Seldon buried 17.2.1774 St Clement Danes
Ann Seldon buried 30.4.1777 St Clement Danes aged…

Skillern, Stephen

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale p.87. There spelt Skillem but this may have been a transcription error. Perhaps a fairly common error which led to Place thinking the name was spelt and pronounced with an 'm'. Of the various friends of his father's whose lives Place believed ended in poverty (he mentioned a list of 27) eight are named on pages 87 and 88 but four of those, including Skillern, seem to have owned property at their deaths (the others were Bury, Robinson and Woollams).
Stephen Skillern tailor of Arundel Street was buried at Petersham Surrey 27.3.1797 age…

Stimson, Matthew

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale pages 121, 123-5
Matthew Stimson bach = St Giles Cripplegate 9.11.1763 martha Amery sp botp
Martha Ann Stimson born 29.7.1767 bapt 6.8.1767 Endell St Lying-in Hospital dau of Matthew age 27 swordcutter & Martha discharged 13.8.1767 recommender Catherine Macaulay
Martha bapt 20.2.1774 St Sepulchre dau of Matthew Stimson & Martha
Mary Ann Stimson born 22.12.1775 bapt 14.1.1776 St Sepulchre dau of Matthew Stimson & Martha
Matthew Stimson broker Fleet Lane SunFire 1780
City of London sessions…

Taylor, William

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale page 54. Where Place learnt to use a saw
William Taylor carpenter of Arundel Street voted 1780, 1784, 1788 and 1790. In the ratebooks in Arundel Street next to the Kings Arms from 1778 to 1795, and was therefore Simon Place's next door neighbour in the mid 1780s. St James' Chronicle 28.6.1781 the house of  Mr Taylor carpenter in Arundel Street fell down. "happily no Lives were lost, as the Inhabitants had just Time to leave it before it fell; but the greatest Part of the Furniture was broke to Pieces". William Taylor age 55 buried St…