A-Z of Entries


6.4.1791at Holcroft's with Rigg / 26.1.1800 adv at John King's / 9.2.1800 again / 8.3.1805 call on Philips adv Abbot (instructed) / 13.3.1805 call on / 20.3.1805 again / 21.3.1805 again / 16.7.1811 M J calls on Abbot

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor…

Anderson, James

13.2.1795 Anderson adv at King's / sup at his 21.4.1795 / calls 2.6.1795 / tea at his 4.6.1795 / calls 15.6.1795 / at his 17.6.1795 / calls 20.6.1795 / G Anderson calls 20.7.1795 / at King's 30.7.1795 / G Anderson at miss Godwin's 18.9.1795 / miss Godwin & GA call 22.9.1795 / Anderson & sons at miss Godwin's 30.9.1795 / A & G Anderson at miss Godwin's 1.12.1795 / GA at miss Jones' (with miss Godwin) 15.12.1795 /  Dr Andersn, Jno A call 20.11.1796 / 5 Andersons at miss Godwin's 24.11.1796 / J Anderson calls 3.12.1796 / Jno Anderson calls 11.1.1797 / Jno Anderson at miss Godwin's…


Atty 29.12.1799 at Lanesborough's
James Atty of Whitby (sailmaker Sun Fire 1781) his will PCC 1814 married Hannah dau of Robert Middleton in 1768. They had three sons / James 1768-1816 married Catherine sister of Rev Robert Hall / Robert Middleton 1770-1833 of 55 Devonshire St, St Marylebone Land Tax 1798, who married 24.11.1807 Margaret Ann Lucy Willes / and George 1772-1797 unmarried Alum Cantab. The presence of miss Middleton at the same dinner makes the identification more likely

Ballen, Miss

25.3.1796 miss Ballen at John King's with Este, Rogers, Gordon  / 8.4.1796 miss Ballen at John King's with Rogers, Este / 30.4.1796 at theatre: Este, Ritson & miss Parrs with miss Ballen
Noticeably each time with the Rev Charles Este. (Note I previously described Rev Charles Este here as "an unmarried literary parson". Not sure why I thought he was unmarried. In fact he had married Cordelia Croft in 1775 and they had at least five children who survived infancy. She died in 1828 a few months before he did. For information about their oldest son Charles Edward see boston1775.…


Barnet 26.3.1800 at John King's / 11.7.1800 (in Ireland) adv Scully & Barnet at Moira's / 25.4.1828 Barnet at C Jones's / 10.10.1828 again / 10.1.1831 invited to C Jones's
The Barnet at King's may have been Edward Barnet because in 1812 Augustus Butler Danvers instituted Chancery proceedings against an Edward Barnet (National Archives C13/207/21). Danvers was engaged in Chancery suits with a number of the guests at his father-in-law John King's, these may have been "friendly" suits. Boyle's 1800 Edward Barnet 27 Soho Sq & Kensington Gore, Law List 1800 attorney of Soho Sq.…

Barrale, Miss

30.7.1795 miss Barrale at King's (possibly the same person as miss Bannal at King's 3.12.1795)
Judging by results on Ancestry website, the name Barrale was rare in England at that time, more common in France. But one strange anomaly is, there are quite a number of Barrale entries on Ancestry in the censuses of 1841, 1851 &c but absolutely none in the Death Registration Indexes.
One entry in the 1841 census could be the person at King's in 1795. Amy Barrale age 75 of 6 Palmers Almhouses, St Margaret's Westminster sharing her household with Trevanion Kelly, schoolmistress age…


Battine 27.5.1799 at John King's
Perhaps William Battine DNB 1765-1836. Boyles 1800 Dr William Battine 34 Soho Sq, Doctors Commons, Kings Advocate in Admiralty

Bel Arbre

Bel Arbre 16.3.1800 at John King's / 26.3.1800 again / 29.3.1800 meet
There was a seigneurie of Belabre and a cleric of that name was guillotined in the French Revolution. There is a place in France (Lot) called Bel Arbre. Otherwise I've had no luck in identifying this person - yet.

Belfast, Lord (George Augustus Chichester)

Belfast 4.2.1797 at John King's (with Mays) both May & Belfast in Godwin's 1796 list for 1797
George Augustus Chichester, styled Lord Belfast born 13.8.1769 died 5.10.1844 succeeded father as Marquess of Donegal 5.6.1799 married 8.8.1795 Anna, illegitimate daughter of (James) Edward May (qv). See History of Irish Parliament, and W.A. Maguire, Living Like A Lord.  May was Lord Donegal's agent and rescued Belfast from the Fleet prison on condition he married May's illegitimate daughter


23.9.1795 Bellamys at John King's / Bellamy at Thomas Cooper's 15.11.1810
Juliana Frances Bellamy spinster of Edmonton began a Chancery suit (Nat Arch C 13/14/3) 10.3.1802 against John King of Portland Place and the Marquis of Donegal, referring to a marriage bond to the tune of £40,000 made between her and the Marquis, then Lord Belfast, which was entrusted to King. In King's reply he said that Miss Bellamy had boarded in his house in October 1793 and some years previously and was appreciated for her singing and piano playing. The contract she made with the Marquis was invalid…

Belsunce, Comte de

11.1.1796 at King's Belzunce (wrongly transcribed in GD website as Bebzunce) / 28.2.1797 at King's Belzance (wrongly transcribed in GD website as Bebzance)  In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796
Probably Antonin Louis de Belsunce de Castelmoron born 1741 (Dictionnaire de Biographie Francaise) which says he emigrated in 1791 and then loses track of him, while the Dictionnaire de la Noblesse Francaise says he died in 1770. True Briton of 10.8.1797 Comte Belzunce French emigre died at Falmouth a few days since as he was about to join his emigrant corps at St Domingo. An English newspaper said…


Bernard 8.1.1790 at Timothy Hollis' / 25.5.1800 Bernard at John King's


Boisgelin 29.12.1799 at Lanesborough's / 5.1.1800 at John King's / 19.1.1800 at Lanesborough's / 21.1.1800 at John King's / 26.1.1800 again / 9.2.1800 again / 16.3.1800
Boisgelin has been identified on 17.11.1799 on the GD website but all the above subsequent entries have not been coded to him


Borman 26.4.1795 at King's / 20.7.1810 Borman calls / 23.7.1810 again

bowling green

24.5.1795 dine at King's, Bowling Green
there was a Bowling Green House at Putney, where Godwin had just walked. It had been the residence of Lady Grantham, and William Pitt died there in 1806. There was also a Bowling Green House on the other side of New Road from Somers Town, and John King's address was sometimes given as New Road, though in 1795 he was living in Piccadilly


26.3.1795 at King's / 11.1.1796 there.
In John Taylor's Records of My Life vol.1 he mentioned his friend Samuel Brook who had a good opinion of John King, but Taylor was only noted 3 times at King's out of 100 meals Godwin took there, and not on the 2 occasions when Brook was there

Bruhl, Hans Maurice, Count de

Bruhl 27.5.1799 at John King's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1799 / 21.6.1799 again / 17.11.1799 again / 26.3.1800 again
1797 Count de Bruhl box 86 Kings Theatre Haymarket. Hans Maurice Count de Bruhl late minister from the court of Dresden his will PCC 1809 of 33 Old Burlington St mentioned his son George (will PCC 1855) his dau Mrs Scott, his wife Mary (will PCC 1811 her late father Thomas Chowne, her cousin General Tilson) nephew Henry Louis Count de Bruhl in Germany, astronomical instruments to Earl of Egremont, and to Thomas Mudge those made by his father, observatory at Harefield…

Buller, William

GODWIN DIARY; Buller 1.1.1795 at Sutton's / 10.4.1795 Buller contr at King's / 6.5.1795 again.
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Buller of Wilton proposed member 7.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen.
SunFire 1788 William Buller carpet maker, Wilton1793 William Buller & Thomas Mease, Wilton, Wilts & Daniel Sutton, London, carpet manufacturers. (Sutton was also SCI member from 1792). Subscr to Sermons 1786 of John Baxter Pike (QV*). Subscr to Works of John Jebb 1787. Subscr 2gns annually to Hackney College. Haven't been able to trace him further, the…

Burroughs / Burrowes

Burroughs 26.4.1796 at Mackintosh's / Burroughs's 8.2.1799 at John King's / Burros 3.7.1800 at Colles's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 as Burroughs / 22.10.1803 Burroughs at Curran's / 25.10.1803 Burroughs at Hamilton Rowan's / 12.8.1804 meet Burroughs / 22.5.1805 call on Burroughs / 24.5.1805 Burroughs calls / 20.7.1805 seek Burroughs / 4.10.1807 meet Burroughs / 2.10.1809 call on Burroughs with Curran / 28.4.1818 call on Burrows / 6.7.1827 Burroughs at Uwin's / 7.4.1830 miss Burroughs at mes Hodget's / 15.5.1830 again
Peter Burrowes DNB 1753-1841seems likely to have been the 1800…